ZoomSafer Beta announced

ZoomSafer is a new application that is just now getting off the ground. It is designed to help mobile phone users stay focused on the road and less focused on checking email, texting, and other phone activities that would otherwise be a distraction.

The beta version is due to be released for Blackberry users later this month and by the end of the year for Windows Mobile users. Plans are to eventually offer ZoomSafer for Symbian and iPhone devices as well.

The company also plans to offer ZoomMate in mid-October that appears to be a scaled down version of ZoomSafer. ZoomMate can be used no matter what type of phone you have. According to the company ZoomMate is a voice safety portal that will allow you to use your voice, NOT your thumbs, to send e-mail, texts, and tweets. You'll also be able to use your ears, NOT your eyes, to listen to emails, texts, and other content.

We'll keep you posted on how ZoomSafer and ZoomMate develops and post a review once the Windows Mobile Beta is available. The concept sounds promising and while we wait for the Windows Mobile version, follow the break to see a video demonstration of ZoomSafer in action.

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  • This browser does look promising but will need more development
  • Pretty underwhelming to be honest, people should be able to manage and use correct judgement when driving. 5 years from now this type of software will be standard on every phone. What happens if I am a passenger and the phone / GPS detects that I am moving? So now I have to manage a piece of software to NOT turn off my incoming calls. Evolution needs to happen, if people aren't able to juggle phone / automobile then they deserve what they get and better to take them out of the gene pool.
  • My name is Matt Howard. I am the founder of ZoomSafer. Ironically I agree with Dickey M. -- that the mere notion of people deploying software on their mobile phone to help them be more focused and less distracted when driving is "goldberg-esque" for sure. For those not familiar with the reference -- a Rube Goldberg contraption is defined as an elaborate invention that turns a simple task into an extraordinarily complicated one. In ZoomSafer's case we've invented a policy engine for mobile phones that automatically detects when you're driving and triggers certain events that are designed to prevent you and your friends from doing stupid things -- like texting back and forth while driving. Telling people to "stop" is obviously the simple solution. Removing people from the "gene pool" might work. :-) Giving people tools designed to "help them stop" is sadly the right answer. Also, in response to Dickey's "passenger" question: The passenger simply pushes a single soft key to turn off the software. A driver could do the same -- but doing so might violate state or federal law and might also violate terms of their insurance coverage. Not a good idea. Lastly, i believe Dickey is right that in 5 years this type of software will be standard on every phone. That's why ZoomSafer has worked hard over the past 5 years developing a compelling portfolio of intellectual property. Thanks for the opportunity to post. Matt Howard
  • I was skeptical at first, but I am looking forward to the beta version. Getting this, or any of the safe driving software to be "Sticky" should be interesting.
  • I think what ZoomSafer has done is a great start but not enought. I am a partner of a software firm that has some patent pending technologies that does not include the hope that the driver does not shut off the software that protects them. Unfortunately, if people are not going to comply with a law - kids are not going to voluntarily comply with their parents wishes. Stay tuned - there are a lot of smart people working to quell this dangerous behaviour.
  • y cant some1 talk abt the software itself??
    installing and running it on my pda has cost me dear... such a sad waste of my money.
    it kept deletig my msgs...blockin my calls when i m not even inside a car...
    a total screw-up...wish thr were some more reveiws abt it..dat i cld've referenced b4 downloading it.
  • the auto tools totally screw up ur incoming txts, even deletin sme...and the auto-detection of speed also happens to tune the speed of ur cell..makin it slow... the battery life is reduced...and eventualy screwed up my CELL..had 2 dish out 79$ for a new one!!
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