Microsoft's Your Phone calling feature appears to be available for more people

Your Phone Companion Android
Your Phone Companion Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Your Phone's calling feature appears to be available on more devices.
  • The feature allows you to make and receive calls from your PC.
  • The feature became generally available last month, but many didn't see the feature until more recently.

Microsoft's Your Phone app continues to gain more features. Now, more people seem to have the ability to make phone calls from their PCs through their Android phones with the Your Phone app. This feature became generally available last month according to Microsoft, but many people didn't see the feature on their devices until more recently.

The calling feature allows you to make phone calls through your PC. You can browse through recent calls and click to dial one of them again or use a dial pad to call any number you'd like. You can also search through your contacts to easily make phone calls.

Without word from Microsoft or specific data, it's impossible to say how many people had access to this feature before this week, but both MSPowerUser and OnMSFT report that the feature appears to be available to more people than before. The update only became available on my system in the last few days.

Microsoft's goal with Your Phone is that you would never have to take your physical phone out of your pocket if you're at your PC. With notification support, the ability to reply to notifications, the ability to sync SMS messages and images, and the ability to make phone calls, Microsoft seems well on its way to that goal. It's likely that we'll see more features roll out to Your Phone over the next few months. For example, Microsoft continues to work closely with Samsung on things like screen mirroring.

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  • I got an update yesterday on my pc.... But no new features. Is there an update for Your Phone in the android phone too? I have a GalaxyS8+
  • The mobile app updated last week for me to 1.19122.149.0 and now "Calls" is available but only on my work PC. It's still not an option on my SB2, even after pairing again over Bluetooth. I have a OnePlus 7T. While it has a lot of potential and when it works, it's great, Your Phone still feels half-baked. It's flaky and unstable and most days at work the PC app will stop working, won't even open, and I need to reboot my PC.
  • I've never had issues with crashing or other issues. In fact, the app has works pretty good for me. The only issue I'm having now is getting the ability to make calls to work.
  • I think you mobile has to be on the list of supported devices as well no? Your Phone works nicely on my SB2 paired with my S8... Same when paired with our Surface Go. Also the app is pretty stable and very usable here.
  • I got it on my home pc but it's not on my surface pro yet. I tried a call on my pc and it worked pretty well.
  • It showed up on my laptop recently. I tested it out today and it worked fine. I haven't used it enough to test things like reliability, but overall I like the layout and it worked well.
  • This popped back up a couple days ago (a while back Calls appeared then promptly disappeared). Works great. I don't have much to complain about. I am happy that call history and phone contacts are available though the app. SP5 and Note10.
  • I got it yesterday. But the sound quality (in both ends) is terrible. Impossible to use.
  • "Appears to be" is the key phrase in the title. While I'm still waiting for calls to "appear" I've read some have it, others had it and it disappeared, then it came back. Why all the confusion?
  • Has anyone had the issue of the calls section in Your Phone telling you an app is preventing the calling feature from working?
  • Yes. I had installed Dell Mobile Connect. Uninstalled it, and I could make calls from Your Phone.