Yes, Windows 10 is the next version of Windows Phone

Microsoft has confirmed that the just announced Windows 10 is also the next major version of Windows Phone as well, which would also confirm that the desktop-notebook PC operating system is merging with the mobile OS..

In a Q&A following their presentation in San Francisco today, Microsoft's operating system execs Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore were asked, "Is Windows 10 the next version of the phone operating system?" The answer was simply, "Yes". Belfiore then added, "The best way to think of it, it will be a natural step forward from the Windows 8.1 model." However, he also said that the phone version of Windows 10 won't have a desktop user interface.

So there you have it. The next version of Windows Phone will in fact be Windows 10. It's going to be a very, very interesting 2015 for fans of the platform and we should learn a lot more about Microsoft's plans for the mobile port of Windows 10 next year. In the meantime, is this good news or bad news for Windows Phone users?

Source: The Verge, GeekWire

John Callaham
  • Sounds good
  • I would love to know will it be upgradeable to current devices, if mid range and high end phones gets it then it will be awesome.
  • Same, I would also like to know that.
  • all WP8 devices will support W10.
  • *subject to carrier approval
  • That's why there is dev preview...
  • Yeah ur right
  • @Asskickulater: Source?
  • ..yea, I'm not gonna dig months behind the windows phone central articles to find it, it was mentioned multiple times by daniel or sam, I dont rermember which
  • Sure...
  • He's right.. They will support it, but he's not saying that they will definitely get it... Support means capable of running it, and we all know that W10 is structured just as W8.. There's no way MS would have the 500k combined W apps not work on the new platform.....
    Who needs a source when you have sense.
  • I'm not saying he is wrong. I'm just asking for official statements. You know... Windows Phone 8 was the next version of Windows Phone 7/7.8, and we all know what happened there. So yes... my common sense is just right. Editing to fix a couple typos.
  • Understood.
  • BTW, your comment on the architecture (or structure as you call it) of the OS sounds right. Technically, sounds like it should work, I surely hope it does work and that they announce something for existing phones. Even if the carriers don't support it, the Dev Preview makes up for that, at least for some users that like the idea of testing the preview builds.  
  • Well, keep in mind, the 7.x to 8.x update wasnt sometihng they wanted to do, the problem was, WP7 was made before the "one microsoft" movement began, and once it did, it became painfully obvious that WP7's CE kernal just couldnt work, so they had a choice, keep the CE kernal and never really be able to bring WP into the one vision, or do as they did, and rebuild it from scratch, its not gonna happen again.
  • True. Exactly..
  • "Who needs a source when you have sense." who needs truth when you can have truthiness, right?
  • Truthiness...
  • microsoft isn't going to change from the nt kernel, wp7 used a different kernel
  • I'd assume it is because ots the same way with Windows 10(PC)
  • Only windows phone 9 would have been... This is all a ploy to force you to buy a new device because your 2 generations back!!! /s it will be upgradeable...
  • I wouldnt want MS to let users upgrade to a newer platform just for the sake of upgrading, right now my 620 is noticeably slower than what it used to be on 8.0, i feel like 10 is going to be a jarring change in performance, unless of course MS actually optimized windows for the lowest spec hardware.
  • But it would be better to upgrade your phone to atleast around 1 GB Ram, Quad Core.. to be atleast future proof, that THE BIG THING is going to run smoothly on your device... I own a 620, and I find WP8.1 a bit laggy on my device.. 
  • Tho i agree with you that would be amazing but if any get it i personally believe it'd be the newer flagships of wp8.1 like the Lumia 930 or 1520. But being as microsoft hasn't taken a wp from a gen to the next completely (wp7 & 7.5 didn't get 8) makes me think there will be a new line that are soley microsoft based phones and not the licensing that they have over nokia. Plus for better fuctionality and a more fluid and smooth user experience i believe the old WP's won't get it mainly because it needs to be handled. I believe it'll be a range of newly released Wp's that have higher specs so to rep the new OS correctly and bring the competition to a equal status in the Phone market.
  • I'm holding a neutral stance for now.
  • I think Microsoft already said that WP8 devices will be upgradeable to 9. But... hmm... there is no 9. Maybe they tricked us! lol
  • I think they're using the name "10" because what they originally had planned for 9 was scrapped.
  • It's all just a name... They ment "the next major version" and that's what they said...
    You guys are taking the name too literally.
  • WP 8.1 should have been called WP9
  • Whatever..
  • Well damn, think the 1520 will get the upgrade?
  • It should.
  • Considering that MS confirmed in recent past that current devices capable of running 8.1 are going to get the next major update. The only difference will be is, depending on the hardware, features available to users will vary. Low end devices will not have access to all features of the OS that will be available on the 1520, for example. Likewise, any new devices that come out with newer hardware features that take advantage of newer OS features, those features will not be available on the 1520.
  • Maybe the "next major update" is 8.10, just like they did with 7.8 update.
  • L810 lol
  • Let that go.
  • do you remenber the days when media says windowsphone 7.5 will get the next major update ?
  • Most of the media doesn't know the difference between GMS android and AOSP so to expect them know the difference between CE and NT is just asking too much lol.
  • If they pull the same shit as with the WP 7.5 I wont forgive them. Okay I get it they abandonded the 7 and build from the scratch but if 10 wont be patchable from the current version of mobile OS, I am done with Windows.
  • That would suck but I'm ready for an upgrade. I feel like it would be the same thing...
  • Same here. This just means I'll probably be waiting until Windows 10 is released (among with new hardware, fingers crossed) to upgrade from my Lumia 920.
  • Same boat for me
  • Ditto.  I'm not feeling Apple or Android.  Would probably get a Blackberry just for the hell of it.
  • Yeah. You should go get an iPhone. Those run OSX right?
  • The same here!
    Had one L520, just bought a L730. If they abandon my phones I will never buy a WP again.
  • I think its 10 because its easier for someone who knows nothing about operating systems to differentiate between 8 and 10 than 8 and 9. Or maybe its just a big step so they put 10
  • Dont ask why we went from 8 to 10 and skipped 9. We even named our third gaming console One.
  • They have a serious problem with numbers LOL
  • It's called Windows 10 because that is the amount of seconds they used to think of a name.
  • They weren't quick enough for 9. ;)
  • Micorsoft maybe actually using Common Core Math counting in tens now. "Windows 20, coming soon!” The company really employs special kind of idiots.
  • Actually, since "10" is the binary representation of the decimal number "2", and the new XBox got to be One, this is their way of saying that we are getting Windows Two.  I can't wait to see what gets to be Three...
  • Calm down, traveller! LOL
    I think it's a very good explanation, but in the meantime I think you went a little too far :P
  • That!
