YouTube Mobile App gets bumped to v2.23. Why? We have no idea.

Though we'd be straining to tell you specifically what has changed with v2.23 since Google evidently doesn't believe in change logs or auto-updates via software (rolls eyes), we can tell you that this is a newer version from v2.09. Yep. That's why we get paid the big bucks here at WMExperts.

Actually, some of the controls during play seemed to have changed a bit (shrunk down?) and there seem to be some nice animation effects. But perhaps that's just out imagination. Maybe you can help discern the mystery.

Anyways, go here to directly download the .cab to your phone.

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  • You can use the backspace key in the search box now. That was one of my biggest annoyances with it earlier. Trying to use backspace would cause you to back out of the entire app in the previous version.
  • YouTube seems to have changed something server-side recently, making Kinoma Freeplay stop playing YouTube videos (although the paid version does). Pure speculation, but perhaps YouTube's internal tweaking has got something to do with it?
  • my paid version isn't working...all the videos i go to play, but it says there's something wrong w/ the codecs...and no sound.
  • I have HTC Touch Pro & DIA with their You Tube App and When I downloaded Google's own it overwrote the OEM version in my Start Menu, but the HTC version still launches from the Toucho Flo 3d Internet Tab. Any Body have any experience with Google one vs HTC.
    One better than the other?