AskJezXbox is a brand new show we're trying out over on Windows Central Gaming's YouTube channel, where we try to get your Xbox questions answered, hopefully on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

I very kindly borrowed the format from our Exec Editor Dan Rubino's #AskDanWindows on our main YouTube channel, and as we head to a new console generation, there are more questions about Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S than ever. I'm always happy to field questions on my Twitter account, but we thought we'd also collect the most frequent questions in a brand new show which gathers them all up into one single place.

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That place is #AskJezXbox! Drop your comments on Twitter or on YouTube comments with the hashtag #AskJezXbox (so we can find them), and we'll try and include your questions in the next episode!

In this episode, we tackle mostly questions about the Xbox Series X ahead of its November 10, 2020 launch. You can ask questions about anything and everything, though, as long as they're to do with Xbox and gaming!

Xbox Series X/S