You may pay more for Microsoft's warranty deductible if you get a Lumia 950 or 950 XL

If you bought a Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL on or after November 26 in the US, you will have to pay a lot more to get Microsoft's extended warranty deductible for those new phones. The company has quietly changed the pricing for what it calls Microsoft Complete, and it effectively doubles its price of that deductible if you get the flagship Windows 10 Mobile smartphones.

Here's what Microsoft Complete offers users:

  • An additional year of limited breakdown (mechanical, electrical and electronic) coverage after the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Accidental damage protection (covers drops and spills):
  • 1 claim throughout the duration of the Microsoft Complete coverage period. A deductible will apply to Accidental Damage Claims. Please see the Terms and Conditions for the specific deductible amount for your particular plan.
  • 2 years of Answer Desk technical support.

You may have noticed the bullet point on the deductible price for Accidental Damage Claims. If you bought any Microsoft Lumia smartphone before November 26, the price for that deductible was just $49, no matter what the price for the phone was. Now, there are three Accidental Damage Claims prices for that deductible.

If the phone's prices was $199 or under, there is now a $39 deductible, and if the phone is between $200 and $399, the price goes up to $69. Finally, for phones that are $400 and over, like the new Lumias, the deductible is now $99.

Again these new prices are for smartphones from Microsoft that were bought on or after November 26, so if you managed to purchase the Lumia 950 or 950 XL before that date, your deductible price is still at $49.

Thanks to "HoosierDaddy" in our Windows Central forums for the tip!

