Yahoo! finally fixes IMAP issues

There was me thinking everyone fell asleep at Yahoo! headquarters. It seems they have reportedly fixed the huge IMAP issue that has had people using more data than they should on not only Windows Phone 7, but iPhone too. Just in time for the pre-NoDo update, oh... maybe not.

Rafael Rivera kept an eye on the Yahoo connection as to whether or not they would update their "imapgate" software. Today, he "was pleasantly surprised to see they had upgraded from 0.7.65_12.286037 to 0.7.65_14.298026 fixing the issue." While he can't comment on the exact millisecond the update was published, Rafael suspects it was rolled out earlier this week. 

It’s nice to see Yahoo! fixing problems that arise, although I suppose I’m just an insensitive badass sat on my podium with my shiny ActiveSync account. Are you a Yahoo! affected customer? If so, have you continued to experience issues with data usage today with access via IMAP to your account (should you monitor your traffic)?

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Started using Yahoo on my phone in early January and began tracking daily data usage shortly thereafter when this bug was first detected. As a side note, I use WiFi 24/7 (since late December), but 3G is still accessed; when away from home or when the screen is off (wifi disabled). Don't know about the change that occured today, but my data usage for the past 7 days (not including today):1MB, 8MB, 3MB, 7MB, 2MB, 1MB, 5MBAnd by contrast, my data usage for the 7 days prior to February 16th, the day I believe something changed;44MB, 31MB, 41MB, 20MB, 41MB, 46MB, 19MBSo if it get's better tomorrow that's great! But I don't expect it will. 8MB is the highest it has been (per day) since 2/16, averaging about 3.6MB per day. Check my AT&T account every morning at the same time and I know their reporting is not always accurate but over a longer period the data levels out.Last month I used 864MB/data, the first full month using WiFi 24/7 and part of the month was after 2/16 (my month ends the 25th). This month I am on track to use 115MB. Big difference.