The ridiculous Xbox Onesie is back – and this time you can buy one

Xbox Onesie
Xbox Onesie (Image credit: Microsoft)

Your prayers have been answered, Xbox fans. The Xbox Onesie, which has only been available through some limited promotions in Australia, is coming back, and it'll be on sale for anyone (in the U.S.) to buy at the Xbox Gear Store (opens in new tab).

Xbox's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb announced the gamified sleep attire will hit the Xbox Gear Store this Friday, and it'll come in two flavors: the standard Xbox variant and a Fallout 76 version.

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Yes, it's a ridiculous bit of kit, but a cadre of Xbox fans has been clamoring to be able to buy one of these onesies since they first popped up in 2016. If you're among that group, you'll score a comfy one-piece complete with dedicated pockets for your Xbox controller, media remotes, and mobile phone.

Pricing isn't available just yet, but you'll be able to get into an Xbox Onesie starting Friday when they go on sale at the Xbox Gear Store.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I'd like one. Hopefully it's not too expensive.
  • Wonder if they removed the lumia 950 reference
  • With winter round the corner would be great for the UK cold... shame it's US only...
  • Xbox ONEsie hahaha I love it
  • Does Microsoft sell PlayStation ones, I'll take one fo theose intead
  • Why would Microsoft sell Playstation branded ones lol?? You must be pretty delusional Edwin delanuez :P.
  • He's just being a dick, it's like every forum where someone is asking about AMD card & @ least 1 guy HAS to say something about nvidia
  • you must be funny at parties
  • Yeah, but looks aren't everything.
  • Sorry but I find this so stupid. Show off your fanboyism. And I say the same if it was Nintendo or PS doing this.
  • It's about of innocent fun in the community.
  • I would rather see a gaming company invest in making games.
    And I would rather see people like products rather than worship a company.
  • Just checked and they still aren't available