ZoomSafer Beta announced

ZoomSafer is a new application that is just now getting off the ground. It is designed to help mobile phone users stay focused on the road and less focused on checking email, texting, and other phone activities that would otherwise be a distraction.

The beta version is due to be released for Blackberry users later this month and by the end of the year for Windows Mobile users. Plans are to eventually offer ZoomSafer for Symbian and iPhone devices as well.

The company also plans to offer ZoomMate in mid-October that appears to be a scaled down version of ZoomSafer. ZoomMate can be used no matter what type of phone you have. According to the company ZoomMate is a voice safety portal that will allow you to use your voice, NOT your thumbs, to send e-mail, texts, and tweets. You'll also be able to use your ears, NOT your eyes, to listen to emails, texts, and other content.

We'll keep you posted on how ZoomSafer and ZoomMate develops and post a review once the Windows Mobile Beta is available. The concept sounds promising and while we wait for the Windows Mobile version, follow the break to see a video demonstration of ZoomSafer in action.

Phil Nickinson

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