Your Phone will support cross-device copy and paste with select phones

Your Phone Companion Android
Your Phone Companion Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Select Galaxy phones now support cross-device copy and paste through the Your Phone app.
  • The feature currently works on the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy Z Flip.
  • The feature supports copying and pasting both text and images, though images are limited to 1MB.

Select Galaxy phones support cross-device copy and paste through the Your Phone app. A Microsoft support document (opens in new tab) breaks down the feature, including its abilities and limitations. Cross-device copy and paste works with text and images, though images are limited to 1MB. The feature currently only works with the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy Z Flip.

To use the feature, you just have to turn it on and then use the standard steps to copy and paste content. Every time you copy something on either of your devices, that content replaces what's currently in the clipboard.

Your Phone Copy Paste

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

In our executive editor Daniel Rubino's piece explaining how Microsoft's Your Phone and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip are a wonderful match, he listed it among all of Your Phone's features that help connect your smartphone and your PC. In his testing, copying text from a PC to a phone worked well, though right-clicking to copy and paste didn't work as well. It's worth pointing out that Rubino is in the Release Preview Ring for Your Phone.

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Roberto Bojorquez, the group program manager over Your Phone, explained why the feature is exclusive to specific hardware. Access to a phone's clipboard requires special OEM integration, so Microsoft can't just enable the feature on any phone. Because Microsoft and Samsung have a growing partnership, Your Phone is able to access the clipboards of the latest Samsung devices.

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  • This is a text feature, because I can copy and paste photos (or drag and drop) with my One Plus 7 Pro. This is one of my most used features. Text would be nice too, so I guess I won't see that until I get my Surface Duo.
  • Will they still integrate cloud clipboard with SwiftKey?
  • Yeah whatever happened to this? I don't think it ever came :(.
  • I have never seen cloud clipboard work, even after enabling (why is this still disabled by default?) the setting on each device. Hopefully this works better than that does.
  • Isn't it Windows devices only? I only use one so cannot check.
  • I think it's reasonable to disable it by default (don't want to copy-paste something sensitive and find out it's available on another device afterwards) but that's no excuse for it never working at all. Ugh.
  • This would be great if it comes to pass for a wider range of phones. The cross-device clipboard in SwiftKey and the so-called cloud clipboard basically aren't - they're completely unreliable. It would be very, very ironic if copy-paste worked better between phone and PC than it does between some UWP apps and Win32 apps (often fails, which is infuriating every time) and between apps across the work/personal system divide in Android (blocked by default by my institution).
  • Yeah I basically rely on roamit for cross platform copy and pasting
  • For starters Swiftkey's clipboard clears itself after only a few hours :/.
  • It better work with Duo!
  • Photo download is already there and not limited to 1Mb. But Clipboard copy/paste will be really useful and is a further nail in the coffin for Samsung's poor Flow app. Here's to it coming to the S10 soon/
  • I just saw a popup in Your Phone saying this new feature was available. Tried it out ... and it just works. Both ways. Good job MS!