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  • What kind of deductible are we talking. I was not told of this and I was told up to two accidental replacements.
  • I was told the exact same thing, my deductable would be $50 I would have coverage for 2 years and I could make a maximum of 2 claims...this is BS
  • Btw it doesn't matter what you were told it's on you to read.
  • Yep.  If you bought the phone on or after the 26th and they told you anthing different from that, you better make your way to a MS store now and get it sorted while you can, because if you try making a claim a year from now...
  • They probably told you that because that's how Microsoft Complete has worked for phones for literally years now, it seems they changed it over night. And in my experience: Cooperate typically does a terrible job of communicating with the stores, the employees at mine mutter about it under their breath frequently. I think the Store employees were caught just as off guard as we were. It's not exactly like this was announced well in advance.
  • Did you read the article.
  • It is for accidental damage replacements. Defect replacements have no deductible. This is very unfortunate. Microsoft seemed to be doing everything they can to discourage potential customers.
  • Eh, extended warranties are a rip off anyway. You should never pay for repairs you don't need yet.
  • Usualut I think the MS coverage is pretty decent. The way screens break and other things happen to a phone it comes out to less than 1/3 the price of a new phone if I have to get a replacement. My rule is usually 40% of the cost of an original is worth the protection, more than 40% I'd rather buy it new.
  • Except if you NEVER break it it's a total loss. I'm going to go out on a limp and say the price of a repair is less than the 40%. Just about any financial expert will agree, extended warranties are a waste.
  • I am still using a Lumia 928.  Cracked the screen a couple of times now.  Looked to see if I could get someone to repair it, or even try it myself.  I couldn't find anywhere that did repairs for Lumias and a screen replacement was over $100, The last time, I got a used phone for $85 on eBay, works good.  If/when I get a 950/XL, I will have to consider getting Microsoft Complete for it. I am a very careful with my phone, but I have kids.  Both times the screen broke, it involved my (now) 7 year old daughter.
  • I pay for health insurance and I hope I never use it.  I pay for car insurance and a hope I never use it.  If I never wreck or get sick or then I guess it's a total loss. It's insurance.  Sometimes you use it sometimes you don't.  It's that plain and simple.  And prime example I purchased four news tires.  They said I could pay an extra $49 buck for tire insurance.  I declined.  Within 3 months on of the tires one was punctured with a nail and could not be fixed.  It cost me an additional $190 bucks for a new tire.  So I say to the experts... it depends!  Invest what you can afford if your budget allows!
  • The thing is, your example is a gamble, not an investment. Odds dictate that most people don't make a claim on warranties. The hint in it all is companies decide the terms based on data mining. They know how often a tire will need repair, and tailor the insurance to maximize it's allure and profit. Think about how many tires you purchased over the years, and how many times you needed them repaired. If you were to spend $45 per all that time, you would've wasted a ton. Insurance is a business that make a lot of people rich. Sadly health and, in many places, car insurance are required, and it makes a lot of people a lot of money, especially when you consider what you still have to pay with each, even if you don't use it.
  • I thought the same way until I my son dropped my 1020, I paid ~$130 for a new screen only for the phone to slip out of my pocket damaging the replaced screen forcing me to put the cracked screen back on the phone. After the drops, headset volume and haptic feedback was here and there. Since I plan to keep this device for a while (might skip 1st gen Panos' phone), I went ahead and got it.
  • Wow, I dropped my Lumia 930, breaking my display, and had the exact same issues with haptic feedback and headset.
  • Not at all. If they include accidental damage they are very well worth it.
    The Complete I bought on my 1520 is good until August of 2016. My battery life has recently taken a nosedive. I got a critical battery notification yesterday and my phone turned off immediately. When I plugged it in it was at 40%. Overall I'm getting only about two or three hours out of it.
    In short, I have grounds to replace the phone anytime. So once I can't stand out anymore, or MS releases something better than the 950XL, or if they address some of the things I don't like about 10, I'll have a new unlocked phone for $49.
  • And then here I am. I have had insurance on my phones since about 2007. In those 8.5 years, I have made a total of 0 insurance claims. My cousin, on the other hand, makes one ever ly couple of years, it seems. His 1520 didn't even make it 6 months.
  • @axenantim Same thing with insurance.
  • Of you go to the Microsoft store they will replace the device twice at no charge.... This is not a lie as the local Microsoft store will do it no questions asked!
  • But on the new plan they will only replace it once. And with either plans you should be paying the deductible.
  • That's not true at all
  • Actually in looking at both plans it appears that the deductible applies to all claims, so even getting your buttons repaired would cost $49 or $99 depending on when you bought it. "Under Your Plan, You are required to pay a $49.00 Deductible, per covered Claim; which must be paid at the time services are authorized by the Administrator. "
  • I purchased complete on my 1020 and just cracked the screen. MS yesterday offered to give me a 830 or HTC m8. I said neither are like replacements. Any have this problem yet?
  • Did you expect them to replace your phone that hasn't been manufactured for years with a new copy of the same device?
  • I expect them to replace my flagship with a flagship.
  • They should replace it with a 950 or a 1520, nothing less. They have to replace it with a comparable device, not any device they want.
