You can get the first DirectX 12 supported game for Windows 10 next week

PC gamers who want to get on the ground floor and play the first DirectX 12-supported game on Windows 10 will be able to do that very thing next week. That's when developer Oxide Games and publisher Stardock will release a very early alpha version of its upcoming sci-fi real-time strategy game Ashes of the Singularity for people who buy the game via its Founders program.

Stardock CEO Brad Wardell made the announcement of the game's alpha launch on his personal blog site, stating:

"This will be the first time Ashes of the Singularity is being made available 'in the wild'. We want to see how the engine is working and start building a core community to work with as we begin to implement proper balance, UI, hardware compatibility, etc"

Because it will be such an early release, players can expect to run into lots of bugs and issues while playing the alpha version. It will also require some high-end hardware as Stardock says a PC will need at least 8GB of RAM, a video card that supports DirectX 11 or 12 with 2GB of onboard RAM and a display with a resolution of 1920x1080. Also, the game will require a 64-bit version of Windows. Wardell has stated in previous interviews that the DirectX 12 version of the game will have a number of improvements compared to the DirectX 11 version, including better lighting effects and AI for its units.

If that sounds like your kind of game, and you don't mind testing a very early build right now, you can purchase Ashes of the Singularity for $44.99 as part of its early Founders Program. There's also a $99.99 version which will offer users access to all of the game's post-release expansion packs and DLC content. There's no release date yet for the final version of the game.

