Zombies, Run! gets updated then runs for the door, abandons Windows Phone

Zombies, Run! is a fairly popular Windows Phone app that mixed exercise with adventure. The developer has released a maintenance update for Zombies, Run! along with an announcement that they will no longer support the Windows Phone platform.

For those not familiar with Zombies, Run!, it's a running/jogging app where you listen to missions during your daily runs/walks that pits you against an angry hoard of zombies. As the mission progresses you earn or collect supplies. After your run, you use the supplies at your your base township. The town in turn uses the supplies to support growth and as your town grows, more missions become available. All totaled there are 35 missions with over 45 runs worth of game play. The concept was to have additional runs added but apparently that no longer is an option.

Zombies, Run!

The update fixes a handful of bugs that included:

  • Mission progression unblocked
  • Base-building improvements
  • ZombieLink syncing kinks ironed out
  • Pause/Resume functionality fixed

In addressing the decision to head for the door, the developer was delighted to bring Zombies, Run! to Windows Phone but...

"Unfortunately, both financial and technical reasons mean that we can’t justify further time investment in the Windows Phone version at this point."

While disappointed in leaving Windows Phone, the only viable option in the developer's opinion is to focus on iOS and Android.

There was no indication if the developer was going to leave the current version in the Store permanently or eventually pull it. Just to be on the safe side, if you're currently enjoying Zombies, Run!, I'm not sure I'd uninstall it. The move is a little surprising seeing the popularity of Zombies, Run! and maybe the developer will decide to maintain the Windows Phone version.

For those interested in picking up the game, there is a free trial version available and the full version is currently running $7.99. You can find Zombies, Run! here in the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store.

Source: Zombies, Run! (opens in new tab); Thanks, Travis, for the tip!

QR: Zombies, Run!