  • MUSIC APP is really bad: the adding of songs to the already plyaing ones + the exclusion of song while playing is really unpractical. Make an option alowing us to just tap a song to add it to the played and a swipe-to-exclude option like the swipe-away ability of background apps/interface/pages - best to right or left as in the VLC app for android, because to first select the songs and then exclude them is odd. Also, another bad thing about it is that the playlist has no option or possibility to reorder the songs. We cannot put e.g. second song infront of the first of after the third etc - this is...odd again.
  • Great move!
  • Depends...will my 1520 get WP10? If not...this is bad. If so...then bring it.
  • Well, seeing as Windows Phone 10 won't exist... No, you won't be getting it. No one will. But in the bright side: You'll likely get Windows 10 on your device. :D
  • Hopefully, others will understand your poke at the name.  For those unaware, the naming of this phone really just depends on where you put word "phone" and official name quotation marks in the mix.  A phone running this OS will be a "Windows 10" phone, instead of a "Windows Phone 10" from the previous nomenclature.  And unless there are significant changes on the horizon, I doubt there will be much change for the phone experience, with more possible for the desktop / tablet users, and real changes coming for the developers. Technically, I think merging the OS into an integrated environment is a good idea.  That said, Microsoft does not have a good track record for bringing a value proposition for embracing change to the business community, nor with understanding the proper way to market to general consumers (whether Apple devices are better is a totally separate discussion, but Apple certainly know how to sell the "coolness" and "hipness" of their devices, making them part of a lifestyle, more than selling their devices as being technologially superior). I have been a user and supporter of Windows Phones for the past 5 years, and I like the platform.  I hope that MS can pull this off, and bring them a bit more into the mainstream.
  • You will definitely get windows 10 on your 1520, just like I will get it on my 930. :)
  • I can't wait to get it on my Lumia 930 :))))))))
  • My 1520 is ready!
  • So is my 930
  • It would have been nice to have the desktop available for 6" phones Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Could be useful...
  • Then no use calling it a phone or phablet....
  • it could be a phaptop or a phesktop.
  • It won't be able to run desktop apps anyways...
  • Exactly... It'd be just as worthless as the desktop currently is on Windows RT.
  • It's actually not worthless. I use it for my backup when I mess up my desktop by playing with the bios and such. I'm able to download files and move them all around on USB devices. Esp updating my bios thanks to Asus.
  • What makes the desktop on RT completely worth it is explorer (file manager). I've yet to see a good implementation of a file manager using the metro/modern UI.
  • The Files "App" on Windows Phone is a pretty solid Metro file manager. I imagine this app will be what MS uses for "non-desktop" devices.
  • On any sized screen actually it'd be cool to have the desktop with the ability to connect it wirelessly with a monitor and with a mouse and keyboard. I'd love to be able to use my phone as a standard computer when on the road.
  • That would be neat. 'Windows has detected that you've connected (your phone) to a 32" screen, do you want to enter desktop mode and search for a bluetooth keyboard and mouse"...maybe something a little more succinct, bust this is Microsoft after all.    
  • I wanted the desktop view in wp!! Wtf! Why dont let us geeks play with desktop?? And btw it would be very useful
  • its not even perfect on 8inch tablet so i would say No to this
  • Uh RDP into a desktop is fine on the 1520, why wouldn't a native desktop be fine?
  • I just want to say that I love using Remote Desktop on my 1520! (also on my Surface 2 RT!) I use it almost everyday to do things on my desktop and laptop computers from the comfort of wherever I am with my phone or tablet... (bed, couch, toilet, etc..) ;)
  • Wonder what they are going to add, hopefully a ton more apps
  • More apps??? They said they r merging pc version & mobile version of windows. So i think it means every apps of pc can also run on mobile
  • You can't run pc programs with arm CPUs, you can just run modern apps with your tablet or phone
  • Hopefully this means all the WP apps will be available on my Surface RT. That would be sweet.
  • Do you know the Universal Apps that you can install on your PC with Windows 8.1, tablet with Windows 8.1 or Windows RT and Windows Phone 8.1? This is what you're looking for. There is no need to wait for Windows 10 for this, already now you can install (some of) the WP's apps on your Surface RT (and also every tablet and PC with Windows 8.1). Yes, for now we have only few Universal Apps, but their number increase over time, but I repet this not becouse of Windows 10 but because Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 are pretty the same OS.
  • Yes absolutely, but may be we can use vlc and other such apps after win10
  • Its upto the devs. To implement it
  • Duh, that's why he said "apps" and not programs...
  • He is talking about apps, you are talking about programs...
  • They are the exact same thing
  • They should be, but they aren't. You can thank apple for that. apps are these tiny little programs that are almost always (but not always) completely worthless. Programs are actually usefull.
  • No, applets and applications have been terms a lot longer than iPhones have been around. App is just an abbreviation of applet; which is a small scale application.
  • Having said that .. AMD is building ARM-based CPUs meant for Servers.  It's possible for Microsoft to ignore that, but my gut is telling me otherwise. Not to mention Satya recently saying Windows 10 is architected to run on everything (maybe even Android phones?!). The issue with legacy apps is W32. It's already possible to create shims for apps to run on WOA and avoid W32 calls, which is likely something done internally for office. In my mind, W32 is the last bastion of defense against the progress of MinWin to rearchitect the core functionality of Windows. W32 now basically runs on top of the optimized cross-platform kernel (as opposed to being weaved all throughout it). After all, it's just software we're talking about, and I would expect MS to work hard to get W32-reliant apps to operate on top of ARM if it will be powering more than just mobile devices. My initial thoughts when WOA & Surface RT were announced, were that the WinTel alliance was still fighting to compete against ARM. MS seemed to do the minimal amount of work to support ARM at a kernel level, and to support Office running on the desktop. This was before Intel really had their low-power Baytrail CPUs worked out, and devices like the Dell Venue 8 Pro were simply not feasible. I think it's likely the combination of faith in Intel's low-power CPUs and the fact that ARM CPUs weren't being built for servers, desktops, etc kept MS from undertaking the project of 'fixing' W32's dependency on x86/64 architecture. Just my $0.02 :p
  • Exciting!!
  • This is the BEST news! I'm so excited.
  • Please give us the preview version for phones and RT, I can't wait to install it on my Lumia 930 and Surface 2
  • +1520
  • +920 dev preview users want this!
  • +1520
  • Before that gdr2 and gdr3.
  • You have to wait until January or February for the consumer preview.
  • What about RT?
  • I think you'll find that most of RT will end up on phones, as opposed to the other way around as was rumoured. It doesn't make sense to reduce tablet functionality -- Microsoft pride themselves on having tablets that are more than just enlarged phone interfaces -- but there's a lot of goodness that RT inherited from the full Windows core that would be awesome on phones.
