Nokia Lumia 1520 32GB

The 32 GB version of the Nokia Lumia 1520 from AT&T is now available

A few days ago we told you guys and gals about the Nokia Lumia 1520 coming to AT&T in 32 GB form soon. That soon was estimated to be on January 10th and sure enough, you can now order a 32 GB Lumia 1520 from AT&Ts website. Details below.

The Lumia 1520 is one of our favorite Windows Phone devices. It packs the highest end hardware into a Windows Phone smartphone and looks good doing so. The 6-inch 1080p display is gorgeous with amazing colors and wide-viewing angles. The 20MP camera is phenomenal and produces some killer shots in any lighting condition. It also packs 2 GB of RAM and the latest Snapdragon 800 processor. On AT&T the only drawback was the omission of the Qi wireless charging standard and the 16 GB of internal memory (there’s also microSD card support).

AT&T Lumia 1520 32GB

Which is why we’re happy that AT&T customers can finally order a 32 GB version of the Nokia Lumia 1520 online. It’s only available in matte black at the moment and only available online (not in stores). But it’s better than nothing. It starts at $249 on contract or $639 off-contract.

Any of you thinking of picking up the Lumia 1520 with 32 geebees?

Source: AT&T

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The 32 GB version of the Nokia Lumia 1520 from AT&T is now available


I got the 16GB version and I will admit, the space limitation is a bit of a hinderence, but then again I'm not making use of the SD card slot.

The last time I had music on the SD card for my windows phone it seemed kinda janky.

Yeah I got the 16 gig version too. Space is very limiting. Only about 12gigs available for use. Also, about 5gigs is being used by the system! I put an 8gig card in that I had in the house, gonna do some rearranging. On the plus side I got the phone free on contract during Microsoft's 12Days of Deals.

ATT will unlock. You just have to be persistent. I'm on tmobile and am writing the 16gb at this very moment.

I bought an ATT 1520 off contract  and requested an unlock from AT&T after only being a customer for a few weeks. Received the unlock code in a few days.

AT&T does not block unlocks for exclusivity anymore. It does require active service and an account in good standing. See

i believe you also not under a 2- year contract as well, but you can possibly get around that by asking the right rep. 



ok, THIS is what makes me want this phone.  have wanted an sd card support since before the 920.

I'm glad it is only 50 bucks more, but disappointed that only black is available right now. Actually, none at all were available when I looked. Sold out already, I guess.

After using the 1520 for a month, I don't think I can go back to a 4.5" screen. My 1020 feels so small and toyish it's not even funny. Grabbing an iPhone feels like fisher price stuff.

I don't know, I held one at AT&T and I can't see myself using one. I have big hands, but it still is too big for me. My 1020 suits me perfectly.

Trust me, I thought the exact same thing when I had it the first two days. You have to use one for at least a week in order to get use to it. Now it doesn't seem as awkward when I hold it, it feels much better. I don't think anyone will ever get us to it by just holding it a few minutes while at a store.

Personally its more about being able to use it comfortably rather than just getting used to it. It'll be extremely difficult to reach the corners with one hand or general one handed usage so I doubt any period of time would make it work for me.

In just minutes the phone was perfect for me.. Sure I look like I'm holding a box of Wheaties up to my ear, but f### what people think.. I no longer have to stare at a tiny 4.5 inch screen anymore, and it fits perfectly in my pockets.. Funny because my 920 didn't seem tiny until after about 2 hours of using the 1520... I dare to say I would like a bigger screen in the future, heck now.. I'm already ready for 6.5".. Lol.. It would practically have t have zero side bezel because I couldn't handle anything wider, but maybe a tad bit taller..
I know,,, that's what she said... Lol❕

I agree with Stevied1991. The size of the 1020 for a phone fits me perfectly too. I'll take the hardware from the 1520 though. Do you use a Bluetooth ear piece with yours?

I 100% agree. When I first got it I thought it was big. Now it feels normal. I have grabbed S4s and my n8 after the fact. And they just seems so tiny now. I will never go back to a smaller phone. It fits perfect in my pockets and I never use a Bluetooth headset. I am in love with this phone. When I saw it beside the 1020 @ the store it just made it look so lame. I believe the 1020 is awesome, but its no match for this big boy.

