Windows Phone 8 avatar prop

We’ve had a few tips over the last few days about a new Xbox Avatar prop featuring a bold Yellow Lumia 920 showing up on people’s Xbox 360s. Evidently, the mysterious offering appears in the “Advertisement” section on your Xbox Home page, allowing folks to add it to their collection and showing off some Windows Phone pride.

Alas, none of us have seen here at Windows Phone Central on our consoles, despite the occasional “refresh” of our Xbox Home (Menu Guide > Y button). That makes this addition quite the rare one to actually find, and despite our attempts to get a Store URL to manually add it, we have come up with nothing.

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So now we’re crowd sourcing this baby and hoping someone out there does have a foolproof method so that we can all sport yellow Lumia 920s on our make-believe selves. Otherwise, you can continue to gaze at the photo that reader Ryan H., kindly sent in as proof of its existence.

We've seen these props in the past, most recently for the Surface and even a few Windows Phone specific ones. Here's hoping that Microsoft makes these more widely available.

Anyone else see or get this baby? Let us know in comments.