Source: Little Tiny Frogs, Ashes of the Singularity

  • I am ready, my 2015 laptop has Intel Core i7 5500 (Broadwell) with Intel HD 5500 graphics, 8GB RAM but gladly, it also comes with AMD Radeon R7 M270 with 4GB of on board memory. Maybe this game can run on Intel HD graphics 5500 too, that would save battery life on my laptop which gets about 7 hours when I'm doing light browsing but is reduced to 3-4 hours when I'm gaming.
  • Nah. The game will make the iGPU use more power than normal browsing. Plus, you'll be able to game "less" since the game will crawl with the iGPU compared to the AMD GPU.
  • It will use both the GPU's, that one of the main features of dx12, remember!
  • 5600 & above thats usually the sweet spot(ive used mobile extreme ivybridge for games like spore ran no problem though I preferred 7970m CF)
  • Why are the system requirements so high?
  • These are not high requirements for a game these days. Its not meant for a phone, it's PC. They didn't even mention specific GPUs only that yours must support DX11 or 12.
  • Maybe off topic, but now that you mention a phone, the Galaxy S6 edge with 128GB of storage is more expensive than a laptop that has the requirements to run Ashes of the Singularity, so yes a phone can be more expensive than a laptop this days. We're definitely living on crazy days for tech in 2015.
  • "so yes a phone can be more expensive than a laptop this days." Maybe because people like you cant tell the difference between slow 128GB of phone storage NAND and 8GB RAM along with 2+ GB of video memory.
  • Depends what type of game you're talking about. Crysis 3 doesn't even use 2gb of VRAM at max settings at 1080p, but this game requires that minimum (as of now).
  • I'm aware this is for PC. 8GB system RAM minimum and 2GB vRAM is pushing it, most bleeding edge games like Battlefield and GTA don't require this much on either front just to run. If this is the minimum, which alot of PC gamers just barely meet, it will probably run like shit.
  • Basically w8 ready video cards
  • So high? I paid for my Dell Inspiron 5548 the same price I paid for a Windows 8 convertible tablet just 2.5 years ago (It was an Iconia W510 with 2GB of RAM and Atom CPU and 64GB of storage). The inconvenience of my laptop is that it doesn't have touchcreen and its not a convertible device anymore, but I have much greater specs for the same price. My advise for users that want to use Windows 10 on a new device is to try to upgrade their specs, not to downgrade.
  • Not sure what your comment has to do with my question. I don't care about what tablet or PC you bought. Sorry, not sorry!
  • They're placeholder requirements really. The game isn't final so the specs haven't been finalized.
  • They seem more than reasonable to me.
  • They seem high for the type of game this is. 8GB of system RAM minimum? Even games like Battlefield and GTA don't require that much to run. Granted, they probably wont play well if you only meet the minimum, but that's why 8GB is alarming. And 2GB video RAM minimum, is this a fully modded Skyrim? Im betting this is just a placeholder, but still I wouldn't say reasonable even for a bleeding edge game.
  • I'm asking the same. Wtf. I think its a troll
  • Real question why is the price with dlc so high
  • Oh, fun. An RTS game!
  • I remember the CEO saying that the game wouldn't be possible without DX12. Yet here it is, running just fine under DX11, with somewhat less fancy visuals. Also, lol at the 1080p display requirement. Not to mention 8 GBs of ram. Why ?
  • Because it's alpha and a fixed resolution is easier to support development around.  Optimizations aren't even close, hence the memory.  And not just fancier visuals, improved AI with DX12.  That's fairly significant.
  • That ship being shot at doesn't seem to stand a chance!
  • Damn 8gigs of ram, playing this on most laptops right now would be out of the question lol. Never the less the game looks pretty darn good.
  • 8GBs is actually reasonable if you follow nbr thats one big recommendation that they started to suggest for W7 laptops for 1st time buyers. especially ones that have discrete video cards
  • Gaming industry has fallen down a deep hole. 1) Introduction of "founder packs" means developers can create a sub-par game that gets over hyped (experienced that once or a hundred times in the last 5 years?) and because they don't owe any investor money they just let the game release, and die in less thant 2-3 years because they got gamers to pay upfront 2) No demo's anymore. We are all be duped into buying games and then being disappointed with the product, due to too many bugs, hackers, lag, poor community, or just simply that game got over-hyped and was a boring product. If We got demo's, consumers wouldn't waste so much money and the quality would go up. Instead everyone just freely spends money on disappointing games and so developers no longer need to sell it to you. 3) UAT, Beta testing, Alpha testing, it's all done by the gamers, 95% of which have no idea what they are looking for in software testing, instead they just moan and whine even though they are using an alpha product. This is cheap/free/slave labour by the developers and it should be out-lawed. Even worse is stuff like Steam who do "early access". This is actually gamers PAYING to do the testing which they are not skilled or qualified at doing and is a very big contribution towards the pish poor products we get today (and founder tiers does this to, same as early access)  
  • You're not familiar with Stardock are you? They have a very good reputation for handling these kinds of things. One time, when they felt they disappointed their fans, they offered them a brand new game for free. Maybe you should research before you declare this a "deep hole".
  • Wardell personally fixed a customer's game, recently, and issued a patch as a result of that work - they went back and forth about it on their forums as the issue got worked to resolution.
  • ^ This.
    A great vision does not mean the final product will meet expectations. It seems as though this new selling model is increasing the amount of fud :(
  • Anyone remember spore creature creator, or Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
  • I remember & love Gran TUrismo
  • I will pass but still cool though
  • Game looks amazing but I have no clue how you would keep up with what all going on the screen.
  • "sci-fi real-time strategy game" Well I hope it is good. most RTS games have been so bad lately, or just nothing great like StartCraft 2, it's cool and all, but so many years when I could have kept playing broodwar and don't miss much (only nice effects and better graphics of course) One game I really liked was Warhammer 40000, it had great expansions and all. really nice gameplay. but then Dawn of war II while nice, it was strange how they changed it it was still fun but not like the first one. Age of Empires Online was nice, but users didn't seem interested even if it was free, you could get all civilizations for free and the PVP was better than other RTS at that time. I remember playing RTS for hours when I was younger, there were more choices so but most of them seemed to be really interesting and nice.   Of course this depends on what peopel lke and dislike and their taste. but it would be nice if Ashes of the Singularity was differen't and tried to give what was lost in RTS, yeah it's cool it's first DX12 game, and hope many will come later. but graphics will never be enough. I don't expect it to be like Warcaft 3 or DoW Soulstorm. but I guess I will hope it's better than Universe at War: Earth Assault. haha ^______^
  • I will pass but still cool though
  • For that price I can WAIT untill it hits steam or the WIn10 store.
  • Looks good. Gonna give this a go. Really getting back into RTS games again at the minute.
  • ITs odd there is pretty much zip video about the game and pretty much no info about the gameplay, the mechanics, the units and so on. I tried finding out more about the title but other than the AMD demo i couldn't find any (interesting) stuff. Seeing that its alpha its nice to be able to get some early info but i wouldn't pay a single dollar/euro before i got some more gameplay about this because a tech-demo wouldn't be enough for such a game.
  • 44.99 for an ALPHA lol!!
  • For that price the grass on the map better look real when complete. Paying that much to test a game is high BS. heck paying to test any game is BS to me.
  • Yeah & yet PS users paid up for prologue
  • MS should buy Stardock
  • True dat. I loved dreamscene
  • This requirement is nuts
  • Please give me an Age of Empires version ready for DirectX 12
  • Haven't played a good PC rts in a while
  • Wow!
  • That picture doesn't look very spectacular at all.
  • No thanx, it looks shit.