  • They were replacing my 1520 with either 830 or 1020. Finally I agreed upon 930.
  • It's the cost of the warranty not a deductible. John confused the terms
  • Thankfully, I was able to execute my purchase of the 950 xl with MS Complete on 25 November!
  • Yeah, same here... So does that mean I get the 2x $49 deductible claims if I have to replace it? My receipt definitely shows I purchased it on Nov. 25
  • Happy Thanksgiving! :|
  • Exactly my thoughts. Bought it on thanksgiving and was definitely told a different tale on complete.
  • What SKU number does your receipt show for your Complete? My receipt, from the 25th shows: Microsoft Complete for Phone $499-$999 Product sku: QJ6-00003          
  • This isn't entirely accurate. I got the XL on Thanksgiving day and can claim twice in the 2 years. Cost me $99 for the insurance and will be $49 for deductible.
  • Not according to your plan document. (Maybe the store mis-informed you.)
  • It is entirely accurate.  They posted directly to the T&C.  Thanksgiving day was the 26th and so you're under the new T&C.   Now what they told you may well be different, but if I were you I'd get that cleared up with some one at a MS store sooner rather than later.  From being on the other end of that type of situation, at best you're going to be at the mercy of the manager there on the day you try and take advantage of it.  He/she may give it to you for $49, they may just say there is nothing they can do.
  • well crap lol I got on the 26 of November.
  • What SKU number does your receipt show for your Complete? My receipt, from the 25th shows: Microsoft Complete for Phone $499-$999 Product sku: QJ6-00003 
  • Microsofts phone division is being ran by a bunch of morons I swear.
  • So is their retail division.
  • Wow, expensive!
  • Still cheaper than insurance through a carrier
  • Very true, for a high end phone it's $7 a month, or $168 for 2 years and the deductible is also $99
  • An AT&T rep told me that the Assurian deductible for the 950s may very well be $199. Check it before you commit.
  • However, asurion replaces a lost phone for the deductible and complete gives you nothing. So, I guess you have to add up the $6.99 payments each month plus the tax on that, Plus the deductible of $200. So, if this happens after a year you're basically paying $284 Plus the tax on the monthly payments for that phone. But you are protected if it's lost or stolen. How many of you have ever lost the phone?
  • And yet it is worse than Google and Apple in that it only allows one replacement. Both Apple and Google allow two. All companies now have the same $99 deductible for replacement, and similar pricing (MS $99, Google $79, Apple $129), but ONLY MS limits it to one replacement. Bad deal. 
  • Luckily I got mine on the 25th. Either way, $99 is still way cheaper than forking out another $650 for a replacement phone
  • Well $99 plus the $49/$99 deductible. So on the old plan you can get two replacements for a total cose of $197, on the new plan you get one replacement for a total cost of $198. The old plan is much better, glad I talked my store in to selling me the phones early.
  • Any idea how MS Complete compares to SquareTrades smartphone plan? I'm curious to know which one is the better deal. I'm leaning towards SquareTrade now, but I'm not sure if anyone's had any experiences with either that may sway the decision.
  • Reading from the link you posted... $140 for 2 years, $75 deductible, at Square Trade.
  • Yeah, but are they any good. I'm more looking to see if anyone's had any positive or negative experiences with either service. Price can only say so much.
  • I've used Complete in the past and always thought it was a great deal, and super convenient if you live near a Microsoft Store. But this new pricing scheme (Especially only one deductible) makes me far more wary.
  • Square Deal has to be in existence for you to get paid on your phone. How long have they been around and is there a chance they may go under? And as someone else asked, what kind of service do they provide?
  • I've heard great things from family and friends about SquareTrade deals but I imagine it can't match being able to walk in and MS Store and either get you're device repaired onsite or replaced. I can't imagine either being a bad choice.
  • That doens't make any sense because Complete on the device was $99. Why would the deductible be the same price as the extended warranty??
  • It does make sense when compared to carrier insurance programs, which cost around $7/month and still require a similar deductible based on the retail price.
  • That first sentence contradicts the closing statement; one says you pay a higher deductible if the device was purchased on or before 9/26, the other states you'll continue to pay $49.
  • Paid for the thing yeah still waiting for the thing as are many others
  • Is it 2 years of accidental coverage?
  • Yes, but only one claim, as opposed to Apple and Google who offer two claims. (yes, I'm going to repeat this point all over the place because the new policy it's unacceptable!)
  • These phones were not tested to be durable, M$ was warned and knows that they are in for a lot of replacements
  • I was told two replaements...
  • Well better check the contract terms, because that's the only thing that matters. 
  • The greed never stops at MS HQ.
  • M$
  • Speaking of this why has ms stopped offering extended warranties for xb1 I registered it & it still didn't offer it
  • Who cares ​ anybody who spends this much on a phone or contract and can't look after the damn thing gets what they deserve. I've never broken any smartphone I've had accidentally or had it go wrong in year 2. My first was a iPhone 3gs, then HTC HD 7, Lumia 925 and now I'm on a Lumia 1520.
  • So let's say someone decides to shoot your phone out of the blue or someone decides they otherwise wanna destroy your stuff for no reason, you shouldn't have a recourse of action you can take?
  • Well unlike the US the UK doesn't let any Tom, **** or Harry own a gun - probably why there aren't any cinema/school/church massacres - so the chances my phone would get shot is zero. The logic of someone deliberately breaking your stuff could apply to literally any possession you own - does you home contents insurance cover accidental breaks and do you have enough cover for all your stuff?  
