"Your App Here" advertising campaign [Developers]

Microsoft's Windows Phone developer team is offering a splendid deal for developers to get promotion and advertising for apps with up to seven apps being featured in campaigns funded by the team. Apps will be located in banners published across the MSN network of web properties, featured in the Marketplace for a single day, and receive potential PR promotion.

Unfortunately, to enter you must be a registered App Hub developer and reside in the U.S. Simply publish your app on the Marketplace and fill in the registration form found via the link below. Deadlines for the programs:

  • 25/10 – For December 2011 campaign consideration
  • 16/11 - For January 2012 campaign consideration
  • 22/12 – For February 2012 campaign consideration

Head on over to the campaign to register your apps with selections being made on the following criteria:

  • Originality & innovation: Uniqueness of idea
  • Consumer friendly: Easy to use and engaging
  • Look and feel is consistent with Windows Phone 'Metro' user experience: e.g., panorama display
  • Integration of App Connect when relevant

Source: Advertising Campaign

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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