Xbox Series X UK restock sees consoles at Amazon, Microsoft, and GAME

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

Various top UK retailers have received new Xbox Series X stock, presenting the latest opportunity to score the console online. Amazon UK has joined the Microsoft Store and GAME in stocking the device on Monday morning, following widespread shortages since launch. It's unclear how long Xbox Series X will remain in stock, making this an ideal opportunity to pick up the device after a long wait.

While Xbox Series X stock isn't sitting around, availability continues to improve, especially in the UK. Amazon UK has just listed new stock via its website, while other UK retailers are also offering the consoles for the usual £499.99 retail price.

Those looking to purchase an Xbox Series X over the past 18 months will have faced the consequences of high demand and supply constraints, with the console still consistently out of stock at many stores. While Xbox Series S stock has proven easier to buy, finding the more powerful Xbox Series X remains a challenge in many countries. Supply for both Xbox consoles should continue to improve throughout 2022.

The Xbox Series S is also in stock at many stores, offering a more affordable alternative to the Xbox Series X. It retails for £250 in the UK, with various deals also starting to arise, making this ideal for kids or those looking for savings. While it plays the same games as Xbox Series S, it targets HD gaming versus 4K and only supports digital downloads and streaming. Our Xbox console comparison could help you decide which console is best for you.

Matt Brown

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