Xbox Series X|S tests new features over HDMI-CEC like TV remote support, input switching

Xbox Series X The Original Dynamic Background Live
Xbox Series X The Original Dynamic Background Live (Image credit: Zachary Boddy | Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft constantly tests new features and additions to the Xbox experience weeks before public release.
  • Today, in the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead Insider branches, Microsoft is testing brand-new Xbox Series X|S features.
  • The update enables new HDMI-CEC features, meaning Xbox Series X|S consoles will be able to talk to your TV more.
  • New features include being able to control your Xbox using your TV remote, and letting your Xbox automatically switch the TV input with the controller.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are in a constant state of improvement, as Microsoft works tirelessly to add new features and improvements over time. The Xbox Insider Program is picking up new builds today, as both the Alpha branch and Alpha Skip-Ahead branch are being lit up with new builds, both of which include new features for Xbox Series X|S owners.

The builds enable additional features for Xbox Series X and S consoles connected to TVs over HDMI-CEC, which effectively allow a greater level of communication between the devices. With the new features, users will now be able to control their Xbox Series X|S in the Dashboard or streaming apps using their TV remote, which helps mitigate the dwindling list of best Xbox Series X|S media remotes for many. Additionally, users will be able to automatically switch the input on their TV by pressing the Xbox button on their controller, which is useful for users with multiple devices connected to their TV.

HDMI-CEC is already partially in use on Xbox Series X and S, depending on your TV, and is also present on older Xbox One consoles. However, it's great to see the feature improve on Xbox Series X|S. For the best experience, pair your Xbox Series X or S with one of the best Xbox Series X|S 4K TVs, many of which fully support HDMI-CEC and can take full advantage of your console's capabilities.

In case you missed it, the same Xbox Insider flights that include the aforementioned HDMI-CEC features also include a firmware update that adds new features to older Xbox controllers, including Bluetooth Low Energy and Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) support.

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