  • My big question is how this compares to Apple or Google. A quick look at Apple's plan shows that for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, AppleCare costs $129. The standard warrany covers 1 year of repair coverage and only 90 days of support. AppleCare extends the coverage up to 2 years and covers two incidents of accidental damage. There's an $80 deductible for the iPhone 6 or older models and $100 for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Google's plan varies by device. It's $69 for the 5X and $89 for the 6P for 2 years.  They have to approve your claim, but offer the same 2 incident replacement as everyone else. There's a $79 deductible across the board for each replacement. It seems to me that Microsoft's plan is very much in line with what the competition is doing, falling somewhere in between those two plans. So I don't understand why people are so outraged. People might argue that the 950 and 950XL aren't worth the price, but that's another argument altogether.
  • For me the biggest deal is that they allow only one claim. I made a tongue-in-cheek comparison chart in cost depending on how often you drop your phone. Some lines in the table could be considered subjective. ;)
  • " So I don't understand why people are so outraged." Have you come to this site before? :p
  • I am not outraged but I am disappointed that I was told something different.
  • They write off millions for stupid stuff then mess with their few fans for at most probably a $100,000 in repairs. It would be different if they had the users to make this an issue. Morons indeed. Like messing with their few developers for a cut of their meager WP earnings.
  • Wait a minute, I paid $99 for mine in the 25th in store.....
  • Yep, same as me, so we are good with two accidents at $49/each. (The price of the plan didn't change, the price of the deductible changed.)
  • Got it, thanks.
  • I bought it on 25th too. I guess I am unaffected. Good!
  • Thank you Microsoft! Never miss an opportunity to make extra money.
  • Actually in looking at both plans it appears that the deductible applies to all claims, so even getting your buttons repaired would cost $49 or $99 depending on when you bought it. "Under Your Plan, You are required to pay a $49.00 Deductible, per covered Claim; which must be paid at the time services are authorized by the Administrator. " There is another difference between the plans, in the overall limit: New plan: "Aggregate Repair & ReplacementLimit:repairs to Your covered Product up to the amount equal tothe Original Purchase Price of the covered Product, or one (1) replacement in lieu of repairs; whichever occurs.Once this limit has been reached, Our obligations for Breakdownand ADHCoverage will be considered fulfilled and Coverageunder Your Planends." Old plan: "Aggregate Repair Limit: unlimited repairs to Your covered Product up to the amount equal to the Original Purchase Price of the covered Product. Once this Aggregate Repair Limit has been reached, Our obligations will be considered fulfilled and coverage under Your Contract ends. • Replacement Limit: up to two (2) replacements for Your covered Product in the event We determine that the covered Product cannot be repaired. Once Your Product has been replaced twice, Our obligations will be considered fulfilled and coverage under Your Contract ends." So in the new plan if your buttons stop working, and they decide it is best to replace your phone, your plan is done.
  • Still cheap compared to Assurion/ AT$T.
  • Not to mention that Assurion will try to boot you over to an Android device. They tried that when my 1020 screen shattered. I had to p pitch a fit before they agreed to reimburse me for buying a new one from MS.
  • I finally started to HATE Microsoft
  • Give us an unfinished overpriced product for "MS Fans", the turn around and ***** the fans in the ***.....great work MS....continue digging your own Mobile grave
  • These r the same fans that "were" your biggest advocate.....
  • Complete just went from awesome to lame.  The deductible change, unfortunately, makes some sense, but the change from 2 claims to 1 kinda ruins it, especially since it's not competitive with Google and Apple.  If it was the industry norm, that'd be different.  Now they're just providing a lesser service. Man...I'm a WP die hard and many recent things are starting to make me wonder if I'll stay.  Warranty degradation, OneDrive storage reductions, W10 mobile kinda sucking for stability/reliability...for the 1st time I'm wondering if WP/W10 mobile is actually getting worse and not worth the hassle anymore =(
  • It Makes sense if they plan on dropping windows phone entirely.
  • If you don't like WP anymore and you don't like the direction of Win 10, time to change. If changing the deductible and number of replacements was the tipping point, then I don't blame you for moving on. Find a phone and ecosystem that better suits your needs. I don't see why people torture themselves so much over silly things like phones. Don't put up with issues if there is a better alternative. Go for it, get what is better for you.
  • Link for anyone that wants to read the differences between v1, v2, and v3. I was told in the store that I bought v2, but the phone reps told me v3. I am going to the store today to clear it up. Microsoft Complete Terms and Conditions V1 - Purchased on or before June 30, 2015 Microsoft Complete Terms and Conditions V2 - Purchased on or after July 1, 2015 Microsoft Complete Terms and Conditions V3 - Purchased on or after November 26, 2015
  • When did you purchase your phone/Complete plan? My reciept, from the 25th shows: Microsoft Complete for Phone $499-$999 Product sku: QJ6-00003           Of course my phone only cost $494.10 What SKU are people seeing that got their phone on the 26th or later?
  • I spoke to the local physical store today, and they are going to investigate which warranty I actually bought and which I ended up with. They were not aware of the change until I told them and did not have any details at the time. They beleived they were still selling V2 warranties. 11/16/2015 - Pre-ordered Phone 11/25/2015 - Phone Delivered 11/28/2015 - Complete Warranty Purchased
  • Do you have the SKU number from your 11/28 Complete purchase?
  • Looks like DQF-00315 on the paper reciept. I *think* I need DQF-00282.