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What you need to know

  • The Surface Duo and Xbox Series S are on TIME's Best Inventions of 2020 list
  • The Xbox Series S earned its spot in part for its relationship with Xbox Game Pass.
  • The Surface Duo is on the list largely due to its unique form factor.

Two pieces of technology from Microsoft earned the honor of being on TIME's Best Inventions of 2020 list. The Xbox Series S and Surface Duo are featured on the list alongside other innovative and unique tech from 2020. The list includes 100 pieces of technology, including game consoles, homes for bees, and augmented reality devices used to guide surgery.

"The tech giant's new video console is more than just a next-gen gaming device—it's the basis for what could become the Netflix of video games," says TIME in its summary of the Xbox Series S. The new console earned its spot for its thin design, ability to deliver games at 120 frames per second, and for its relationship with Xbox Game Pass. While Microsoft's subscription service for games works with other devices as well, the Xbox Series S is a solid entry point for gamers who want next-gen gaming but don't want to spend the high price for the Xbox Series X.

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The Surface Duo earned its spot largely due to its unique folding form factor. While the Surface Duo falls behind more traditional phones, it shows innovation, according to TIME, which states, "The Surface Duo feels like a concept device but also a glimpse into the future of mobile computing: it won't replace your iPhone and its killer camera just yet, but it's easy to see how it one day might.

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Surface Duo Se

Microsoft Surface Duo

Two screens are better than one

Microsoft delves into the future of foldables with an ambitious dual-screen device, featuring two ultra-thin 5.6-inch AMOLED displays bound by a 360-degree hinge. This pocketable inking-enabled Android smartphone marks the latest in the Surface lineup, geared for mobile productivity.

Leading 4K

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

The full next-generation experience.

Xbox Series X is Microsoft's new flagship, as its most powerful console with over 12TF GPU performance and a custom SSD. It boasts up to 4K resolution and 120 FPS, full backward compatibility across four generations, and ray-tracing support.

Next-gen in HD

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S

Experience next-gen gaming for less.

Microsoft serves the next-generation for less with its budget-friendly Xbox Series S. The console packs the same high-performance CPU and SSD technology as Xbox Series X, while scaling back the GPU and removing the disc drive.

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