  • My hunch is that RT is dead.  Windows on ARM will go forward on Phones and small tablets, but RT is toast.
  • Far from it.   Windows on ARM will most likely move into embedded / headless use cases. Heck there are companies making ARM server racks.  You better believe MS will want to run on that.
  • ARM servers won't run "Windows RT" (it doesn't have server functionality). Good ol' Windows Server recompiled for ARM is what they would run.  
  • They have said that it will be updated to Windows 10 as well. Obviously will only support universal apps and not classic.
  • good if the windows is 10 then then phone should be 10
  • Its actually the exact same OS. Not just in the name.
  • well the point of calling it 10 it's because it will be a big change and it will be ONE platform, ONE store, ONE "core common code" for developers, just ONE thing for every device from 4 to 80 inches, from phones to PCs. so it's just Windows this time, it's not Windows Phone and Windows, being one Windows 10 for every device it's what makes Windows 10 being 10. so it's not about number, it's about being just one platform for every device.
  • So why couldn't they just call it Windows ONE? LOL
  • Should have called it Windows 1st!
  • It is Windows 10 because they need to separate it from Windows 8 as much as possible. Windows 10 sounds like a bigger change than Windows 9. Windows One is confusing even if it doesn't make sense in some manner.
  • Would be nice if there was a preview for that too! But that's asking for a bit much
  • No its not too much.. They should offer the preview too
  • I'm sure they will, no reason not to through the existing P4D channel.
  • It is apparently coming in Jan or Feb
  • If I recall correctly, they said late 2015
  • It comes out mid/late 2015. Preview maybe Jan/Feb. I thought.
  • He's talking about the preview (DP) not the launch. And yes, it rumored a DP for jan-feb 2015.
  • The RTM will ne released in August and various previews until then Phone Preview April/May ?
  • Well, I am 100% hyped.
  • Interesting. Let the waiting game commence!
  • As long as out phones are upgradeable we are good!
  • Then should I buy lumia 730 or not :/ if 730 gets windows 10, I will buy :|
  • I truly doubt that. At best, we'll get more info for current devices on next year Build Conference (april).
  • If Windows want to survive, they should release windows 10 on Lumia 520 for sure. Heck, Ashas and X should also be updated to gain users in emerging markets.
  • Yeah, you're right. That was the point on Windows Phone 8: same core as full Windows (and the reason why they left WP 7 behind). Now i wonder which current devices has the muscle to move the newer version of the OS (my 520 really feels on its limit with current 8.1 update1)
  • My 520 works awesome with 8.1 update. It's not as fast as my 1520 but I don't expect it to be. But really its faster than my coworkers brand new galaxy
  • Do your 520 also suffering from tiles redrawing issue after 8.1)
  • Mine was, and it was horrible. It also suffered from action center delay, ocational freezes and restarts, extra-slow app resume, you name it. I just downgraded it (a couple of hours ago)  to official 8.1+Cyan with Nokia Recovery Tool. Pretty easy and straightforward process, just follow WPC instructions on this link I gave up to native folder but it seems to be running better than ever. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. P.D. I recommend you not following any guide that uses Nokia Software Updater for Retail (most of the tutorials on youtube). They have very suspicious download links. Just stick to Recovery Tool and WPCinstructions and you'll be fine. Happy Downgrading :)  
  • It's good and bad, good news I bet all current WP will upgradeable, bad news there will not be a flagship phone till windows 10. I'm only assuming.
  • This was my guess as well.
  • I doubt they'd go until Holiday 2015 (when Windows 10 for Phones is likely to be released) before releasing another flagship. I'm sure there will be more between now and then.
  • My guess is they'll launch a flagship with minor improvements over previous models early next year and give us a more innovating phone to launch with W10.
  • Makes sense but I hope you are wrong and at least one flagship is released before Windows 10.
  • Not good or bad. It's GREAT. And if it looks like the image they showed it will be AWESOME!
  • And basicly MS is doing what Apple tried to do and failed.
  • With one store for all the devices I can see Windows phone growing faster than ever before.
    Developers would want to make apps for windows because now they will not only be making that app for WP but PC and tablets too... Couldn't be more excited about anything :)
  • yup, totally agree :D
  • I hope current windows phone 8.1 devices will be updateable to 10, it'll be a very bad move for Microsoft if it isn't.
  • I'm excited, but it's torture hearing about something this potentailly awesome when it's still so far away. I'll just sit here and wait checking WPCentral every 5 minutes.
  • Exaactly jaja, tomorrow I'm downloading the Preview anyway.
  • What just like us Brits waiting for Cortana (Well now you know how it feels), and although I like my 8.1 desktop, and really really like (I can't say love as it's too strong a word) my phone and Xbox interfaces, I am also looking foreward to 10.   I wonder if the Xbox One interface will get changed?     Bob
  • By the time this is released maybe there will be a real 'flagship' device available. #1030
  • Depends on where they will cut off hardware. Might be another generational shift in technology where we won't get updates just like WP7.
  • I doubt it. Windows Phone 7 to WP8 was a kernal shift. It might have looked like WP7, but it was almost an entirely new OS under the hood. That won't be the case this time around.
  • Hope so. I never bought the original excuse. Hardware is hardware. ARM processor/hardware + bootloader + OS. New OS and new bootloader as the reason never made sense.
  • No, OS software with a minimal hardware specs. Higher WP7 phone, the Lumia 900, has a Scorpion single core CPU, WP8 minimal was a dualcore CPU.   If "hardware is hardware" is a thing, then, can you run Windows 8.1 on a 80386 PC? 80386 is a 32bits x86 CPU...
  • I didn't say no minimal hardware spec. However, someone did upgrade from Windows 1.0 to Windows 8.1
  • I've heard of hackers getting WP8 to run on a WM6.5 device. I think it was the HD2. They managed to get it to run WP7 and WP8. The HD2 was the phone that refused to die for a long time. It actually had WP7 specs before WP7 specs became official.
  • True, but it's in a heavily truncated form, missing a lot of features and generally poorly performing.
  • Multi core
  • A fair point. I viewed that requirement as all the features of new Windows Phone 8 devices. I thought some of the features of Windows Phone 8 could be stripped to support older hardware. For example, the full device encryption should and could not be supported on older Windows Phone 7-era hardware.
  • WP7 and WP8 issue had nothing to do with this.... WP8 changed kernel from CE to NT, so no, it's not the same. This is just Windows being in one device, phones will have the same core, and same developing tools, store and everything, it doesn't mean you will need a new phone to install it. Microsoft already have many common things between WP and Windows 8.1, but Windows 10, will be finally what brings them together, and again, you don't need a new phone for that, it's not a big kernel change as before, it's just making Windows "one" platform for every device. so again, not the same. and it would be silly to build a OS that will not be backward compatible with current phones (again). there are 10 years old computers that run Windows 8, decently. so why would phones be different only because they get an increase in version? just look at Windows Phone Previews, you don't even need a firmware update to keep running them, maybe some have issues but it doesn't mean, you need the firmware to use the phone fine. so again, not the same as WP7 where it had CE and WP8 changed it to be NT.
