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Amazing Alex and Ms. Splosion Man arrive on Xbox Windows Phone, won't run on the same phone [Updated]

Things have certainly been picking up for Xbox on Windows Phone lately. Not only do Nokia and Chillingo continue pumping out exclusives like Vampire Rush and Storm in a Teacup, but there have been two non-Nokia Xbox releases for several weeks now. The trend continues today as the long-awaited Ms. Splosion Man from Iron Galaxy Studios finally debuts alongside Amazing Alex. That’s the good news.

The bad news? Just like Chaos Rings last week, Ms. Splosion Man is only available for Windows Phone 7 devices! It staggers the mind to think that a Microsoft-published game would launch without Windows Phone 8 support in 2013. Color us all highly disappointed. Of course, Rovio’s Amazing Alex is actually a Windows Phone 8 exclusive, so things sort of balance out… Sorta.

Alliterative Alex

Amazing Alex is Rovio’s first non-Angry Birds game in years, but it’s still a physics puzzler. However, instead of slingshotting things around, this game is based on an older mobile title called Casey’s Contraptions. And that game was inspired by The Incredible Machine, so that tells you what Amazing Alex will be like.

This game stars a little blond boy named Alex who loves to invent things. He basically shows up in the menus and such to give the title some personality, but not during actual gameplay. The game starts out very simply, with the tutorial levels sharing the goal of helping a rolling ball fall into a basket. During each level, players have a few objects they can place to help things along. As the game progresses, you’ll eventually be assembling much more complicated machines out of household items.

Amazing Alex tutorial

On top of the 112 main levels, Amazing Alex also allows players to build and share their own levels online! Rovio groups their favorites as the Levels of the Week. The level creation and downloading should give Amazing Alex a fair bit of replay value. For more impressions, check out Simon’s review at Android Central.

Amazing Alex for Windows Phone 8 costs 99 cents and is a light 20 MB download. Get it here at the Windows Phone Store.

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So Splosive

Ms Splosion Man Windows Phone 7.x

Windows Phone gamers have been looking forward to Ms. Splosion Man since it was announced almost exactly a year ago on April 6, 2012. For our part, we even interviewed the game’s developer that summer and published lots of awesome concept art. They couldn’t have known the game wouldn’t work with Windows Phone 8 at that time, but the news today still stings.

Ms. Splosion Man is a humorous but challenging platformer based on the XBLA game from Microsoft’s Twisted Pixel Studios. A group of hapless scientists have inadvertently created the titular character. How does she pay them back? By ‘sploding them!

Instead of just jumping like in most platformers. Ms. Splosion Man actually explodes herself, flinging her up into the air. From there she can explode again and reach new heights, not to mention take out enemies. The platforming bits become extremely challenging before too long – a Twisted Pixel trademark.

Ms Splosion Man Windows Phone 7.x

The Windows Phone 7 port of Ms. Splosion Man loses some graphical fidelity, but it’s still a fairly attractive 3D game. It packs 50 levels of explosive platforming. For a multiplayer-like experience, friends can download each other’s’ ghosts and follow them along throughout a level. I wish I could play this on my Lumia 920.

Ms. Splosion Man runs only on Windows Phone 7 at the moment. We’ve contacted Twisted Pixel about compatibility and will update if we learn anything more. The game costs $2.99 and is a 207 MB download. Assuming your device can run it, get it here at the Windows Phone Store.

Update: Microsoft has let us know that there are no plans to update Ms. Splosion Man to run on Windows Phone 8 devices at this time. Sorry guys.

Thanks to Jonathan Dollison, TNT Judbud, and everyone else for the tip!

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Amazing Alex and Ms. Splosion Man arrive on Xbox Windows Phone, won't run on the same phone [Updated]


Nooooo! I was so looking forward to Ms. Splosion Man. The original XBLA title was such a great, addicting game. I really hope they fix the compatibility issues--that would be a definite buy for me (and I have only bought 3 apps... ever).

Unfortunately, Iron Galaxy definitely is not currently involved in updating the game for WP8. It might just fall on Twisted Pixel's shoulders.

A lot of people still have a WP7 so I don't know why everyone always complains about WP7 only support, when you get a ton more WP8 exclusives already and everyone on WP7 gets screwed and has to wait until their contract allows them to upgrade to WP8.
WP7 only stuff is more than likely to eventuallly make it to WP8, so chill out. The bigger problem is that all WP8 only apps will never make it to WP7 users, they should be the ones complaining here.