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Stupid
  • Yup, this makes me hesitant to buy new apps since this has happened to me 3 times already with mini squadron, carbon and now this... Also don't you just love how Zombie Run is featured right now in the Store lmao... Seriously WTF is going on...
  • WTF??!!!! This is the second running app after Runkeeper that I've loved and used and has been dropped from Windows Phone!!! This is outragous this app was NOT cheap and I along with many others bought this app for a lot of money and have supported the developer in good faith that it would be continually supported and updated as stated by the developer. Who can I sue?!
  • I emailed the Dev's about this a few days ago - Zombies, Run will remain on WP8, however we will not be getting the new application Zombies, Run 2! - I suggested they update their blog to reflect this, it seems they didnt think that advice was worth itl
    Here is the reply to my email;
    Jem, Dec 17 04:05 pm (GMT):
    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for your email!
    While we won't be updating Zombies, Run! for Windows Phone in the future, the game is complete and perfectly playable on Windows devices. Sadly, we cannot justify developing Zombies, Run! 2 for Windows devices but, as I say, this doesn't affect Zombies, Run!, which is currently available on the platform and is feature complete.
    All the best,
  • Google to discontinue sync with Gmail, YouTube 3rd party apps left hanging, Intuit abandons, other developers give notice, now this all in a very short period? This is starting to seem suspicious and perhaps encouraged by a Gmail / YouTube related competitor just as WP begins to take off?
  • I know right? I guess Google and Apple are trying to destroy WP before it even see the light, and MS are really stupid for releasing Office for iOS and Android! and nw the Xbox achievements :/ I own an iPhone 4 and I'm switching to WP but now since MS is giving everything to other OS's idk :l
  • Office and other Microsoft apps are not full versions from what I have read. So they can use the Office apps for iPhone and Android to view but not modify Office files.
  • Wow...soooo glad I spent $8 on an app that the dev just gave up on. What a joke!! Maybe them and Carbons devs can hang out.
  • Ouch. I forgot it cost that much.
  • Same here.
  • Shame its going, but the price is a little ridonkulous
  • It is or was a great app for the price and was often 50% off. But a little pissed i coughed up a penny to a dev that like Carbon decided to cut and run.
  • My tin foil hat is starting to rattle. There have been a number of developers making these announcements recently, very publicly. Makes me think either MS has cut off some subsidies or someone else is paying more to not develop for WP.
    MS is slowly chipping away at market share, but I guess too slowly to justify development costs vs user base.
  • For every developer who leaves the Store, 10 new ones enter.
  • What? How do you know that?
  • Awe I love this app. I used to run at night alot it was so scary:)
  • lol that sounds scary
  • Hah hahahaha, I'll have to try that while I still have the app, but I'm mad at you because I'm trying to be angry and you're just making me laugh.
  • Getting really closed to dropping WP and moving to another platform.
  • If these games are making you want to switch then you were all ready to cut and run. Feel free bro, ain't no one stopping you.
  • The point I'm making is when apps come, charge a price and then jump ship after less than one ye, it is hard to continue to invest in a platform that is never going to grow if they can't attract and keep development. I never this one app the reason I would leave, it is the lack of positive growth as a whole.
  • I know it seems like its the dev fault but its not. Microsoft has abandoned its Indy developers. I went from making hundreds of dollars a week (3 months ago) to making less than a dollar a day, ad revenue has dropped to nothing an microsofts new store categories make new titles practically invisible. So don't blame the devs thier just trying to make money and Microsoft is not helping with that.
  • That's what u was pointing to... If they(MSFT) can't get new devs or get devs to stay..
  • I'm hoping Zombies Run, Runkeeper and the dropped apps come back when the platform starts taking off and gains enough market share for the developers to support the platform, although it is disheartening especially since the apps already existed and then were pulled.
  • This app gets plenty of exposure, and they took 'help' from Microsoft and Nokia to get it on the platform.  I read that in one of their Kickstarter updates. 
    At this point, we can only speculate as to the WHY, but we know that it SUCKS.
  • I suppose that would make sense, except that there IS positive growth as a whole.
  • So the loss of a couple of devs means no positive growth? Do u think there are no new devs ever?
  • You guys aren't seeing that with the merging of the W8, WRT and WP8 and not to mention that the next gen xbox is going to run a version of W8 is going to create unprecedented opportunities for develops to really monetize their efforts and reduce development cost while reaching an enormous user base. Even in the month of december app submissions surged 40%. This is unheard of before and it's only starting. 
  • There are tons of new devs sure but positive growth in devs is only meaningful if they develop good apps...not shit apps which windows phone is full of...so is android and ios, yes, but the good apps far outway them
  • Believe me, the ratio of shit to good apps is far worse on Android and iOS. Just because MS hasn't got the few enormously popular apps people associate with do not mean that the quality is not there and becuase of those few enormous apps people tend to overlook the shit ones that are very much so present.
  • No, just no.
    The number of shit apps always out-weighs the number of good apps on any platform (phone, PC, Console, etc).
    You are confusing the issue. As the saying goes, the cream always rises to the top. So you have 5+ years of curation from user reviews, enthusiasts sites, and Apple's internal team. So most of the time you are presented with the top 1% of apps in the store through internet buzz, or word of mouth, or by feature spotlights. Doesn't mean the other 99% aren't mediocre or crap or have even been downloaded once.
    Also if you are unhappy just leave, make some apps yourself, or stop bitchin.
  • Sorry, you are correct...shit apps always outweigh good apps on all platforms. But what is undeniably true is that the good apps on other platforms are better than the good apps on WP. See Facebook, twitter as a few examples.... I already know your response...so don't bother.. Also I will bitch as much as I want... If you don't like my bitching move along...i stated this specific thread in these comments.
