YouTube Gaming is set to duke it out with Twitch with live game streaming and more

Announced via Twitter today, YouTube Gaming represents a big push by Google into the live game streaming space, which is currently dominated by Twitch. The service has been rumored to be in the works for a while, but it's now official with a dedicated web portal and mobile apps.

Google says that YouTube Gaming will be available on the web, but unfortunately, there's no app currently in the works for Windows Phone. Users will be able to keep up with their favorite games and gamers in three main sections: games, feeds, and channels. Google says that it has improved live streams with reduced chat latency and better moderation, making for a more seamless experience in keeping up with your favorite YouTubers as they stream. Additionally, users will be able to tell YouTube Gaming what games they're into, and the service will make recommendations for content based on a running list of your preferences. And that list of games? Google says they'll have over 25,000 titles with their own dedicated pages to start out with.

YouTube Gaming app: My Games

For content creators, they'll have much better tools to customize their channels for gaming content, with better organization and naming. Additionally, YouTubers will be able to take advantage of 60fps streams, DVR, and automatic conversion of YouTube Gaming streams to regular old YouTube videos.

From what we've seen so far, YouTube Gaming looks like quite the opening salvo for Google in an area traditionally dominated by one player: Twitch. It will be interesting to see how the community reacts, particularly if it creates a divide between the dedicated Twitch crowd and YouTube's gaming stars.

For the Microsoft crowd specifically, it will be worth watching how Google handles this. While there was no mention of Windows Phone support with today's announcement, YouTube may do well if it eventually pushes into the space. There's currently no official Twitch app for Windows Phone, meaning YouTube could beat them to the punch and potentially pick up some new users along the way. With the move to universal apps in Windows 10, it would also make a lot of sense to develop something for the platform as a whole. However, it's much more likely that YouTube Gaming will make an appearance on the Xbox One first, where Twitch already has a foothold.

Google says that YouTube Gaming will launch later this summer in the U.S. and U.K., but no specific date was given. For now you can head over to the YouTube Gaming website to sign up for a notification when the service goes live (protip: click around on the logo for a surprise or two).