  • I develop Windows CE/compact for a living. Just because CE is different from NT, does not mean its hardware nor bootloader operate on a completely different hardware technology. My point being, from WP7 era hardware to WP8 hardware and beyond, there is not massive changes that are preventing backwards compatibility. Heck, the hackers got Windows Phone 8 on the old HTC HD2 I was disappointed at the time that I had to sell my Lumia 900 just to buy a 920 to get the new OS. Not all new features of WP8 would be supported
  • I think the real reason was that the upgrade path wasn't as straight forward and it would have meant dumping all user data. They didn't want that on their hands so they made it a cut off.
  • They better bring snap view and true multitasking.
  • 64 bit processors!!!!
  • I wonder if they mean it will also be Windows 10 "in name" and run universal apps, while still being a continuation of the 8.1.X development. Or.. will they throw out all the current Windows Phone 8.1.X bits and shoehorn windows 10 onto the devices so it will truly be the same code as desktop/laptop/tablet windows.
  • It will be the same OS as on PC, not just a copy of Windows 10, it will be Windows 10, with the desktop deactivated.
  • It's so amazing they skipped 9 altogether!
  • 8.1 was basically a misnamed 9.
  • Don't tell me that we again need new hardware to run this update. Or that only newer devices will get this. If that happens I'm not excited at all.
  • Relax.  Your concerns have been shot down a zillion times already.
  • Nice move Microsoft... Waiting for new developer preview...
  • 2015 will be windows 10 year for me, changing my pc, tablet and phone to windows 10. Gonna wait with buying a new phone untill I can get windows 10 on it.
  • Seems faster....
  • Its good
  • And the Central? Windows phone central or Windows central?
  • :O +520
  • Windows Central
  • This should be the new name :D
  • Bad news will make me keep waiting for it..
  • I really hope they do this unification correctly, otherwise it will be a disaster.
  • You could very well be correct. Daniel Rubino said that they are internally testing Windows 10 on first gen WP8 Lumia, so its possible. They are trying to make cheaper Phones so I am sure even the first gen dual core 512 MB RAM devices will be supported.
  • Hopefully Microsoft will bring some highend handsets to compliment the new OS. Come on L1030!
  • Hope all Lumia phones will get it!!!
  • Lumia 520 :( for us ?
  • I also have 520, but with 512mb ram, 1ghz , 400*800 display, i think it can't run windows 10
  • I have the 525. Will that work?
  • Awesome,fantastic,fabulous,mind blowing,amazing,super duper,
  • I can't wait
  • Unless the Silverlight XAP API's are carried over to the new Windows Store API' (CURRENTLY THEY ARE NOT) then there will be 200k+ apps not available from day one and a lot of mad developers.
  • Silverlight sucks and is being dropped by most devs.
  • Windows Central or windows phone central... That's the question...
  • Windows 10 central :-)
  • I hope this FINALLY bring the developers to the Universal Store. It looks like desktop users (millions of them) will push the phone platform to a new level. Take take "every one of my friends who doubt my judgment for choosing Windows Phone for the last +2 years".
  • Now what it does do is thrwo a spanner in the works for some like me whose contract runs out half way through next year, do I upgrade hoping it will be pushed out to existing WP8.1 devices, or do I hold onto my current phone for another couple of months.
  • I'm pretty disappointed about the mid-2015 release.  I really need a new laptop and was hoping I could have it replaced with Windows 10 in a couple months.  Looks like that's not happening.  I hope the Windows Phone version of the update (Developer Preview or otherwise) is released much sooner.
  • Mid 2k15 is just a couple of month away :-)
  • More like several months away.
  • 2, 8, same thing
  • Why wait? Get your laptop now. Your hardware will support Windows 10, and you can upgrade for free when it's released. All Windows 8/8.1 users will get a free upgrade. And Windows 8.1 is actually a great platform. Very stable, very flexible and great with memory usage. As I type this I am approaching 13 days of uptime (my last restart was simply to install an update), with constant opening and closing of as many as twenty IE tabs, word, excel, Illustrator, PhotoShop and Bridge, etc. all open at the same time. Since I am running it on a 1st-gen surface pro, I am also constantly adding and removing the keyboard, docking and undocking it, adding and removing external drives, monitors, etc. It's the most stable platform Microsoft has ever offered. In fact, my biggest concern about Windows 10 is that they will take away some of the new-style features. On the flip side, a successful Windows 10 could bring so many folks off the sidelines that websites will have to provide better touch support.
  • I REALLY hope that Windows 10 will be available for all phones that run Windows Phone 8.1. I'll be pretty upset if I have to drop a ton of money to get a new phone just for the new OS. It's going to be really exciting when we get more information from Microsoft about all this. Exciting times indeed!
  • They are not forcing you
  • It will depend on two things: If my phone gets it (HTC 8x) or if I have to wait an extra year or two for Verizon to get a Windows 10 phone. If Windows Phone 8/8.1 apps will run on Windows 10. I think the latter could be a bigger deal for most people.
  • So if Windows 10 will run on the phone too does that mean I can control it like I do desktops and laptops in the enterprise today and without a MDM?
  • Like windows 10 is having various desktops on pc, mobiles can have different start screen.
  • I may be a common wealth, but i fail to see the purpose of multiple start screens. With the introduction of live app folders in the current implementation, i mean...
  • A mixure of both would work perfect
  • Windows Phone 10 could be faster... too soon? :P
  • It seems .... :-P
  • Quicker!
  • Whatever way whoever can try twisting it, this can indeed only be good news :-D
  • Should be great news for Windows Phone users as long as 10 works on our current phones (Icon).
  • Unless they are rewriting win 10 to run on arm (doubtful), I don't see that happening. But by 2015 it will be time for a new phone anyway.
  • I fail to see how it''s bad news, provided they implement it right, because it could mean a lot more support and features for our phones.  If, out of the door we have all the features of the competition and then some.  And it'll be great for apps too.  Start seeing a lot more apps!
  • I'm beginning to fear that another MS/Lumina flagship phone won't be out until late 2015 alongside Windows 10...great disappointment heard around the world. If I could guarantee support, then I would get the 1520.3 for T-Mo.
  • Lot of uncertainty right now.  I'll make it certain for you.  Current WP devices will not be getting the update.  Can't recommend buying WP.
  • I'm willing to bet you're wrong...
