League of Legends

The esports calendar for the year is packed full of tournaments, but that won't stop students and amateur organizers from holding their own competitions. Students at Yale University in Connecticut did just that with aid from Riot Games.

Self-hosted LoL tournament championship

Students at the Yale University competed in the 2019 Winter Open League of Legends tournament this week, which saw 40 gaming rigs set up for competitive play. As reported by Yale Daily News, the event was hosted by the Yale Esports Club, which formed last year.

Not only did the students include others from within the university grounds, but they also invited students from other universities and beyond and even registered the tournament through Riot Games. The MOBA developer provided a prize pool.

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Training alongside traditional athletes

Esports has evolved and how professional gamers both training and compete has also improved over the years. Quartz followed team compLexity to see how the squads train alongside NFL veterans.

Two compLexity teams are now based out of Frisco Dallas, sharing the campus with Frisco Dallas players. The video covers physical and mental training, enhanced team building and more with the aim to pick up more trophies from events and tournaments.

Upcoming live events

  • World of Warcraft Arena Spring Cup - February 8 - 10, watch on Twitch.