Xbox Surface Avatar Prop

Sure, props for your Xbox LIVE avatar are gimmicky and they can be quite absurd, but we still love ‘em. We also love our Surface, so when the two collide, we can’t help but get a little gitty.

If you head over to the Xbox site and follow this link, you’ll be able to add the “Windows 8 Tablet Avatar Prop” to your collection. Yes, that’s right.

So what does your avatar do with the Surface? Why he plays with the tiles, throws on some tunes, dances a little, snaps on the keyboard cover (while dangling the computer) and overall shows off our latest and favorite tech gadget. But why are you still reading this? Head over to now and get your free Surface Avatar Prop right now (and yes, it will display on your Windows Phone).

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Speaking of, some of us are still rocking our free Windows Phone prop from mid 2011. Microsoft should totally bring that back, amirte?

Oh and we’re not a 100% certain but we suspect this is a US only offer. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Source: Xbox; Thanks, ninjaap, for the tip!

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