Sources: YouTube Blog, YouTube Gaming

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Let's see how it goes
  • Don't see, just say no.
  • Yeah nobody cares
  • YouTube has already won. Google would have to really, screw up - multiple times to lose this one
  • Amazon bought Twitch for nearly a billion. I doubt that Amazon will sit around and say "Well, Google is in it now, may as well give up and say goodbye to that billion." Amazon has a very large digital distribution mechanism, devices in many homes with the Fire TV and Fire Stick, applications on many other devices like the Roku and built directly into TVs like Vizio. The two major consoles have direct support for Twitch built in. When Google first tried to buy Twitch there was significant backlash against it. Google is far from the de-facto winner. There are many battles in this war to take place, and declaring Google the winner is short-sighted.
  • I'm not even into this stuff like that,but I just loved your response so much that I had to comment. Lol! Could've said it any better...
  • Actually, I don't think Google will win this one. Twitch is already well established as a defacto-standard, and they have done a lot of smart moves ové they years, the latest being to buy Good Game Agency which locks down some of the biggest names and brands in e-sport.
  • Get ready to download that third party app.
  • Amazon, as far as I know, produce good apps for WP, like the Kindle app. So, maybe they will follow Microsoft with going universal and therefore take the advantage over Google?
  • I wouldn't say "good app" to talk about Kindle for WP. It needs to sync and then put you back at the "pick a book" menu each time you open up another app. Great when you feel like switching music midread for example ... Plus it constantly misses some sentences and so on.
  • Exactly what I was thinking
  • Hmm..
  • No surprise that there are no plans to support Windows Phone. Classic Google.
  • In fairness, neither has Twitch and they work with Microsoft on the Xbox One 0_o
  • Be not in fairness when ye speaketh of the ghastly Google!! :P
  • Of course Daniel, but I'll bet you my soul that if anybody does dare create a client for YouTube Gaming, Google will still be a little bitch about it and block it, unlike Twitch.
  • Twitch doesn't have a WP app either. 
  • There's an app called live gaming gets used daily by me. Pretty well done app as well.
  • 8stream is my favourite.
  • You really think Google will be a bitch about someone creating a YouTube gaming client? You do realise that current YouTube clients wouldn't be possible(nearly as easily) if Google didn't release a public API, and even then if Google really wanted to have an issue with third party clients it could get nearly all of them removed because just about all of them interfere with the TOS agreements of YouTube. If Google really wanted to 'bitch' you would have no access to YouTube today on your Windows Phone, apart from the web.
  • You tell him sister!
    I hate all these Google haters here.
    Love for Microsoft doesn't mean you should hate Google. Posted via the WC App for Galaxy S6
  • Nobody just hates a company. People hate what they do. Btw Google did bitch when Microsoft made a very good YouTube app.
  • I don't love Microsoft, but I do hate Google, and yes, they are little bitches on everything Windows Phone related.
  • This is getting old.
  • There are alternatives in the app store for Twitch.
  • Man.. Alternatives..
    Now is nit the time to talk about alternatives.
  • Indeed, but there is no official Twitch app either. Anyway.. Fuck Google.
  • Im not against Google or in love with ms. But Google is really a bish to the WP section of ms
  • Like if Google is ever gonna make an app for Windows phone
  • I'm waiting for the 3rd party app already.
  • For Windows Phone 8.1, I totally agree. But going forward with Windows 10 and the Universal app model, I wouldn't give up hope. The reason for the lack of Windows Phone support so far has been the smaller user base, but Windows 10 will pull Windows Phones into the fold with one development platform. There's potential there to cater to a vastly larger market.
  • Google isn't putting apps in WP because of competition. They are focusing on growing Android and limiting WP growth. They do not care if WP market share is 10% or 20%. Small user base is just an excuse used by Google, they'll come up with another one when WP market share goes to 20% :/
  • But that would go against Google's entire business model. Google is a services company more than anything, and it's all about pulling as many users into those services as possible. If what you say was the case, their apps wouldn't be on iOS at all, which clearly isn't true. I'm not defending the dearth of WP Google apps at all (frankly, I think it sucks), but I don't think competition is the concern.
  • I think its more the big competition between Google and Microsoft. Not google and all other companies. Google seems to just have something against MS.
  • Eric Schmidt had something personal against Microsoft long before he became a Googler.
  • I'm sorry but I call bullshit on Google. They have made apps for smaller platforms before. Google is afraid of competition and doesn't like Microsoft. Point blank period. As far as Apple,they were already too big to try to stop. Small user base isn't an excuse for a company as big as Google. There are many smaller and independent developers who make apps for Windows Phones,so again... No excuse!
  • Apple doesnt do search.... thats it in a nutshell. They want to lock ios users to google. so if you were google which platform other than your own would you support first and hope is dominate? yahoo bing is 20% and with w10 this will get higher. unfortunately google has forgotten how they got where they are ... a growth/ubiquitious agenda to a now control model. actually MS and google have swapped agendas.    
