Zumobi Beta Opens

Zumobi (neé Zenzui) is a project spun out of Microsoft. It's a thumbable/keypad tile interface that's somewhere between browser and widget system - you can easily click on “zones” to zoom in and out to “tiles” that are basically web-based widgets for stuff like weather and news and Family guy and ...and it's a little tough to explain. Go take a peek at the Demo. Fortunately, such explanations aren't strictly necessary, as the Zumobi Beta has just opened! There are a couple of caveats, though:

To participate in the Zumobi Beta you’ll need the following:- A U.S.A. mobile phone number- A data plan with your mobile phone service provider (we strongly recommend this be an unlimited data plan)- A mobile phone running Windows Mobile 5 or 6

They also recommend you stick to using it on a Q, BlackJack (1), Dash, or Touch, but feel free to give it a try on whatever. It's a beta, of course, so caveat emptor and all that. They'll appreciate the feedback you can give 'em, though, and hopefully it'll catch on enough to get folks developing those tiles/widgets.

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WC Staff