10 meter Windows Phone erected in Paris

Big WP7 Paris

We previously touched on Paris being the next location where a giant Windows Phone is to be constructed, just like the event in New York last month. Today, we've got an idea of what the setup looks like. In the photo above we can clearly see the erected display (behind a tree) with what appear to be demo stands situated just in front. Luckily this is in France, since here in the UK the health and safety baboons would not like the event being that close to a main road.

The massive structure (as well as everything else that's planned) will be unveiled this evening, and will run on for 10 days in Champs Elysées. Professeur Thibault speculates that the Nokia Lumia 800, HTC Radar and Acer Allegro will be on display.

Source: Professeur Thibault


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10 meter Windows Phone erected in Paris


C'est magnifique! :)
I'm glad to see that Windows Phone is finally being promoted and recognized by so many publications! If Microsoft can pick up the pace with OEMs and carriers about hardware adoption and release, they'll really kick some smartphone butt!

Well, it's not just a Windows Phone; it's a giant Nokia Lumia 800!  Big difference, and a welcomed one at that :)
This is a beautiful device.  I'm hoping that we will get something like this (a Nokia Lumia designed) in the U.S.  And Hopefully, Nokia will utilize their Nokia Theatres to promote the devices as well.

It's not acutally a model, it's a prototype of the Titan 2.  It's really tall, but at only 0.5 mm thick, it feels very nice in the hand.