  • Google is an advertising company more than anything. More than 90% of their revenue comes from ads. Their services are a front to collect private data to use against you in the psychological warfare of the ad industry.
  • You must be American.
    So paranoid. Posted via the WC App for Galaxy S6
  • Paranoid because I'm accurate? Ok, weirdo.
  • If Windows Phone ever gets 15-20% of the smartphone market overall, I guarantee you will see at least core Google apps (Search, Maps, YouTube, Gmail).  At that point, it would be too big for Google to ignore. Google ignores WP now becuase the global market share is 3-4% and they can afford to.  Sure they want to stifle WP growth but if WP does manage to grow despite that, Google and others will jump aboard. 
  • Read my reply to Dan please...
  • +1
  • There's the Google Search app ;)
  • *outdated
  • YouTube is definitely a threat to Twitch. I'm pretty sure Twitch just died today. It will be much easier for Youtube Gaming stars to use Youtube Game streaming instead of an external site like Twitch.
  • I think YouTube shouldn't do this. They can't compete with Twitch. Everyone uses Twitch already, why the heck would people switch to Youtube now?
  • Competition is never a bad thing. I think it stands a chance at being a successful platform. Lots of YouTubers currently split their time between making content for YouTube and streaming on Twitch on the side. YouTube Gaming would unify that process and could potentially garner support out of sheer convenience. Viewers will go where the streamers are, after all. In the end, even if Twitch continues to dominate, YouTube Gaming nipping at its feet will force it to adapt and be faster to implement new features. Such is the beauty of more competition. My only hope is that, if it is successful, YouTube Gaming doesn't just drown out competitors like traditional YouTube has.
  • If competition isn't a bad thing,then you should talk to Google about bringing their apps to Windows Phone. Because I don't care what anyone says,70 million users is a lot of potential income.
  • These things are fragile. Either YouTube for gaming will be the next Google+ with almost no users, or will be the next Android killing the market...
  • After 8Stream, I will maybe work on an Youtube Gaming app... maybe...
  • +100 :D
  • When Google comes out it'll be R.I.P. Twitch!!!
    (I know i'm going to repeat myself, but) MS should have bought Twitch, them likes like Dailymotion and/or VEVO and some other sites, put them together and face Youtube. Now with YouTube Gaming (I think) Google will make it much easier for Gamers to stream while recording for their channels.
    But this are just my thoughts, let's see how it all will turn out.
  • Microsoft tried to buy Twitch but Twitch went with Amazon instead.
  • We have the Xbox application on windows 10 right. All in one app. For music ,video, streaming achievements, multiplayer
  • @coip tzz... i totally forgot about that @Aashish13 It's not about streaming among your devices (ie from xbox to your computer) it is about streaming a game so that people worldwide can watch you playing that specific game
  • Looks like Google's upset they lost the bid to buy Twitch last year. I hope Twitch stays the leader. YouTube already has a monopoly on online videos. It would not be good if they became the top dog in online streaming too.
  • Got to agree.... Not a fan of Google. But, Twitch need to raise their game, or else they will be MySpace.
  • Everyone is having fun there and I m sitting here with a windowsphone !
  • I blame MS.
  • +1
  • Has anyone called Rudy?... I hope he hurries up with 6Stream or Gstream.... Or whatever.
  • I'm torn if this will succeed or not. I think it depends on how they apply it and support it. If they were to take the client this uses and add in a DVR that is optimized for uploading to youtube, I think they will have quite a hit, if they don't do it, then they might be in trouble.
  • honestly, why are we getting the with YouTube here? We know they won't support windows phone. I know they support windows computers, but it doesn't matter to me. I would be giving Google free advertisement to a group of people they choose not to support on mobile. Just my two cents and I " don't wish them the best of luck"our use the service.
  • So who else supports game streaming from WP? This isn't just about phones. It's way bigger than that. YouTube has a better foundation than Twitch already when it comes to platform. Once they switch this on in the Xbox One app it's on like Donkey Kong (or something)
  • Grow up.
  • I'm with you man / woman...
  • Surprise, and surprise.
  • Interesting: If they develop an app for Windows 10 or XBox, the only thing that will keep it from being published to Windows 10 Mobile will be a checkbox. Then we will know (even more) how big is their despreze for the platform.
  • I see YouTube Gaming being for the PC gamers and Twitch being for the console gamers.
  • is better.
  • I'd rather wear Oprah's panties as a ski mask, then support anything Google.
  • Lmfao! Ditto!!
  • I'm pretty sure they've already tried something like this before. It didn't work last time.
  • Xbox should block the service
  • I second, third, and fourth this ^^^^^
  • Don't be dumb.
  • Good. And Windows too?
  • Yup and then give some BS reasons to Google like windows phone YouTube app fiasco.
  • Tell them to code it in a language no one is using. Trololol
  • Lots of people use HTML5
  • I never got the interest in watching other people play a game.  I feel the same way about sports.  If I can't play it myself, I am not entertained watching someone else.  That said, I find a much better netcasting service.
  • It's not so much for entertainment for me (though I do occasionally like watching people play games). I like it to get the flavor of a game and be able to ask questions about it while seeing actual game play. I don't have time or money to buy games willy nilly these days =(
