Acer Allegro shows up at CES 2012

Look at that, the Acer Allegro, an admittedly low-spec'd device is here at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. Microsoft is showing off the phone with numerous laptops on the show floor.

Acer Allegro

While the 1GHz device with a 3.6" screen doesn't inspire "oohs and aahs" it ain't half bad either for developing markets. With a 5MP camera and 8GB of storage, it should satisfy a lot of new users to the smartphone world. Either way, it was finally nice to see one in person.




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Acer Allegro shows up at CES 2012


It looks almost identical to the LG E900 (Optimus 7) and has almost identical specs as well. Acer = Fail (for smartphones anyways) :/

acer = fail (for high end smartphones anyways) [fixed]
cmon dude that's like saying the toyota corola fails for cars. compared to your high end BMW or Audi SURE it does, but not in the $14,000 lower end market. this phone is not intended to be marketed as a high end device.

I would just say that every liitle bit helps  this could be a good first WP device  or great for use by prepaid  plansd etc  and on cricket virgin etc  lets be happy about getting into all available markets  build the ecosystem in all niches possible.  It may not be a phone that you or I would buy  but somebody might and lets not deny them the opportunity to see like and buy WP devices.

I was thrilled to check and use this device!
It feels and Is a lot faster than other similar 1GHz WP Devices, It can shoot outstanding pictures and also has a feature that many would love, CAF (Continuous Auto Focus) In video Recording mode!
It's a very Interesting Entry level device to say the least!

You guys are hilarious. These specs are identical short of screen resolution and the 8GB of internal storage compared to the iPhone 4 16GB which so many people insisted was the absolute best phone in September, which need I remind you was only three months ago. All of a sudden 3.6" and 8GB are too small to even be a mid grade phone? People are so biased and hypocritical that it pisses me off. So does that make the iPhone 4 8GB an entry level phone ready to go on a prepaid carrier lineup or thrown into the dumpster? Put stuff into perspective before you guys start insisting that things are entry level or should never be released. The Kyocera Milano THAT'S an entry level phone, or the Sprint Express. These are crappy sub 3" touchscreen phones, THAT'S entry level. In a world where the iPhone 4S is still considered a #1 phone competitor this is still considered to me a mid high smartphone...only because of the camera megapixels and 1 Ghz single core proc. True high end Windows Phones should have 1.4+ Ghz single core processors and 8+ megapixel cameras.