You'll need a big hard drive for Red Dead Redemption 2's install size

Red Dead Redemption 2 is just around the corner, and new information keeps on coming out about the open-world adventure. Today, a Red Dead Redemption 2 PlayStation 4 Pro bundle provided some more information about the game's install size, multiplayer, and marketing.

According to an image of the packaging from Rockstar Intel, Rockstar's latest project features up to 32-person multiplayer. It seems that in Red Dead Online, you'll be encountering only a few dozen gamers at any given time. This is preferable because — if Grand Theft Auto Online is any indication — chaos follows large groups.

Sony has partnered with Rockstar in order to promote the game, and this means that PlayStation 4 owners get access to mysterious Red Dead Online content a month before those who play on Xbox One. However, the game supposedly runs at native 4K resolution on Xbox One X, so that's a trade-off many will probably make in order to achieve greater clarity. The PlayStation 4 Pro reconstructs the image so it comes in at a little over 1440p.

Now comes the shocking revelation. Red Dead Redemption 2 requires a minimum of 105 GB. Yes, the Western will be one of the biggest games on consoles. It's unclear if all 105 GB will be downloaded when the title launches because Red Dead Online is coming in November, but it's eventually going to get there. Be sure to purchase an external hard drive or solid state drive before October 26, 2018.



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  • Not surprising at all considering the world size and detail.
  • Space is likely not a problem for some people as they have big drives, it's the internet connection needed to download it all
  • Pretty standard for a high end AAA game in this day and age. All the more reason why I wished the One X had a 2TB HDD.
  • I also agree. 1TB just wasn't big enough for the X, I am surprised (and disappointed) that a 2TB version hasn't appeared yet.
  • It might be announced at the one year anniversary of the X. That being said, the One S may have been a trial and perhaps they didn't see a huge amount of the 2TB machines sold so figure it's not worth it.
  • Or Microsoft could make the hdd easily upgradeable like the Xbox 360... Then they only need to ship/sell one version of the xbox one x for example. This way they save money and prevent confusion amongst the average joe.
  • Agreed, but I'd want it to be a standard HDD / SSD swap, like a PS4. The 360 choices were limited and overpriced.
  • great...looks like we need more space lol...i will delete some files for sure
  • False, the biggest game actually is Gears of War 4 😅😅
  • Gears 4 is approximately 90GB, they condensed the install size with one of the updates.
  • I have 3TB free space on my External, LOL
  • You have me beat.... I'm don't to 2.5TB. 😜
  • Have a 3tb external plugged in, no space concerns... Hopefully the next Xbox comes with a Type C TB3 port.
  • why is a windows site reporting on a console release? oh because you guys gave up on integrity.
  • Calm down, dude. It'll come out for PC next year.
  • Because the Xbox One runs Windows?
  • 10% of my bandwidth quota for the month... *Yawn* lol. Does the Xbox do pre-download of games before release day?
  • I feel so bad that they don't release it for PC also, since nowadays developing games for xbox is almost like developing it for PC. takes little to no effort to port to PC.