Xbox Series 'S' 'Lockhart' appears in latest Xbox SDK documents

Xbox Lockhart Concept
Xbox Lockhart Concept (Image credit: /u/jiveduder on Reddit)

The Xbox Series "S" known by its codename of "Lockhart" has appeared once again, this time in the June 2020 release notes for the Microsoft Game Development Kit.

Security researcher on Twitter known by TitleOS has offered a glimpse at the relevant sections, which refer to Lockhart's "Profiling mode," alongside an AnacondaProfiling mode, which refers to the more powerful Xbox Series X. The profiles likely refer to graphics tiers developers can target for the different spec levels. Lockhart is expected to be around 4TF, targeting 1080p, with Anaconda (the Xbox Series X) hitting 12TF. We have verified the authenticity of the screenshots below.

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Very little is known about Lockhart, but it's expected to be a slimmed-down, less-powerful all-digital next-gen Xbox, sporting boosted CPU and SSD capabilities over the Xbox One X, while also being less powerful in the graphics department. It's expected to be the cheapest next-gen entry level option, giving users the ability to jump ahead with the new features afforded by NVME SSD storage speeds, while also hitting a more affordable price point.

The info from TitleOS is just lends further credence to the fact that this thing truly does exist, at least right now. Microsoft has cancelled products at the last minute in the past, but from conversations with our sources, I know that some developers are already targeting the Lockhart profile with their games.

When will we see Lockhart revealed? At this point it's anyone's guess, but I expect we won't see Lockhart until Microsoft is ready to talk price. You don't announce a "less powerful" Xbox Scarlett console without being able to talk about its unique selling point. We'll just have to wait and see.

Xbox Series X/S


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  • Where do the documents refer to Xbox Series S? The screenshots mention Anaconda, Lockhart, Xbox One X and Xbox One S. But not Xbox Series S.
  • Series S = Lockheart
  • Yes but the article says the documents explicitly mention the name "Xbox Series S", which would be the first time we have seen that name in an official thing. Edit: ah Jez has edited that part out of the article now.
  • Why does the title in the screenshot say "Lockhard"?
  • Maybe it's a pun since it's referencing a potential error due to computing limitations on Lockhart compared to Anaconda?
  • What if one of the drop mic moments next month is that the series X isn't 12tf? Maybe they were forcing Sony's hand to overclock the PS5 to it's limit. Phil comes out and announces that the series X is 14tf at $500 and series S is 7tf at $300. Won't happen, but the pressure that would be on Sony!
  • Are you trying to kill Sony with heart attack
  • I get the feeling that Xbox is going to beat out Sony on price and we might see a repeat of what happened with PS3. It just seems like Sony has gone for a distinctly premium look and assembly with the PS5 (aesthetically) and Microsoft looks like they made an effort to save as much money where they could to hit the right price for the customers. My prediction is $550 for PS5 with Blu Ray, $500 for PS5 without Blu Ray, $500 for Series X, $400 for Series S. Let’s see if I end up being right! Lol
  • Nah, that's way too much for a console that's more than half as powerful as the series X. Unless it ends up having more than 4 teraflops, it needs to be at least $200 cheaper than the series X to be an attractive purchasing option.
  • Series S should be 299 as maximum
  • "This thing that is unannounced that we don't know anything about should only be this expensive."
  • Well the same source that leaked the existence of the series X and its specs, and was correct is also the same source that leaked the existence of serious s and it's supposed specs, so there's that.......... The whole point of these articles is for people to discuss speculate and debate.
  • Distinctly premium look and assembly? The ps5 has gotten clowned for its simplistic, antiquated router-like design in an oversized form factor, echoing a previous design flaw (cooling). The Xsx is more powerful yet somehow smaller while sporting a design that would mesh with most home theatre systems. Different does not mean better.
  • The Xbox design is pretty basic. I like them both. But they are two different approaches. Series X will blend better.
  • I do agree that the design is polarizing, but, opinions aside, the external shell is also unquestionably more expensive to manufacture than Series X simply because it’s larger, more complex, has more pieces and different types and colors of plastic. That’s not even taking into account that larger internal components also generally costs more. On a purely speculative note, I think that Sony’s intention was to create something noticeable, different and premium (whether they achieved that is obviously up for debate). Looking at the controller, it is also much more expensive to manufacture than the Series X controller (built in microphone array, two haptic engines, two-tone design, adjusting triggers, on top of the touchpad, accelerometer, rechargeable battery and built-in speaker that DualShock 4 already had).
    So, that’s why I think they’re going for something premium. Their hardware is objectively more expensive just on it’s face at this point.
  • This makes sense as AMD/Microsoft would do this. They need to have something to use all the APUs that don't quite pass muster to use in.
    This is common in chip manufacturing, where the chips that don't pass the binning test get downclocked, have some of their internal design turned off ("fusing") and are then sold as another product SKU.
    That way the silicon is not a complete write-off, and MS gets to sell a lower-cost version of the console. Nvidia and AMD both do this with their GPUs.
  • What I love about PS is their exclusive titles.