XboxDVR mobile app makes it easy to share your favorite Xbox clips is an incredibly useful website which lets you download your Xbox game clips that are set up for public viewing. Microsoft's own Android and iOS apps don't offer the ability to download, trim, or share clips and screenshots directly to social media (although, Windows 10 Mobile does, ahem). Thankfully, XboxDVR has stepped up to fill the void, offering a lightweight app for Android and iOS which allows you to do simple sharing tasks that the official Xbox Android and iOS mobile apps ... don't, for some reason.

Available for free on both the Apple iOS and Google Play Android app stores, XboxDVR prompts you for your Gamertag on first use, and then begins to populate your feed with your publicly available screenshots and video clips. If you're unable to see your clips, it might be due to your privacy settings on your Xbox console.

Once the clips have been populated, you can download them directly to your device, or share them directly to any compatible social media platforms, complete with direct uploads. Additionally, you can even clip the videos down within the app, which is useful if you're planning to share to a service which doesn't offer video trimming.

Finally, you can also gain quick access to your friends list, as well as their game clips and screenshots if you're feeling nosey. Again, whether or not you can access this area depends on your Xbox privacy settings, but if it's set up properly, it works well.

That's basically it, for now at least. The developers behind the app have promised continuous updates, presumably to include features which are available on the website, such as GIF creation and trending content.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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