  • Flash player for Windows mobile devices?
  • Didn't even think of that, but that could be big!!
  • That would be to worst thing ever
  • Nice. Hopefully old Windows phone apps will work also with 10.
  • Maybe its time to jump to other boats?
  • As I said In my previous comment in the previous post ;)
  • I'm lost... What happened to 9?
  • 7 ate 9. So they had no choice but to call it windows 10.
  • +525 lololol
  • Y are all the numbers f'ed up
  • Very good news :-)
  • If someone makes a metro app for Windows 10 then will it run on all devices running Windows 10? It would be awesome if it's true!
  • yep :-)
  • It's already true. If someone makes a "metro" app for Windows 8.1, it will run on all devices running Windows 8.1 It's also already true, that if someone makes a "universal" "metro" app for Windows 8.1, it will run on all devices running Windows 8.1 AND Windows PHONE 8.1
  • I'm a little intrigued to see what they have to offer for the mobile aspect for sure of Windows 10.... Look, function, extras, and apps..... How will they merge and work seamlessly across both platforms....
  • Please also launch the new range of phones, low ends, mid ends and couple of high ends bases on sizes along with windows 10...should have one surface phone itself...
  • All I ever wanted on Windows Phone :) I tweeted them about that too :)
  • waiting for the update on my 1020 :P 
  • Good. If good, that is.
  • I have high hopes for low-end devices....
  • I'm trying to get a grasps of what it would look like.
  • More importantly, will Windows Phone Central just become Windows Central?
  • I don't think our Lumias will run W10 :\ but I wish that they do :(
  • Does anybody know if the Lumia 830 purse to have glance or not?
  • Since I can't even get Cyan on my Icon, I don't know. Verizon is bad for Windows Phone.
  • Which part of windows 10 will the phone have I wonder...
  • Of course it's good news, but what I am really curious about is: are the bits installed on a PC the same that will be installed on the phone's ROM? I was dissapointed today with the announcemtn of Windows 10 Server. I thought Windows 10 is one single unified system that simply installs anywhere.
  • They're went the app gap. If an app comes to Windows it comes to everything. If you don't see an App for a particular platform like the XBOX ONE, you'll know they specifically decided not to create a UI for that particular interface. All the other parts are there and they just don't like your device or Microsoft doesn't want it running on a particular piece of hardware (IE the XBOX ONE)
  • I like it, can't wait for my upgrade next September and I am hoping for a large screen phone with the 1020's camera on the back that would be heavenly
  • Unifying things should have been from the start, glad their doing this.
  • I would love to see full blown Windows on a WIndows Phone. Dont get me wrong i think about something like a dock connected to a flatscreen and everytime I dock my WP in, it switches to full blown Windows on big screen. Of course that will be ARM atm but better than nothing. That would require support for USB Devices but anything else should be possible without any big chages ...
  • Hmmm... Wonder on NFC enabled devices if they could make an NFC dock that could do the same thing?
  • So I guess the name of this website will have to change to windows central
  • I just want to say, whenever you bring it, plz bring it to 512mb ram devices, especially Lumia 520
  • One Windows
  • Good...if current devices can upgrade to it..with no hassle
  • What???
  • The article also says the windows phone 10 wont be having desktop UI. That means no more tile interface??
  • Exactly, you understood perfectly
  • @renjith p george
    Just to clarify, the desktop UI (with the taskbar and start button etc) is NOT the "tile interface" (the live tiles on your phone's start screen). @hprvez
    Let's not confuse people any more than they already are. Though I do understand your sarcasm lol.. I too, find it shocking that there are people that don't know the difference between a desktop UI and a tile interface, but at least put a /s at the end of your comment so some idiot doesn't take you seriously...
  • Great news!!
  • I don't get the optimism.   Just because they give you one store, doesn't mean you get to install or run every app from that store, ESPECIALLY if you're on older hardware.  Go ask a longtime Android user if you don't believe.   So what else is there to be optimisitc about?  What actual features would a Win10 handset have that we don't currently have now?   I look forward to new hardware that will be optimized for most all apps from the store... but just can't see what difference its going to make on my 2 year old 920.   And even then... mid 2015?  Best new Mobile hardware then, if we're lucky, won't even drop until Xmas 2015... my contract is up in a month and I've outgrown my 920.  I love MS, but I'll go away for 2 years and then come back.
  • Why dont you buy the 930 or 1520 ? Its exact the same hardware with a different sized screen - your choice. And you will get Windows 10 on this devices too ;)
  • Both phones have limited availability in the U.S. The 1520 is actually no longer on display in AT&T carrier stores (the only place to get it is online, or if you're near a Microsoft stores, who only stock it in one color). The 930, known here as the Icon is on a CDMA carrier, it isn't that new, and most people don't jump carriers for a nearly year old device, that by this time next year would be an end of life device. Even the M8 is stuck on Verizon, and its manufacturer is HTC, who isn't well known for supporting and updating their Windows Phone devices.
  • Lol i don't think so
  • Now jst waitng fr mre news on Windows 10 fr windows phone
  • Actually, we may as well call this Windows 2. 10 in binary is 2.
  • All the Lumia device will be upgraded to windows 10.
  • Amazing! Really can't wait till build 2015!
  • should have named it windows X and windows Xphone
  • Perhaps its release will coincide with a Lumia1020 successor. One can hope... :)
  • Great news, for us and our system.
    My phone is excited
  • I hope Windows 10 on phone wont necessarily mean new devices. I mean it should be an upgrade to Windows 8.1 devices as well.
  • Hate Windows 10 for phone. Windows phone sound unique and interesting. Hate to see this change.
  • Bring it!
  • but..if we're missing features how will we know it wasn't left in the ominous void that is Windows 9?
  • If we don't get a new mega-megapixel shooter we'll be in direct competition with the other two systems.  Who wants that?
  • I remember hearing that all current Windows Phone 8 handsets would be updated to Windows phone 9, wonder if this holds for Windows 10, once again it would be bad for us who have just renewed or taken out a contract on a Windows Phone 8 handset, so will history repeat itself and force everyone to upgrade handsets to get Windows 10 handsets.
  • They need to come out with better phones. It seems like others are making more products but windows is lagging. I was waiting on the Lumia McLaren but that never happened!
  • Interesting!!!!
  • I just hope we can get it through the Dev Preview, since T-Mobile decided my 810 wasn't worthy of anything since Amber....
  • Awesome news! Can't wait for the release. As much as I love my 925, I think it's time for am upgrade I might hold out until 2015 and get a phone running Windows 10 natively. It's nice to see Microsoft finally realizing their unification plan, but if all devices will be unified under W10 I guess it would be safe to assume that the Xbox One will also go through a major change. Now if only I can run W10 on a smart tv just as LG and Samsung done with android and WebOS. I would be so happy.