  • Me neither, but there's no way I can get the feel for a game watching someone else.  I'm extremely picky about what games I play anyway.  Basically, only two types.  FPS games like Call of Duty or Titan Fall, or flight sims like Wing Commander or Freespace.  No other types of games interest me to play, much less spend money on.  And those types of games are horrible on a console anyway.  If Microsoft would make keyboard/mouse work on the Xbox One like they do on PC games, I might actually buy a console game.  Until then, PC gaming rules.
  • i give a shit for Google's shit  
  • Your English is broken. 
  • Fix it for me :|
  • I don't give a shit for Google's shit? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I won't be using it, I'll support Twitch
  • Ewww. Go Twitch! Just another way for Scroogle to collect and monetize your data.
  • Mytube Gaming - come on make it happen, the again I still like twitch more.
  • Google, y u no hav pork bun in yor han?
  • Cool
  • Going to give it a go no doubt. I don't like Google as much as the next guy here but if you want to put content out there then Youtube is the place to do it. Should get interesting now Twitch will have some competition.
  • Hell will freeze over before Google launch an official wp app, Amazon may well release an official wp app.
  • I'll use twitch before Google anything anyday
  • This^^
  • Honestly I would like to see google at least make a universal web hybrid app that Microsoft was touting at build
  • I've got Hitbox. I'm staying there. No Google, I won't be live streaming on your service. Plus Hitbox are planning to make a WP app, but no ETA yet.
  • Microsoft has the base to build something like this with Xbox live and
  • No google for me, i left Android when i came here not interested in going back...if WP goes down completely i will have no choice but to go apple :(... and it hurt to say that
  • Make an app for xbox one at least
  • Microsoft should make Upload Studio a Youtube competitor. Allow game dvr to re ord at least 1 hour of video. Just like on what we're swwing on Windows 10
  • The winning team here will obviously be the side Pewdie Pie (can't recall the exact spelling) is on.
  • Well that'll be YouTube since he makes millions of dollars a year there already (apparently)
  • I was ready to flip to hitbox when there were rumours of Google taking twitch. I'll keep supporting the competition, as long as twitch keeps working to improve. Streams have been laggy lately.
  • Awesome! Can't wait to get the Windows Phone version!
  • Nope
  • Screw Goggle
  • Google Gaming! I guess they have to put it on One and 360 now, cause they can't say fuck Windows phone now...personally I think Microsoft should block the app.
  • I'm not a fan of the ever evil goggle, but... YouTube is great on Windows Phone with the excellent 3rd party apps, and Twitch is a horrible mess. Well, let's just say, "I", a fifty something who manages his own firms computers, trying, as best I can, can't seem to make any logical sense of the "Twitch'.
    It's probably, just me.
    Best Wishes.
  • Its a big win for google.. If they expand gaming wise and big titles start coming on YouTube Gaming, it will make people considering Chromebook! Windows is being saved coz it is a good gaming platform, lets c how far it succeeds!
  • It will just stream your game. U wont be able to download a game and play. Its a live streaming service which amazon have with twitch microsoft with Xbox live and google with u tube. Lets c how it goes. The Xbox application has many features if u have seen the video. Its all in one app.
  • This logic makes no sense whatsoever lol
  • The app looks metro like windows 8 no doubt they are copying metro UI. However all tech companies copy each other in features. But this design is truly metro from google. It,looks like they have made it for windows 8
  • How is that in ANY POSSIBLE WAY Microsoft or Windows related?!
  • Just adds to the list of apps that we don't have my friend. Besides they did mention Xbox One so it is kind of related
  • Another Google plus movie. :)
  • It would be so funny if google releases a premium YouTube Gaming app for windows phone but no YouTube app just to rub it in our faces. Scumbag Google.
  • Google considers MSFT to be its mortal enemy...look at the official YT app story for WP...anyway I'm really not interested in putting any Google product on any of my electronic equipment, they're worse than the NSA...
  • I'll stick to Twitch, YouTube gaming doesn't seem interesting considering the fact I can subscribe to any gaming channel I want
  • Youtube has no chance. Its ingrained in twitch dna. Xbox one has 1080p 60fps twitch streaming. And ps4 720p 60fps twitch streaming. So why should we all leave twitch when we already use it significantly. Twitch is even ingrained into the xbox os experience. Good luck google. But I no longer use any of your services except youtube now and then.
  • Twitch was huge prior to integrating with the X1 and PS4. I don't think that integration (which Google could add anyways) will make or break this service. Plus, most people who use Twitch already have a dedicated card for that kind of stuff.
  • Over 5 million people use twitch in xbox one. Twitch is intergrated to xbox os by Microsoft. Beside every single game on xbox one it shows who's currently streaming that game on twitch. Sorry but twitch announced its user base more than quadruppled due to consoles. More people twitch on console than pc now.
  • Gonna ended up just like Google+...only hardcore google fanbois would use it.
  • The gaming crowd that this must cater to are Windows PC gamers, and Google is really out of touch if they aren't announcing a Windows app from the get-go. The app looks like a Nextgen Reader ripoff btw.
  •     Oh, the irony. So Google is trying to attract users of Microsoft’s Xbox systems but refuses to make their services for any of Microsoft’s other platforms. I hope all Xbox players boycott this service.