You can now dual-boot Windows onto a Surface Duo, though you probably shouldn't

Surface Duo 2020
Surface Duo 2020 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A developer has created a guide for how to dual-boot Windows and Android onto the Surface Duo.
  • Windows is quite limited when running on the Surface Duo, including not supporting touch, cellular connectivity, and a list of other important features.
  • The Surface Duo is not intended to run Windows, so forcing the operating system onto the hardware could break the device.

Some people have a dream of running a foldable Windows-powered device in their pockets. Developer Gustave Monce is trying to make that dream a reality. He has managed to get Windows to run on Microsoft's foldable and worked with Simone Franco to create a guide for dual-booting Android and Windows onto the Surface Duo.

At its current stage, the Duo running Windows is more of a fun project than something people should hope to use in any functional capacity. While it's possible to get the Surface Duo to run Windows, it will not support touch, pen, or several other key elements. It only

Following the guide, which is available on GitHub, will result in a Surface Duo running both Android and Windows. The device will split its storage in half, committing 64GB for each operating system. Android will run as normal but using Windows will require a PC to boot.

If it wasn't clear by the nature of the process, this isn't an intended use case for the Surface Duo. The installation guide warns that running Windows on the Surface Duo is in early preview.

"We don't take any responsibility for any damage done to your phone. By following this guide, you agree to take full responsibility of your actions," explains the guide. "We have done some testing, but this is AN EARLY PREVIEW and things can go wrong."

The process has only been tested with the 128GB version of the Surface Duo. It's compatible with devices running Android 10 or Android 11.

Monce has worked extensively to get Windows to run on devices that were never meant to run the operating system. Most famously, he managed to get the full version of Windows to run on a Lumia 950.

Hacking Windows onto devices takes time and often relies on gap fillers to deliver functionality. But if you're a technical user that has a spare Surface Duo around, it's possible to have it run Windows.

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