Because we want to play this game on our new phones?

And there is certainly no guarantee that these games will be upgraded to WP8. Many Xbox WP7 games with compatibility issues never will.

I have a lumia 900. But, I guess I don't have the same outlook as some wp7 users. I want all games and apps on wp8 and don't care if they come to wp7. (though a release for both would be nice) Reason is that someday I will upgrade and nothing is worse than downloading apps you like, purchased or free and not being able to use them on your new device. :( It is understandable that those with wp7 want it now but when they do finally upgrade and find these apps don't run on wp8, their tune will change fast. This will continue for a while as part of the growing pains from the switch unfortunately.

Me too and The Harvest those two games i bought and defiantly want back to play on my 920 now add Ms Splosion to the list i would buy that in a second loved it on xbox.

me 3.. Wishing I could finish Tentacles on my 8x... by now, i dont think it is coming. Picked up a Trophy for almost nohthing so I guess I'll finish it via wi-fi....ugh

I complain every chance I get about wp8 only apps/games that I cant get on 7.x. I CAN get an upgrade, but I CAN'T afford to pay for it, which is my main issue with exclusivity of said apps/games.

I really, really want to punch whoever said 'Windows Phone 7 apps will run on Windows Phone 8' in the face, real bad. Who was it? Joe Belfiore?

just punch all of the losers who presented last June.  They all said a lie and made a promise that hasn't been kept.  Like the early update enthusiast program.....that was a complete lie.

It's hard to complain about marketplace fragmentation when there are so many WP games being released now. It's the best we've ever had and it's important to realize that. That being said, I'm giving Rovio some love today. Keep them coming and keep them cheap, Rovio! :)

The Ms. Splosion Man situation is absolutely embarassing for a Microsoft Published game. The game hit iOS before WP and is also £1.99 on there but £2.29 on WP. Then for it to only be available on WP7 is laughable. 

Strangely, I was hoping that Amazing Alex would run on WP 7.x devices. I'd pay for that, but am locked in to my Nokia 900 for a while longer. Hoping for better devices by the time my contract is up now, though the 920 is pretty attractive.

i'll gladly pay again for bad piggies, it was so much fun back in my tf300 days. Rocking the RT and a 820 now and I could not be happier by the switch

Seems like they are just rushing titles out now and worrying about compatibility later... I actually don't mind this approach, just as long as they get achievements. Temple Run being such a big title releasing without them annoys me to no end. Achievements is supposed to be the main draw for WP games and it's identity.

But then being an Xbox live game, you would see a lot less updates for it.. So take your pick. A buggy Xbox game or a better indie game

True, but Temple Run shouldn't need any updates other than bug fixes. It's been out forever on iOS and should be content complete or nearly so, given that the sequel is already here.

Indeed would be sweet, but not holding my breath since Halo is an Xbox baby and all other MS platforms get screwed, like Windows has been since Halo 2 release on Vista. So WP likely will be treaated the same.

I was just having this game on my mind! (Amazing Alex) Windows phone is movin' on up, to the deluxe market share in the skyyy lol

considering how ****ed over WP7 users have been on games lately I'm glad MS is throwing us a bone.  they have successfully fragmented the camps and created internal friction within the ecosystem.  Yay MS!

Paul, you wish you could run Ms. Splosion Man on your 920 and I wish I could run Amazing Alex on my Titan II...we're even.

Ms splosion man and chaos rings are wp7 only.. :( those are the two I wanted. Hopefully they will be compatible with wp8 in the future.

WPCentral is obsessed with the phrase "color us *insert word*". So annoying that I've picked up on this lol.
Still got a WP7 here so I'll enjoy these releases :)

Lol .. I always think of buying WinPho 8 and these things happen .. Haha
Lumia 820 got a nice $100 price drop last week in India :D

Hey Paul, do you know if Rovio will ever release the Angry Birds Star Wars: Hoth update for W8?
I know they released it for WP a while ago.

No reason not to continue supporting WP7, but this does seem a bit absurd. It leaves me wondering if Ms. Splosion Man will by stuck at 800x480 like Skulls of the Shogun.
At least Ms. Splosion Man looks fun. I've got no interest whatsoever in Amazing Alex. I'm really tired of these challenge puzzle games. They always devolve into one of two scenarios: the round is unsatisfyingly won by accident or the solution is easy but pixel-perfect placement is required.

