You can now add tasks in Microsoft To Do straight to the top on Windows 10

Microsoft To Do Windows 10
Microsoft To Do Windows 10 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • New tasks can now appear at the top of your to-do lists on the Windows 10 version of Microsoft To Do.
  • Starred tasks can also move to the top thanks to the same update.
  • The update is available now on Windows 10, and some of its features are also available on iOS and Android.

A recent update to Microsoft To Do on Windows 10 allows you to have new tasks appear on the top of your to-do lists. Similarly, you can have starred tasks move to the top of your lists. The same update also brings accessibility fixes, including announcing when a due date is removed from a task.

Microsoft To Do's changelog explains the entirety of the update:

  • You asked, and we listened. You can now add new tasks to the top! But that's not all, starred tasks can now move to the top too. Set your preference in settings.
  • We made a number of accessibility fixes including announcing the removal of due dates, recurring tasks and reminders.

Previously, added tasks went to the bottom of to-do lists. This was fine if you regularly check off every item on your list, but if you have a list of recurring tasks or a lot of other tasks, your new items can get buried. The change makes it easy to find new and important tasks.

The iOS and Android versions of Microsoft To Do also recently received the ability to have starred tasks move to the top of lists. Though, neither of them has the ability to have new tasks appear on the top of lists.

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