France Big WinPhone

It looks like the big phone that was erected in New York earlier this month is heading for Paris, according to a report over at The proposed 10 meter-plus mammoth of a Windows Phone is set to be constructed at the intersection of Champs-Elysées and Avenue Dutuit and will remain standing from December 9th to the 18th. 

While the report is still awaiting confirmation, many sources are pointing to a Zune Santa Clause playlist being played, the ability to send SMS and mail (via terminals) to Santa,  and children will be able to provide Santa with their wishes. Gregory Olivier, Director of Marketing and Consumer Communications at Microsoft, had the following to say about the coming holiday season:

"In this holiday season, we wanted to allow the public to discover the new features offered by Windows Phone 7.5 in offering an original and creative, with an iconic character."

Source:, via: MonWindowsPhone