Exactly❕❕.. It starts to get smaller, doesn't it❔.. Sometimes I forget that it's bigger than my 920..

Yeah, that's it to.. Much more content.. I'm also enjoying the larger displayed things like the calendar, dialer, calculator, and keyboard... The best things I've seen about this screen, at this resolution is the browsing experience, and maps... These are just unmatched by smaller screens.. I would never go back by choice.. Still love, love, love my perfect condition red beautiful 920.. What a absolutely great 32gb XBM player it is now... Awesome❕

Just ordered my 16gb 1520 yesterday but with the micro SD support, I'm not worried! Can't wait to replace my 920 with it when it gets here!!

Yeah I know. I was just meaning that I'm happy with my purchase of only the 16gb because of it having micro SD support. Otherwise I would have been pissed if it didn't and the 32gb came out today.

You still have time to cancel the order and/or return the 16GB model in exchange for a 32GB. Not trying to persuade you, just letting you know the options available. ;)

Nor does it store the other storage on SD card I had 11gb of other before doing hard reset ...lucky I had a 32gb 920

Well, GDR2 fixed the Other Storage issue (it's never exceeded 2GB on my Lumia 1020, and that's with constantly installing and uninstalling apps, autoupload, etc.). And then Update 3 added a built in way of deleting Temporary Files (Built in as in from Microsoft, Nokia has had a way of doing this for awhile now).

So the 1520 should be rather immune from Other Storage issues. :)

Well luckily I never had the other storage issue on both of the 920s I have owned in the past year and like SwimSwim said, the other storage issue is no longer an issue on the 1520, or so I've heard anyway, so I'm not worried about that either. I've got a 64gb micro SD card for all my music, photos, etc... So I'm good with the 16gb :)

I planned on giving it to my brother as a birthday present to get him of his crappy android phone and with windows phone!

I'm a little miffed that I just got the 16 gig version just 2 months ago and now here is the 32. I did only pay $99 though but moving from a pretty full 920 made me cut some corners.
Oh well, first world problem. I still love the 1520.

There have been rumors of the release of the 32GB version ever since the 16GB was first released. If you didn't wait, then that is kind of on you.

I have built up a collection of 3 Qi chargers. Does the optional cover replace the one that's there, or is it just a crappy add on? I hate them for this.

Its T-Mobile that should be blamed for not requesting the phone, just like they are denying the Black update for the 810.

It's not Nokia's fault, it's the carrier that has to show interest in getting exclusive phones. Take Sony for example. Sony announced their intentions of putting the US market in second plan because of carriers lack of interest in getting their phones. T-Mobile approached them and they created a Z1s exclusively for them. And the Z1s is actually better than the Z1 (same specs, but lighter and with 32gb instead of 16gb).
If T-Mobile approached Nokia, I'm sure they would create more exclusive phones for them.

You just made my point. Phuck Nokia and their "exclusive". Is the HTC One exclusive? Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 exclusive? Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 exclusive? Is the iPhone exclusive? Release the Lumia 1520 & 1320 on all 4 Major Carriers at the "Same Damn Time".
Its 2014 I will not remain calm.

at&t makes or breaks phones. Nokia still isn't in a position to start acting like apple and lose carrier support. Wish Qi was built in on my 1020 but thanks to at&t that won't be possible until there's a bigger demand and a bigger demand requires bigger market share.

You do know Tmo has a higher % of customers that use W8P than Att and Verizon. So therefore I tend to believe Tmo wants a variant. Its just that Att is probably bribing Nokia for exclusivity. Tmo is trying to really grow. 1.6 million new customers the last quarter. They have every high end phone from every OEM and OS except Windows. We all know at this point there's only one high end WP8 OEM (NOKIA aka MICROSOFT) I just guess ATT's pockets are deep and buying up exclusivity.

Especially when T-Mobile is looking tastier by the minute with their "uncarrier" campaign.

Very much considering a switch.

Ohh, yeah, that would be...