  • I assume this means that they will drop the 8.1 Silverlight app model. Only problem with that is, it is the only way to provide rich live tiles in any format, which WP users are familiar with. The universal app model uses a quite restricted template approach, which I am not too happy about.
  • So Windows 10 has two OS's in one. That's why they "skipped" 9.
  • It's not about if your phone can be upgraded. If the hardware supports it, then yes. You don't want a phone that can't handle the OS to have it. The main thing here is what kind of features and interoperability it will bring. Interesting stuff and looking forward!
  • This sounds like all very good improvements after the half baked Windows 8 era.   The faster they can put that product cycle behind them, the better
  • Can't wait to run my windows phone apps on my dell venue 8 pro!! :D I'm seriously glad I invested in the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Don't hold your breath
  • My dream was to get a desktop view as option in Windows 10 for mobile. I mean about Windows Explorer mainly.
  • Download the Remote Desktop app right now and your dreams will come true...
  • The 1520, 930, 830, 730, HTC one m8 , Samsung ativ se will definitely be able to handle any future upgrades, because of the ram and quad core. Demanding more than 2gbs of ram to run is stepping into android territory of not being resourceful
  • I don't think this means anything. They will just brand WP8 as Windows 10, the code base will stay the same and we'll get some updates to the UI that are similar to the updates to the metro app environment in tablet mode. 
  • My contract is up in December; makes me wonder if i should wait and see what summer 2015 brings before locking myself into a HTC One for 2 years.
  • Great Windows 10 i just hope it will be the best OS there ever is
  • Good then,i will keep my Lumia 1520 untill a flagship with Windows 10 gets out.
  • Good news
  • Snap view on a 1520 though! :D
  • We'll have to see, it can be better or worse, hope for the, prepared for the worse!
  • But i have got a question. What will happen to our WP8.1 phones? Aren't we gonna see WP9? Answer me on or instagram ur answers to @khosi4v. Im outta here.
  • So will surface 2 get an upgrade to windows 10 I can't find any info
  • yes
  • Windows United!
  • They would have announced by now that current WP devices will support Windows 10, I can only expect bad news
  • It's WP 7 all over again.
  • Nothing has been officially said yet, but that's a concern I can't get out of my head
  • For all people sound, WP 10 update will be like cyan probably, at least in the basic part
  • I still like windows ramalamadingdong 19...because we're Microsoft and we do what we want.
  • Windows 10 Phone here I come
  • 8.1 to 10 ... Seems really fast... :P
  • I fail to see the excitement in the announcement of Windows 10. There are some Desktop UI changes and windowed WinRT apps. Otherwise, everything else remains the same. On Windows Phone they'll still have to support the Silverlight 8.0/8,1 apps (or else there goes most of the existing WP apps). Only WinRT 8.1 apps will be buildable across devices, so no change there. Thurrott says that developers wil get developer-related details in April 2015, so apparently there aren't any huge changes in the APIs (or else MSFT would need to get them out now so devs could start targetting them). Big yawn. This might as well be called Windows 8.2.  
  • Wow what a way to jump to conclusions so very very early glad you got it figured out.
  • Microsoft dropped a big clue. They said, "developers you'd better develop universal apps." I'm assuming its not possible to build universal apps using Silverlight. If my premise is correct...
  • SeemsFaster.Org
  • Cant wait
  • My nokia 3310 is ready. come on let me have the update.
  • Does this mean that all Windows 10 apps will be able to be run on Windows Phone 10 and vice-versa, automatically?
  • I hope so. If not, I'll be very disappointed. It is quite feasible because of the release date - 2015.
  • Just getting old for waiting, :-)
  • One system for all the ecosystem. I wonder if Xbox one will bring this feature or be part of the one system
  • windows 9 would have been odd and predictable! they are leaping ahead of the mistakes that winows 9 might have had.
  • So when is WPCentral making the announcement that they are becoming Windows Central?
  • Is this new OS most similar to RT or to full Windows 8, since it has an App. Is running legacy software now only down to processor and storage capacity?
  • I really hope they have found a solution to the arm discrimination. If they deliver on the original vision and promise of Windows metro, all store apps should work irrespective of processor type.
  • "However, he also said that the phone version of Windows 10 won't have a desktop user interface." It better not have any of that bloated legacy crap either. Microsoft is going to fuck this up? Why does Microsoft think I want a completely new phone OS that is going to look and operate differently from Windows PHone? Why is Microsoft turning WP8 into a bloated, unoptimized OS when WP8 was so efficient and optimized? Why does Microsoft think it's good to abandon 50-60 million WP8 owners who love the way it works. Mark this day folks. Microsoft is absolutely finished in mobile, because they don't have a damn clue what they're doing or which direction they're headed.
  • Dude calm the fuck down. It'll work exactly as Windows phone is supposed to. Just think of Windows 10 as one of em TRANSFORMERS. It'll behave and look like a phone on a phone. It'll behave and work like Windows 7 with a keyboard/mouse combo. It'll tablet itself on touch screen only devices... Happy?
  • This holds me back to get a new phone unless we can get Windows 10 from old devices.
  • Don't waste your money.
  • But I've been thinking about the Lumia 735, like seriously... That selfie, my friends will envy, -_-
  • Windows Central!!!
  • This would also seem to imply that the core install for windows is getting really small. Perhaps the 64GB tablets will actually have a usable amount of space left over.
  • If history is any indication, it will be bad news for anybody not purchasing new hardware when it's released.
  • There is going to be a lot of screwed over Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 users out there.  They are holding new Lumia 900 bricks.
  • ...  but will they finally support bluetooth keys boards?!?  we all know what happens when you assume, but when the 1520 was announced, i pretty much took it for granted that HiD was coming to windows phone.  the wait has moved past ridiculous and into ludicrous (speed) ... my old ass motorola cliq from 2008 supported bluetooth keyboards!
  • yeah.. my L520 is ready to get upgrade
  • I think it's 10 because it will match the number of people still using WP!
  • Ah, but will Verizon let us have WP8.1 before W10 arrives on the scene? I'm skeptical.
  • the most important question will windows 10 be available to all Lumia phones
  • I wonder if they will release it to the Nokia lumia 530 because it has only 512mb ram and I just bought it and was lucking forward to the new star wars game and it needs 1gb ram was very disappointed Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Bye. You won't be missed.
  • Men if they can make the phone look like the desktop or similar to it that will very
  • Excellent
  • I think we should call it Windows 1-0, like Hawaii 5-0.
  • Wtf! Sounds unbelievable. I'll believe Microsoft when I see windows 10 for mobile phones
  • better i think Ms wont ditch the current wp8 users buy saying its nt upgradable..if so then its the end  of wp ...  
