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Zombies Ate My City for Windows Phone released onto the Marketplace

It was only late last year that we covered the news of Chaos Created, a UK based studio, asking for volunteers in and around London to dress up as zombies and act out in footage for their upcoming Windows Phone title, Zombies Ate My City. The game has now been released onto the Marketplace and is available for... wait for it... absolutely nothing ($0 / £0).

So what is Zombies Ate My City all about? It's a 'transmedia' title that is part movie, part game, part augmented reality and part location discovery. A real mixup, which is unique to Windows Phone and is also a platform exclusive. You're tasked with heading to different locations using Bing Maps, much like Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst, and defend the area from zombies. Achievements are unlock-able as well as more powerful weaponry.

Windows Phone UK caught up with Ali Maggs, co-creator and programmer of the game:

"It was important to us to take advantage of Windows Phone’s software, weaving the game’s storyline around the capabilities of the platform.  Windows Phone is perfect for us because all the phones out there have the same capabilities.One of the things we will be doing in the Summer is building out a web based app, built on Bing maps, that will allow users to unlock new locations, such as landmarks, for Windows Phone players to then discover and defend.  We want to make the experience as transmedia as possible, where we tell different parts of the story on different platforms in different ways."

You can download Zombies Ate My City from the Marketplace for absolutely nothing at all. While the game itself is free, should you wish to support further development then be sure to check out the ZAMC Theme Pack app that contains a handful of ringtones and wallpapers for £0.79 ($0.99).

Via: Windows Phone UK

QR: Zombies Ate My City

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  • Very cool!
  • Omg that Nokia looks so good
  • Sounds like a none boring version of project sunburn :P
  • Played today. It's a bit Foursquarey in that you need to actually go to real locations in your town, but it's cool. It's turned my town into a virtual playing board. Looks like my town is crawling with zombies to go kill.
  • cause you know, there are not enough Zombie game out there...
  • @invertme
    You can hardly compare this to any game there is on WinPho right now. The zombie theme has been used a lot, sure. But a location based game like this is new for WP7.
  • actually its the second game like that ;) lol
  • apparently no zombies in southamerica. uninstalling =(
  • Not availaible in russian market :(