Xbox's Year in Review tool offers look at your gaming feats in 2017

Like the game crest tool from 2016, the new Year in Review site will give you a personalized look at your past year in gaming. You can check out a breakdown of a bunch of different stats and, when you're done, share them with your friends.

So long as you're signed into your Xbox Live Gold account, the page will show off a variety of stats. You can see a top five list of your most played games in 2017, how many hours you spent in your most played genres, and even the month you spent the most time gaming. Your total number of achievements and gamerscore earned in 2017 are also on display, as is your highest achievement in your most played game.

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Perhaps even cooler, you can see just how you compare to the rest of the Xbox community around the world in terms of earned achievements, gamerscore, and hours played for the year. Just a word of warning: if you're a heavy gamer, that "hours spent" counter can be either glorious or little saddening when you first see it.

Do you have any gaming accomplishments you were particularly proud of in 2017?

Check out your 2017 Xbox Year in Review

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