  • Good deal.
  • If this is indeed a merging than I imagine we will be able to expect folders in the metro for windows 10. If we lost folders in WP I'd be slightly.... aggravated. I know it was a desktop focused event, but now I really have lots of questions on how unified the operating systems will be from a metro UI and what changes will there be between the metro UI on the phone and on the screen if any. YCS
  • Window's 9??
  • No
  • It would be pretty cool if they had a desktop mode app. One that when used and connected to a monitor would give you full windows for a working environment. A little much, but would awesome nonethless.
  • I almost sold my Nexus 5 for the 1520, now I don't know what to do. I want to come back to Windows but I was burnt with the 7.5 issue so now I'm stuck. Don't wanna spend $500 bucks on a phone that might not get the next major update. Decisions. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I've got a pretty good feeling the 1520 will get Windows 10. And... you haven't sold that nexus yet??? I'd much rather have my 1520 with WP8.1 than one of those personally...
  • I'm really looking forward to this. So many doors are opened by running the same OS across multiple devices. Hopefully this means better integration between desktop and mobile applications (like no more 4 versions of the same contact between Outlook, WP, Skype, Live, etc.) I don't even care if they don't support older phones like my 920. By the time it comes out for mobile devices, there will likely be some new phones out there that I will want anyway. 
  • What about RT?
  • So... the next update for the Preview for Developers Program (after debian red) should be... Windows 10? When?
  • WPCentral = Windows Plattform Central ?! :D
  • AWESOME NEWS!!!! This will surely accelerate the Windows ecosystem in the coming year by being able to open up the audience to the billions of people running Windows on their PC by being able to say that the apps will also work on their Windows phone and tablet and that they will sync your accounts across all platforms... Bye Bye Android and in your face Mr Google... Windows will surely become the number one platform across all devices with this update.
  • Well it's a good news
  • *fingers crossed* please don't mess this up MS.
  • Sounds great to me! 8.1 is already a big step forward over wp8, I know Ms comes late compared to the others, but a unified Os might change the trend and bring more apps on the platform as well. Which is exactly what Wp needs.
  • Where's 9 ?
  • The only thing that keeps me from being excited is the fact that I'm on Verizon
  • It's good news! :D
  • Hope, its support dual core processor with 512ram.
  • Why is Microsoft releasing Windows 10 and not 9?  Because nine ate (eight) seven.
  • Will not celebrate until I see how "good" is it when it is available. I hope the WP10 will not be so restricted as of now.
  • is THIS what developers have been waiting for? I think so
  • Super keen for windows 10 on phone, as long as all current apps are compatible. The store is just getting good, don't want to scare of developers at this stage.
  • Windows Phone 9?
  • long as it will be compatible with my 1520, i'm all good...
  • and... it comes with a new kernel. haha! ouch. welcome aboard, 7.8 users are waiting for you guys. :P
    if msft abandons 8.x, it wont be good for them. that's what's left for them, a measly 3% marketshare... they haven't even established something solid as what android/apple is now in the mobile landscape. it's still way behind. i just hope they won't do this move too soon.
  • If hope that current 8.1 phones are upgradeable to windows10. Because it might reflect badly on Microsoft that they are launching new OS and just dropping their previous OS owners like they did with 7.8..
  • Good news. Looking forward
  • thnx
  • To be honest, I like the idea of Smartphone apps and Desktop apps being purpose/experience built. .......That is until I no longer need a desktop, I dont think Hardware is quite there yet for a Phone to entiely replace a PC. When we turn up to work with our phones and plug them in to screen/keyboard, (think 'Her') then we have something. 
  • Really good news! Windows Phone will use the power of Windows marketshare and traction. The appstore could finally takeoff and developers will take it seriously this time and even the most negative ones wouldn't be able to deny it or refuse, ahem *cough* Google *cough*.   With resizable, window-friendly apps, even traditional software providers could offer their apps and programs over the Windows Store.
  • I would love windows 10 if and only if it runs on my upcoming Lumia 730...
  • Its little bit bad news for owner of low end windows phone devices, with such a unification it would be hard to restrict the ram usage of os to minimal. I am not saying uts impossible but getting features ,performance as we as support for every device would be really tough. However its a good news for windows phone environment. With unification of desktop and phone version much greater array of app will be available and developers will be able to use almost same code for desktop, laptop and phones. But it would be intresting to see how google does in next one year. And how the end product really comes out. Ubuntu is triying this unification for past 1 year in the srart it look almost gettable but it does comes up with its own challenges. P.S. : I am a huge fan of ubuntu using it for past 2 years. And i must tell you guys MS has copied a lot from ubuntu this time. I mean just saying :)
  • This is going to be interesting.
  • Indeed it will be and it will get more interesting as we approach January as according to Mary Jo Foley the preview for arm devices is supposed to hit around Jan 2015.
  • Sorry to say this but you WP users here make me feel like I've joined a mentally challenged band of people who own the same phone!! Who the F...K cares what VERSION/NUMBER MS decides to call the next iteration of the WP OS!!! Instead of talking about what features you hope to see on it, what apps could be coming to it, will Google finally make something for it etc noooo all you peons are here talking about WHY DID THEY SKIP '9' and went to '10' SERIOUSLY!!!!! No wonder MS treats its users the way it does and the devs of apps for the OS, you people are just too damn IGNORANT!!!! WTF cares about the version???? All I care about as a L920 owner running WP8.1 and loving it, can't wait for Cortana to come out of beta, can't wait to get the GDR1/2 and now hearing about WP10 OS UPDATE in 2015!!!! Really no wonder the IOS and ANDROID users LAUGH at WP owners.
  • Dude get off your high horse as not all users are clamouring about the number skip.
  • Get a clue because if 5 out of 8 comments say the same it will AUTOMATICALLY be generalized as everyone is saying the same thing!! Where have you been living don't you know the concept of stereotyping! Do all Americans behave the same NO,but to the rest of the WORLD you ALL do!! Not my fault I asked for a ride and YOU gave a me high horse to ride!!
  • Looking forward to the official release of the update. :)
  • Will all windows phone 8.1 users get it.
  • Did you mean to put a question mark at the end of that???
  • I think MS should update phones with wp 8.1 to wp 10 because most PCs running windows 8.1 will be capable of running windows 10....and also if they don'tupdate, phone's costing hundreds of USD will be dumped just after months of use....
  • super excited!!! :)
  • I would like my Windows to go all the way up to 11.
  • And it wont be available for NL*20 series!!
  • Who said?
  • I want it to look JUST the same
  • Interesting, But update should be available on low end devices too!(like 520 & 525)
  • wow surface mobile this will be great like my wish come true
  • Will it be possible to run desktop apps on Windows 10 for phones?