  • It's not "bitching" to point out deficiencies. I've run small businesses and it is ALWAYS better to know what is upsetting to customers than just seeing them leave. This stuff needs to be talked about, so people PLEASE KEEP BITCHIN.
  • You don't know if he was ready to leave before, but this is frustrating even to me. I've ONLY ever had Microsoft powered smartphones and even Pocket PC devices before that and I'm worried that this is becomming a serious problem.  Microsoft and Nokia HELPED this app get on the platform and they are still using the "resources" excuse for leaving. 
    Microsoft isn't helping with their own apps.  Skype is still in beta. Photosynth is still a no-show. They are handing over XBox games.  They will be offering Office.  There are no unique apps to Windows Phone and the multi-platform apps are vanishing.  I hope someone at Microsoft HQ is starting to panic.  I can't afford to just jump ship, but if I could, I'd HAVE to consider it.
  • Agree. Seems like Microsoft startegy is pretty shitty. As much as I love wmy L920 & was so excited to get it & support it, MS actions to just support every other patform out there & not their own is starting to get to me. Wonder if these guys really undersatnd how to gain market share by having unique apps to their own platform. I don't think AAPL will spresd their love to other platforms as these STUPID Microsoft managers are doing. Look at Google refusing to to supposrt anything on Microsoft & yet they keep updating & launcing apps for Andrid & iOs. F888ing idiots. If I see offfice released on iOS & Android next year, I don't mind going back to iOS. This is ridiculous to say the least. Wonder how these idiots can't see waht they are doing to their own platform. Total Morons...
  • Absolutely love this game. Gonna be out running with it in a bit and very happy with the new updates. It is a major shame to see them go. I waited and waited for it to come to WP7 and bought it as soon as it came out.
    This is the third app I have loved that the devs have quit on whilst I've been with WP7. First was Runkeeper, second Carbon and now this. I absolutely love Windows Phone, but it is starting to get to the stage where I will go back to iOS just because I know the devs are there and will continue to put in the effort as they know they will get the results they want. The momentum iOS/ Android already have is carrying them through, and smaller devs are unwilling to stretch to WP7. I can understand it, even if I don't like it.
  • You believe the developers will continue to stay at iOS having to give up 30% of their profits?
  • How much of a cut does MS take?
  • 30% until you make $25,000 then 20%.
  • Understandable. I think they'll be back. Timing is just bad. 1 yr from now should show a significant market share increase. But that's a long time for a dev to wait while still maintaining their game.
  • I agree, Loved Runkeeper and had to swallow that pill of their dropping platform support, now my other favorite running app gets the axe! This is not helping one bit.
  • Sounds very short sighted.  To develop an app when market share was really low and then abandon it just after wp8 launches and wp begins to see some growth.  They should be looking longer term.  They should have just cut back expenses and let the app continue as is instead of making a big stink about leaving windows phone and pissing off current users.
  • Agreed, I don't get their thought process. If they ran out of cash to invest in WP platform why can't they just leave it as is? The app already made...what do they got to lose. Why make a fuzz about it...now if they ever wanted to return to the platform it just makes them look like an idiot.
  • To me, it sounds like they don't have the resources to maintain it in the short term. If it becomes viable 6 months from now, I'd expect to hear that a huge update is being worked on.
  • How is it short sighted when they have already invested in it, sold it for a year, then made their decision? As a WP fan, I hate to see this. It is hard to see good momentum for sales of WP8 devices and at the same time see developers leave. But apps need to turn a profit. It it isn't, how can we say they should stick around and lose money?
  • Every one is saying the same line. So this is either true it developers are being approached and paid to leave the platform. WP8 is kick ass and hives developers a lot of the diversity and ability to interconnect with the OS that has been asked for so I'm leaning towards the latter.
  • WTF I paid for this app. These developers are pissing me off. Ok I'm done now. Nothing I can do about it.
  • Loved the trial but had a hard time justifying buying it at that price.
  • Developers should be obligated to keep any apps they offered for money on the store, at least for reinstalls. Selling an app then preventing users from accessing it in future is disgusting conduct.
  • +1
  • +100000
  • When wp goes first we to say for you the same.
  • Ehrmergerd!!!!!
  • And the world did not end yet.
  • $7.99!?! I was thinking of going to go buy it until I saw the price. This seems more like a $2 kinda game...
  • If their sales are bad its because they want $9 for the damn thing.
  • Great wast of $8 this morning... FML, how long is the return policy on WP anyway?
  • 0 seconds
  • Contact the dev. They may give you a refund.
  • WP8 was just released less than 2 months ago.  These developers are going to feel a bit silly....
    This shows growth over the last 3 months in many areas of the world, and only includes maybe a few weeks of the WP8 launch.  Its all uphill from here.
  • Just to add to this, I noticed that this game is featured in the Marketplace/Store today.
  • Yep!  And they are still charging the full price, even though they are leaving the platform.
    If you are going to leave, then have a firesale, or pull the app from the store.  There are going to be some people unaware that they are abandoning the app, and will pay $8 for it, only to have it not be supported.   New customers are being taken advantage of, in my opinion.
  • Oke, what is up with those developers leaving the WP platform all of a suddon? Are they too lazy? Is programming a biatch on WP8? What's the deal? It's sad to see more articles about devs moving away from WP... Anybody has ideas as to why?
  • Time+money. Programming for WP isn't that hard. But for iOS and Android it can be a little harder. You only have so much time. If you have to take care of those tough ones first, you can't guarantee you'll have enough time left for WP. And WP volume probably isn't high enough for them to hire someone to exclusively work in it.
  • Seriously? Financial reasons by ass. He made freaking ads on YouTube how great his app is and now complains about money. How about he discounts his lame app to $2.99 and stop complaining
  • I love the idea of this but didnt buy it myselg beucase it cose too much. If it was £3 I might have bough it.... oh well. 
