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You can win a special Game of Thrones Xbox One console if you live in France

Microsoft's Xbox division in France is giving away three special Xbox One consoles with custom artwork and designs based on HBO's hit fantasy TV series Game of Thrones.

The announcment of the Game of Thrones custom Xbox One console contest (via MSPoweruser) indicates that the console will also come with the TV series on Blu-ray disc. The console itself will have those astrolabe-like rings that rotate around a sun from the show's opening sequence on top, and the Xbox One controller will also get some Game of Thrones-based artwork as well.

Unfortunately, there are few details about how to actually enter the contest, and how long it will last, but if you live in France this is definitely something to try to win.

  • Holy cow. I want one! Too bad I don't live in France. =/
  • Oh, this is unfair. Ridiculous. We don't all live in France! They think the only Xbox owners live in France? Signed,
    Everyone in the U.S.
  • Now you folks may understand what is like to be a fan of Microsoft while living outside the US. Same feelings...
  • Not really. Couldn't care less. Actually after this, I completely don't get what all the crying is about.
  • @Forgedawn He was being sarcastic... :-/
  • Lol sarcasm. It's cool but it's not that big a deal
  • Yea tell that to all the people in USA and Canada that get to but a Lumia 950XL and get a 950 free while we have to pat full price and in £ instead of dollars...
  • Sorry for the irrelevant comment but Lumia support from Spain stated that the official Snapchat app is making it's way towards Windows 10 mobile!!
  • Seriously?
  • As Lumia Support from Spain stated. But no official statement from Microsoft is made.
  • Yes its a true can read the article on winbeta
  • #ripcod
  • Ahhh I love game of thrones but the rings design on top of the console is fairly ugly... I like the rest of it though
  • congrats to xbox france, recently they did the Iron Man xbox that was awesome, now a game of thrones xbox.... unfortunately xbox brasil doesn't offer stuff like this to us :( ...... i think that if one day they offer custom consoles here it would be something like word cup or olympic games console, i don't think that it is cool like GoT or Iron Man, lol
  • Pretty rad!
  • Indeed it is rad
  • Indeed!
  • But not as rad as comments on Windows Central
  • Very ugly console.