Xbox studio The Coalition shares Unreal Engine 5 cinematic test

The Coalition Ue5 April
The Coalition Ue5 April (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

What you need to know

  • Epic Games held a State of Unreal developer showcase on Tuesday.
  • Xbox studio The Coalition took part in the showcase with a new cinematic Unreal Engine 5 technical test.
  • The test is not meant to represent any upcoming games but instead showcase the studio's technological advancements.

During Epic Games' State of Unreal stream on Tuesday, the team at Canadian Xbox studio The Coalition joined in the developer showcase to demonstrate what the team is doing with Epic's latest technology.

The Coalition shared a cinematic Unreal Engine 5 technical test called The Cavern. This isn't meant to represent an upcoming game but is instead showcasing the studio's new advancement with Epic's latest engine technology. You can watch the cinematic test below:

This test builds on The Coalition's prior Alpha Point Unreal Engine 5 tech test and character render. Kate Rayner, studio technical director at The Coalition, claims that "more than 100 times" the overall detail is possible using Unreal Engine 5. The team had early access to the technology ahead of its general release for all developers on Tuesday.

"Just looking at the eyeball detail the number of vertices and polygons are the equivalent of what an entire character would have been in the previous generation of games," Raynor explains.

The Coalition isn't alone in its pursuit of Unreal Engine 5 advancements, as other Xbox Game Studios teams using the technology include inXile Entertainment, Undead Labs, Obsidian Entertainment, and The Initiative. The Coalition shares its findings with these other Xbox studios, as well as working with the Advanced Technology Group at Xbox.

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