  • https://www.zombiesrungame.com/ Looks like a cool way to exercise... I take it he is running servers to host this and cost a few bucks not to mention some kind of tech support service! I can see how this can get a bit costly expecially if he has to run seprate servers for each platform... Might not be anything to do with money might be more to do with the amount of work it takes to run this for more then two platforms... He might have gotten over his head... To bad I am sure he could have found some big sponsors as I am sure this is a really kick ass App!
  • LOL... put high price and want this time next year to be millionaire
  • At this point in Zombies dev process, updating with content shouldn't be all that hard. I think they might have spent a little seed money from MS and put it into dev for the "5k" app (separate app) didn't spend the money appropriately and now are fumbling because they got rid of their WP assistance. Both MS and Nokia provided them dev help, so we got "bonus levels" that I think are now inside ios and Droid versions of the app. Our app was the same price as ios and maybe android. This wreaks of a payola situation, possibly a notable bump in sales when they see a featured spot in play or app store. I think fans of this game should really hop on their twitter and tell than how unfortunate this is. With the fixes Zombies run was a really solid, innovative app :(
  • This app is totally worth the price on Android, but the WP version is really lacking...regretting buying it on this platform...especially now.
  • WPC should start keeping a deserter list, so when or if they return. They will have to explain themselves to WP user.
  • Like everyone else, I am totally pissed and won't touch another title by this Dev. If it was a $1 app by a single dev that is t making any money, fine, but $8! They should show some decency and refund it.
    BTW, one reason it might have been floundering on WP - IT DIDN'T WORK PROPERLY! I stopped enjoying it because it NEVER saved your progress. Every time I went out for a run it started right back at the beginning of the Story - that got old real quick. Add in that it's reading if announcements didn't work reliably if you were listening to a podcast instead of music, that it only had a single pacing, fast running, no walking and in the final analysis it was a great idea but badly flawed. For $8 it should have been flawless.
    Supporting an app on WP Isn't hard. The hardware and OS breadth are very limited compared to iOS and positively miniscule compared to Roid. No excuses, this was a Dev version if a Smash and Grab robbery and they should be banned from the platform for good. Personally, I won't spend a dime on any of their apps on my iOS or Roid devices. Bunch of Thieves!
  • Upsetting to hear anything about developers leaving our platform. Really disgusting for customers that supported these apps by purchasing them at very high prices. Now I can only look at this as golden opportunities for others to come out with apps, since the platform is finally starting to grow. I would love to take a chance and learn how to create quality apps to bring to the platform. Need to really look into getting started with this.
  • Makes since since this is a phone specific app. It's not like they can make a Windows 8 version too, gain some traction there, and justify further development across WP8/W8 while reusing assets.
  • Makes since since this is a phone specific app. It's not like they can make a Windows 8 version too, gain some traction there, and justify further development across WP8/W8 while reusing assets.  
  • The devs seem like its no big deal to switch platforms but I honestly hate the way Android functions. Its a mess. iOS is decent on my iPad but I would never carry a phone with it. Apps are a PART of the user experience, not the defining factor.
  • Man, its getting harder to keep promoting WP. Finally got the family all using WP (3 members) but the teenage son wants to move back to iPhone "No apps on WP". Microsoft needs to dump some cash in to app development. Younger son wanted a new game on his iPod, I was jealous to see all the variety. Yet I wet myself when "Where's My Water" is released for WP. Come on MS buy some dev companies put some muscle into this!
  • Let's all take the emotion out of it. Read the developer blog. It says they can't continue supporting this version but doesn't indicate if they will remove the app from the marketplace. 
    Financial and technical reasons sounds to me that the WP developer asked for more money and the owner rejected. Probably is made by a 3rd party who asked for more money, who knows?
    I asked on twitter if they will keep the app on the marketplace and will just discontinue the updates. That would be not-so-bad news.
  • Dear Developer,
    Even if you suddenly decide to bring back the app I will never, ever, EVER, buy it.
    Thanks for no support at all,
    A HTC 8x owner.
    P.s. Are the technical reasons 'because you suck' anything to do with it?
  • Its such a 2 steps forward, one step back with WP. So frustrating... :(
  • This was a Kickstarter funded app that raised $72,627 and charges $8 per download on 3 different platforms! This isn't enough money to keep it supported on Windows Phone?
  • Really! That's even more reprehensible. Like I said - a bunch of Thieves.
  • Yeah right watch them come back in next month. Glad never purchased it
  • Good riddens to them.  I never bought this app because the price is ridiculous and its kinda dumb.
  • Agreed!
  • Never played this game but to charge $7.99 i'm not sure if I would pick it up anyway.
  • I am seriously confused by all these major devs for Windows Phone bailing on it when it just launched a new version and seems to be selling very well and things are looking up for the platform. I just don't understand.
  • This guy wasn't a major app developer... He just made a really unique app for working out... I am sure once he gets more money from ios and android he'll be able to move back to Windows Phone 8...
  • Exactly! Agreed!
  • FYI: the app is now on Holiday Sale for $1.99. and from my understand, they are not abandoning the app. they are just not developing anymore apps for WP?
  • This is more than a coincidence, no one gives up on WP now that it's just starting. Google is way shady.
  • I wonder if they will allow us to develop it for windows phone 8 on their behalf if we offer our services for free? I would be interested to learn the coding to do this because it was such a good app!
    on a side note where can one go to learn to program apps for WP? is there some central location?
  • I just bought it for $1.99 if it's good and WP8 is popular enough I'm sure they will provide updates. It was just bad PR to announce they weren't going to support WP anymore. They should have just waited to see if interest picked up.
  • http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bring-back-windows-support-for-zombie...