Xbox Windows Phone version of AlphaJax is live and free of spelling errors

File this Xbox Windows Phone game release under "better late than never."

Yes, the highly anticipated Xbox-enabled version of AlphaJax is now available at last.

AlphaJax is a Windows Phone-exclusive online Scrabble clone that has made quite a name for itself since its debut in December 2010. The New Zealand-based developer Marker Metro got excited about the platform prior to its release that year, and they’ve never looked back since. Thanks to a beautiful UI and consistent updates, AlphaJax remains one of the most popular online word games for Windows Phone – despite lacking cross-platform multiplayer like many of its competitors.

Now, much like Wordament before it, Microsoft has purchased publishing rights to AlphaJax and upgraded it to Xbox Live status. The existing version’s servers will shut down by the end of the year. The fancy new Xbox edition brings several new features: avatar support, Achievements, multiple Live tiles, and the ability to play as your Gamertag and invite others by Gamertag. On that note, don’t go sending me friend requests (my list is full), but feel free to challenge my alter ego: EastX.

Spell it like you mean it

AlphaJax screens

As with other games of this type, each player starts with seven random letter tiles. Both people take turns creating new words on the board, all of which must be built off of an existing word. Special tiles increase the points for specific letters or even the entire word built from them. The game continues until both players run out of tiles, at which point the person with the most points wins. You can even chat with the opposing player, unlike Carcassonne. Playing against friends and strangers can be quite a lot of fun, as long as nobody spoils the game by using a Scrabble solver website.

The Xbox Windows Phone version of AlphaJax is free and supported by ads. Get it here in the Windows Phone Store.

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