I'm also concerned about how compatible my Lumia 1020 would be with T-Mobile's network, and not too mention that AT&T can sometimes be stubborn in regards to unlocking devices.

You get what you pay for. Poor customer service. Dropped calls all over. Ridiculous nickle and dime BS. I will never go back to T-Mobile even if they paid me. I left AT&T for the Google G1 years ago. I'm glad to be back in the fold. I pay less, have less calls dropped, customer service has been great. "F" T-Mobile.

Yet another concern. While the numbers of T-Mobile devices seems to be on the rise where I live (mostly the Lumia 521, becoming very popular amongst kids at my school getting their first smartphones ever). However, I've still heard the Sprint and T-Mobile have awful coverage around here, hence why pretty much everyone is on AT&T or Verizon.
I'd like to be rid of AT&T and their evil antics, but I'm sure as hell not surrendering my Lumia, and AT&T happens to have the largest selection in the US. Like it or not, I think AT&T is the best option overall. Noble effort, T-Mobile, but no cigar.

Pass. I'm using my L920 as Zune until they fix the duplicate bug entry for the microSD card and my 1520 for my apps and games. Way to go AT&T. Stupid self-centered carrier.

I thought I was the only one facing this issue, sorry to say this, now I know it's just not me. I was looking at how much it was gonna cost me to replace my 64gb micro sd card. I am also using my L920 as my music player. I was gonna sell it on ebay, but since my 1520 was acting up (my playlists randomly choose to show 0 songs), and my phone randomly telling that there might be something wrong with my micro sd card, it is frustrating. Does Nokia camera stop working at times for you too?

Can't say I'm too disappointed I didn't wait but considering I paid outright for the 16gb I would shelled out the extra $50 for the 32. Glad Nokia got smart and added SD support so its really a non issue for me.

If you look at the reviews on AT&T site, literally 50% ding AT&T for not having Qi charging.  Way to take care of your customers.

My l1320's capacitive buttons and screen are too sensitive(normal mode), especially when you lie on bed and touch on an angle less than perpendicular, terrible. Not sure about 1520, but i found the same complaints on nokia site. Sorry 4 my english.

I will be getting this as soon as I get my tax refund. I spent about 45 minutes last night waiting at an AT&T store for a replacement for my defective Lumia 2520 but the whole time waiting gave me a chance to play around with the 1520 demo unit and I must say, I was impressed. Now that it comes with 32GB of internal storage, this is a must-buy. Can't wait.

Think the same thing... But made up my mind a few weeks back about the16GB.  I will just wait for a "real" windows phone 8.1 phone.  Shoot, if it is not a real flagship, my 920 will still be strong.  It is just really hard to replace the 920 when the other phones have one or two things better, yet is not a complete package like the 920.  Shoot, even if PMA charging, I want all features I have now, but better...

Call them and tell them u traveling to Europe or whatever and need your phone unlock so u can use it overseas.

I've had over 100 freakin phones currently I have 8 lol seriously. 3 windows phones currently 920 1020 and 1520. and 5 androids nexus 5 xperia z1 HTC one HTC butterfly Moto x AND NEVER HAD A ISSUE WITH SPACE just add a SD card and done. That's what I did with my 1520 I mean if there is the option for the 32 I do get the 32 but I'm ok with 16 too.

Yeah, but WP8 devices can't install games or apps to the SD card. That's a big deal, especially when games and apps need 4x free space in order to be installed at all.

I've got a 64GB sd card in my 1520.  It's only for music, photos and videos, but since my music is what takes up the most space it does the job for me.  When browsing your song lists, it even shows a SD card symbol next to songs you've downloaded to your SD card from xbox music.

As for Qi charging, there is someone in the forums that has managed to hack/solder a qi coil from a L920 into his 1520 and now has qi charging working.  You can't just slap a back cover from the international version on to your ATT 1520 due to hardware differences in the versions.

Can you set pictures, videos and music to be automatically sent to the SD card or do you have to manually move them after saving/downloading, etc.

Also, is the experience fairly seamless - that is, no delays and glitches when accessing the SD card that you have noticed?

