Zombies, Run! gets updated then runs for the door, abandons Windows Phone

Zombies, Run! is a fairly popular Windows Phone app that mixed exercise with adventure. The developer has released a maintenance update for Zombies, Run! along with an announcement that they will no longer support the Windows Phone platform.

For those not familiar with Zombies, Run!, it's a running/jogging app where you listen to missions during your daily runs/walks that pits you against an angry hoard of zombies. As the mission progresses you earn or collect supplies. After your run, you use the supplies at your your base township. The town in turn uses the supplies to support growth and as your town grows, more missions become available. All totaled there are 35 missions with over 45 runs worth of game play. The concept was to have additional runs added but apparently that no longer is an option.

Zombies, Run!

The update fixes a handful of bugs that included:

  • Mission progression unblocked
  • Base-building improvements
  • ZombieLink syncing kinks ironed out
  • Pause/Resume functionality fixed

In addressing the decision to head for the door, the developer was delighted to bring Zombies, Run! to Windows Phone but...

"Unfortunately, both financial and technical reasons mean that we can’t justify further time investment in the Windows Phone version at this point."

While disappointed in leaving Windows Phone, the only viable option in the developer's opinion is to focus on iOS and Android.

There was no indication if the developer was going to leave the current version in the Store permanently or eventually pull it. Just to be on the safe side, if you're currently enjoying Zombies, Run!, I'm not sure I'd uninstall it. The move is a little surprising seeing the popularity of Zombies, Run! and maybe the developer will decide to maintain the Windows Phone version.

For those interested in picking up the game, there is a free trial version available and the full version is currently running $7.99. You can find Zombies, Run! here in the Windows Phone Store.

Source: Zombies, Run!; Thanks, Travis, for the tip!

QR: Zombies, Run!

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