Xbox One's video editing app Upload Studio hits version 2.0

Xbox One's Upload Studio has now been updated to version 2.0 and with it a revamped look and lots of new features. Upload Studio is the Xbox One's video editing app that allows any Xbox user to make professional looking gameplay videos and clips

Upload Studio although it is an excellent service, has been hindered by laggy performance and the limits it put on users. Previously, you could only add an introduction animation, and you were limited to only a 5-minute video.

However, that all changes today with Upload Studio 2.0. Besides a fresh look and performance improvements, the app boasts new features such as the ability to add intros, outros, transitions, etc. to your videos. Perhaps the biggest feature of them all, is that you can now create videos that last up to 30 minutes.

Hopefully, Microsoft releases an update that allows the Game DVR to record 30 minutes as well as it is only limited to 5 minutes.

Now as for the app, when you first open it up you will now see a revamped home screen that allows you to create a new clip and shows of the new templates feature. Templates are exactly what they say they are. They are templates for your videos that are themed after some of Xbox's biggest franchises. For example, you can use a Forza template that makes a downshifting sound during a transition or a grenade explosion one based off of Call of Duty.

This new update is a welcome addition, especially for people like me that rely on the app to do make gameplay videos. It would be awesome if Microsoft brought this app to Windows 10 to allow for even better editing.

And in closing, I created a small clip showcasing some of my Dying Light gameplay to show off how great the videos come out with this new update. Warning this is a zombie game that features dismemberment and gore so there is some in this video

Jonathan Dollison