  • What I'm worried about is what we are going to lose, rather than gain, from a Windows 10 upgrade.  I'd like a statement that says "Everything that is in Windows Phone 8.1 will still be there or enhanced in Windows 10" WP8.1 is a lot more innovative than Windows 8.1 on a tablet (keyboard, cortana etc.)
  • I imagine what they mean is windows phone and RT will merge. With windows phone taking precedence as it doesn't have a desktop. Plus there have been leaks/rumours of windows phone features on x64 / x86 windows.
  • Common core well all windows phone 8.1 should get it but the low end models may not get all the features. I don't see them switching out NT for Midori, they will piss off alot of customers in both the enterprise and consumers space.
  • Windows X would be more appropriate. 
  • O obviously good
  • Let the windows (phone) rock in the work of mobile os just like it did in desktop world!!!!android n ios now forget your existence!!! Lololol
  • So for those waiting on carriers, you can expect the update sometime in 2016... if you're lucky.
  • If they only change the name and not the actual OS will be fine, a phone with "metro UI" of windows 8 will be horrible
  • What the holy h*ll happened to Windows/WP 9???
  • I think Windows 10 is automatically installed/preserve on Microsoft's New Phone (Microsoft - Watermark)
  • I hope that my Lumia 925 will get this update. I love Windows Phone!... what do you guys think? will L925 get the update?
  • Good news if 8.1 is upgradable, else it is not good news.
  • Microsoft should inform users, as early as now, whether current WP devices would be able to upgrade to Windows 10...
  • The smartest thing they could do is leverage Miracast and have a phone that can operate as a desktop when projected. Use an atom core CPU instead of arm. Amazing pocket PC! They already announced the NFC chip to auto pair Miracast!
  • Sure from best to better.
  • we it be free for window 8 phone
  • is it available for lumia 520?
  • Do  i get update of windows 10 on my lumia 920 ???
  • I hope they stick with 10 for the next decade. I don't want to be shelling out a ton of cash every 4 years to upgrade.   
  • I read some where that Windows Phone 10 will support New-Gen NFC Payment System. Is it right or not. Plz reply ??
  • I can't wait for it. I know its gonna be awesome.
  • All I know is that if there isn't some hint of the 1530 tommorow at that conference I'm going to flip a table.  
  • If they say Lumia 520 also support this update Windows 10. Then thought my slef the most luckiest person in the world..... LOL..
  • i am very much found of msft and their products simply awesome!!!! pls make windows 10 smartphone available as soon as.... i have technical preview of desktop of windows 10 magnificient changes.. and belive its a lighter OS..  
  • <p>Can helpme eny one i have lumian demien 1520 whan we have windows phone 10 aand how to installerh</p>
  • folks Windows 10 works on the Nokia Lumia 520 but cannot use all it OS capabilities due the fact it does not have the hardware inside it to do so. I think people wont have to buy new windows smart phones but Windows 10 will work better on some Windows 8.1 smart phones better than others Notice all new Microsoft brand smart phones have 1 gig of Ram and that includes thw Microsoft brand  lumia 435 532 and MS new lumia 640 budget windows smart phones.Maybe Windows 10 smart phones run best 1 gig of ram
  • My Special Request To Microsoft Please Keep Update Part In your hands. Why Operetor would decide to update our handset or not. Dear MicroSoft If You Want To Get Major Share In India Then You Need To Give Call Recorder ' in India many users Uses Andorid For Such Apps Which You Dont Provide (api Blocked)  
  • Nice,does anyone knows when will be the update
  • Dear Windows Phone OS developers. It is already 2015 and we are patiently awaiting your hard work. We know android is crap, iOS is a cat in a box that sells matches.
    In windows 10 mobile we need:
    1-customisable vibration in capacitive buttons
    2-customisable colors of capacitive buttons
    3-split screen - half music and e.g. bottom half web browser
    4-Option to preview background wallpaper before we enable it + customisation of its color
    4.1-Option to change background wallpaper from not only the settings, but also from albums/SD card
    5-Maybe not just square shapped tiles? For people who fear squares and are reluctant to buy a WP.
    6-Better pinning of tiles to start - when we pin a tile to start, we are prompted to start, which is annoying if you jsut downloaded more apps and with each pinning you have to slide back to app list
    7-More appealing people, phone and messaging app - color distinction
    8-Bass adjustenment of music
    9-Better sound options
    9.1-Sound customisation for several apps, not for all e.g. the same volume for all apps is reduction of possibility.
    10-Smarter Cortana - we do not want to touch the phone each time - I think you did this by now with W10.
    11-More personal Cortana, at least by 2020 - Make it a real AI and not a plastic bottle with a womans voice, able to receive Web info via WIFI...
    12-Capacitive button light level - bright/medium/low light
    13-A better music app - more appealing
    14-Synchronisation within at least 2 phones - in a way...I can´t even imagine this, give it a brilliant mind.
    15-Region free use, updates, downloads without limitations or restrictions based on location.
    16-3D like tiles (like in iOS8)
    17-HARDWARE - scanner + projector of video files on wall, table etc with at least half-decent colors.
    17.1 Projected keyboard on table/floor...
    18-We want to be able to use a ringtone/sms sound from SD card and not just from the inbuilt phone storage
    19-Wake up the phone with voice + voice recognition
    20-In notification centre - e.g. WIFI - when we tap it, it truns on, when we tap it again, it brings us to the wifi menu. This is useless. The second tap should turn wifi off. To go to wifi menu, a 1second press should be enough - this goes for all notifications and action shortcuts
    21-The back/previous button is also a bit annoying - Pressing it for 1s makes it open the current/recent openned apps, web and interface. Maybe imply some most used apps like music and IE (web) to action centre/notification centre while they are open. Make a swipe top, too, not just down
    22-Music app with a software option to adjust the volume?
    23-A 360 degree rotation of screen - would be probably useless if not adjusted for body position to text position - for those who lie on a bed on sides. The horizontal view in the phones horizontal/vertical position feels limiting.
    24-Another annyoning thing is also when you listen to music with headphones. When you unplug the jack from phone, the music stops, ok, this is good. However, when you put the jack back, the music is off. We would appreciate if it would continue from the exact point it was interrupted. Android has this possibility, too. MUSIC APP is really bad: the adding of songs to the already playing ones + the exclusion of song while playing is really unpractical. Make an option alowing us to just tap a song to add it to the played and a swipe-to-exclude option like the swipe-away ability of background apps/interface/pages - best to right or left as in the VLC app for android, because to first select the songs and then exclude them is odd. Also, another bad thing about it is that the playlist has no option or possibility to reorder the songs. We cannot put e.g. second song infront of the first of after the third etc - this is...odd again.