Microsoft's RoomAlive Toolkit can project digital objects into the real world

Microsoft has launched its RoomAlive Toolkit for developers, which will allow them to create a space where people can interact with content projected on walls. The toolkit is an extension of the previously-announced IllumiRoom and RoomAlive projects from Microsoft Research.

The RoomAlive Toolkit is now available as an open source program on GitHub. It has been made to work with standard projectors as well as Microsoft's Kinect motion sensors. Think of it as a kind of crude holodeck. The company stated:

"The RoomAlive Toolkit enables developers to network one or more Kinect sensors to one or more projectors and, by so doing, to project interactive experiences across the surfaces of an entire room. The toolkit provides everything needed to do interactive projection mapping, which enables an entirely new level of engagement, in which interactive content can come to virtual life on the walls, the floor, and the furniture. Imagine turning a living room into a holodeck or a factory floor—the RoomAlive toolkit makes such scenarios possible.

Of course, buying the Kinect sensors and the projectors is still required. Microsoft's release of the toolkit could allow for some very interesting interactive projects for gaming, educational, and retail categories.

Source: Kinect for Windows blog (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • So this is what happened to the pc kinnect sdk
  • I think this is what happened to IllumiRoom.
  • It is important to remember that Kinnect for the PC is not dead (or at least no more dead than it ever was).  It merely folded the retail Kinnect for Xbox One into the desktop space rather than having a seperate dev kit version.
  • RoomAlive and thought exactly. Make all of your notifications and things from your phone project into your house. No more need of a smartphone! :)
  • Because that is exactly what I need. You have a new email titled: DO YOU NEED CHEAP VIAGRA!!!!!! And now that is going to be projected all over the walls in your house. Enjoy!
  • Lol. You have no idea how hard I just laughed
  • @CaedenV, LMAO.
  • ROTFL!!!
  • Lol, that's because your junk mail filter is set to off. I set it yesterday just in preparation ;) (You're welcome!) But seriously, I'd much rather interact with people than a screen. Maybe seeing important calendar events display across a countertop, or a text message coming through on your TV. Straining our eyes on small screens isn't productive, IMHO. I want notifications to be outside the smartphone realm and into the world. I think this technology will do that very thing. :)
  • Yes! Now we just need projectors that can last while constantly on 18 hours of the day ...
  • Hmm... Interesting.
  • I was so desperately waiting for Illumiroom/RoomAlive for XB1.... So PLEEEEEAAASSSE would you JUST bring it on :D
  • Someone smarter than I is going to do something amazing with this.
  • Brilliant comment :)
  • The possibilities that Microsoft has presented with such products is illimitable. Holo lens and THIS! Just wow!
  • This feature was so much hyped when the Xbone first came out...but it has fizzled away slowly and the frenzy taken over by the HoloLens
  • This should be a lot of fun to work with.
  • Exactly what I really want!
  • The future.
  • I hope game developers do some cool stuff with this
  • 'help me obi-wan kenobi you're my only hope'
  • Part of hololens?
  • oh my god what a amazing feature
  • This reminds me of the panel that's used in Mission Impossible 5
  • Are they finally going to release an extension cable for Kinnect? If not, you'll only be able to use RoomAlive in very small rooms!!