Thanks!  I am just about to pick up at 16GB and trying to decide if I should just go with it since all of my storage needs are also music and photos and videos.

Speaking out of my butt here, but on most phones and cameras that I have used delays and stutering have had a lot more to do with the quality of the SD card used rather than the device it is used in. There is a big difference between the cheap microcenter brand cards and a good PNY Pro card or other higher end card in speed and reliability. But I obviously have not used any on a WP device as my 920 obviously does not have such support yet.

A 1520 with the camera of a 1020; that's about the only reason I'd upgrade from my 1020...After seeing 41MP, not gonna "downgrade" to 20MP lol...

Oh yeah I totally I agree but obviously at&t makes that very difficult.

I wanted and still want qi built into my 1020 (hopefully my next phone will have it)

I'm having a hard time filling my 16 GB internal memory since I have an SD card installed for photos and videos. 

search this in the forums and there is a long discussion detailing that very process--waaaaay too technical for me starts as a case swap discussion but ends detailing the coil swap approach.

"Qi Charging on a LUMIA 1520 AT&T phone (Solution)'

Here is the reason why the 32GB version makes more sense to me.

I prefer saving pictures to the phone memory rather than on a MicroSD card because there is no BitLocker encryption for a MicroSD card on Windows Phone. So if my phone is stolen I don't have to worry about someone removing the MicroSD card putting it on a computer and accessing my pictures.

P.S I've the 16GB version Nokia Lumia 1520 that I bought off contract (Using it with Straighttalk carrier).

i have 16gb with skydrive,and no sd inserted ok with it..well maybe some people just need more.. its a phone!!!!!!!

The 32gb is best. I have the 16gb and apps can't be installed in SD card. I'm constantly deleting games I really like to not get the low space warning message. Nice phone though. I do miss my GB though

I may have missed the question and or answer, but do we know if this 32gb version is the RM-938 and whether it comes with built-in Qi Wireless through the AT&T website

I haven't seen an answer yet.   Many of us want/need the RM-938.   Even if it is the RM-938 non-ATT customers would have a tough time getting it unlocked.  :(       AT&T seem to have that process locked down so to speak ! Many want/need it to run on other networks like T-Mobile, Windmobile (Canada) and Mobilicty (Canada) because of the AWS 1700/2100.    Not to be confused with LTE 1700/2100.  Need AWS (HSPA) 1700/2100 offered on the RM-938 variant.   I would want two (one in Red and one in White).   :)



I cannot put links here, but I will let you in on a little secret. If you type in Nokia Lumia RM-938 unlocked version and you will have two people selling the phone, but one is a total scam so proceed with caution.

Hello Guys!!

I just saw a few stores in AMAZON selling the Lumia 1520 32GB UNLOCKED!!!!!


It's ok to buy with them????



not a good idea unless you are outside of the United States. They are selling the International version RM-937! Will not work on 4G/LTE networks...

This is the only problem?!


For me its ok, because I work in cruise ship, so 80% of my time I'm not in USA!

My concern is: The news is the 32GB just came out now 10th Jan. and this guys already have this model unlocked.

But if it is for sell in Amazon, if the seller do not send me the phone, Amazon will take care for me right? (Give my money back)


Yes I know I have been watching from the very beginning. The RM-937 Internation Version has been out for several months. I am in the U.S. on AT&T's network and the International Version does not work on AT&T's 4G/LTE..   I am hoping the new 32gb version that AT&T is selling is the RM-938 U.S. Version with Wireless Charging.

I bought mine on Amazon 32GB RM937.... it work with the LTE in Brazil!


Now just need to wait to receive here on the ship.

Thanks guys!

Dear experts

I have a problem with my new Lumia 1520. I played Zombie DOOM, with my phone for 2 days. 

Just in the positions where my thumbs were, something similar to wear occoured. But when I fully clean the screen the affected area disappear and again after some touching with my fingers they apear.

Also in some places on the polycarbonate casing there are some points like affected by air bubble. (just some round white circles about 1mm in diameter and not removed by any mechanical and chemical cleaner that i tried on)  

Who can help .me about that? If someone need I can take a picture to show the affected area.