If you're a proud Xbox gamer, you'll want to check out Microsoft's new Game Crest 2016 website. The site offers a personalized look, so to speak, at your past year in gaming with specific stats. And when you're all done soaking in the random factoids of your year, the site will help you create a custom gamer crest to show off your favorite genre's and more.

If you load up Game Crest 2016 without being signed in to your Xbox Live account, you'll get a quick overview of how the community at-large did this year. According to the site, Xbox gamers unlocked an average of 55 achievements in 2016 and spent, on average, 207 hours on Xbox Live. Once you sign in, you'll get a look at your total achievements unlocked in 2016, along with the amount of Gamerscore earned, your most-played game and your most valuable achievement in that game. You'll also get to see where you rank compared to the Xbox community.

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Once your done admiring your stats, you can make your own custom gaming crest at the top of the page. You can customize everything about the crest with different iconography on every portion to make it truly yours. You can then download and share your creation with the world.

Xbox's Game Crest 2016 lets you check out your year in gaming

What have you accomplished in your year of gaming? Be sure to check out the site share some of your stats with us in the comments!

Check out Xbox's Game Crest 2016

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