17bit said that they're going to update the WP8 to have higher res assets but it'll take too much work to make it work natively on higher res screens. They said they didn't get any WP8 dev stuff and the game was already close to complete at that point.

That's right, because they would need to rewrite the whole game in C++ (creating a WP8-only version) in order to use WP8 screen resolutions.

Too all those complaining about some of these games being WP7 only, remember that Microsoft still wants to keep the remaining WP7 users happy, so that when they have a chance to upgrade they do so to a WP8 instead of an Android or iPhone. Yes, I know they are doing a piss poor job at it, but look at these type of things from a business perspective, and not just your perspective.

Well i got Amazing Alex, fun game and fair pricing. If you are a die hard physics puzzle fan, you will be happy. For all those others: I still need to finish every Angry Birds game...yikes!
About Ms. Splosion Man: Dang, that's pretty awful. One of the very few Xbla games we get and here we are, waiting for a patch.
Still good days for gamers!

MSM looks horrible and my phone timed out the loading times where that long.
You ain't missing much.

Underwhelming week again, in my opinion. I haven't found a game to buy since Asphalt 7, which I finished last week. I guess I'll keep trying to finish Gun Bros (up to level 87, only 13 more to go!), while hoping that they bring something better next week.
I'm getting SLIGHTLY annoyed with the Xbox titles that have been released of late myself. I still haven't gotten much into Skulls of the Shogun, so I still have that when I finish up Gun Bros, but it kind of sucks that after 5 months, I've only found 2 Xbox titles compelling enough to purchase.

It's not so much that I am picky as the indie games tend to be better than the Xbox ones. I've played quite a bit of games like Shelter, Tile Path, Doors, and Wordemic. I just haven't found the selection of Xbox titles to be as-good.
I might give Shark Dash a try at some point, just because my little brother will enjoy it, but IDK. I think the main issue is that I'm still holding out for Microsoft to let loose with their high-end franchises like Forza and Halo, so seeing these silly physics games left and right just don't do it for me.

Is anyone else getting the "This app is not available for your device." for Amazing Alex on Lumia 920? This wouldn't have something to do with the update that was recently released would it?

Apparently, not only is it not coming to Windows Phone 8, it's also now on both Steam and Games for Windows Live, but not Windows 8 and Windows RT's Xbox Games.  So it's on Microsoft's old PC gaming platform too, as well as Microsoft's competition's PC gaming platform.

Ok, so don't be so disappointed. I finally got to play the trial (after a 2 hr install wtf?), and its horrid. I've never played it on XBLA and I like the mechanics, but damn the touch screen controls and graphics are downright scary. I'll pick it up on my 360 instead.

It befuddles me to no end for the fact that Ms. Splosion Man, a mote graphically intensive game makes it to WP7, while The Amazing Alex makes it to WP8. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

Anyway, not complaining. I'm planning on sticking with WP7 until WP8 or WP9 prove to be a force to be reckoned with, since my experience with a Lumia 920, though pleasant was sub-sufficient due to most of my apps purchased constantly crashed or didn't work at all. I'm only holding on to Microsoft's dead OS because of full unlock capabilities for most devices, homebrew development, and that ALL Xbox Live enabled games for WP7 at the time are compatible, unlike WP8 which already has a list of unusable WP7 games like NFS: Undercover, DoDonPachi Maximum, etc.

It's because of when Ms. Splosion man was started. WP8 wasn't available to devs until October-ish, and the WP7 version was probably well under its way by then. That doesn't make it okay for MS to not ensure WP8 compatibility in some way though.

Not sure what Microsoft is thinking. Are they trying to push the idea of "WP7 exclusives" to not disappoint WP7 users? But these games were out on iOS before and WP marketplace does not have a big game library, and I'd think they would want all the help they can get.
Maybe it is the publishers/developers. They took money from Microsoft and were obligated to create something, but they consider WP to have too small a market share to not willing to do anything beyond that. I'm still waiting for Dodonpach Maximum, Sid Meier's pirates, among other things that I bought on WP7 to come to WP8 but I think the developers dropped the ball already.

Its great these games are coming out and things have defiantly took a turn for the better but i am sad to see so many missing games from the new platform surely this should be the priority moving forward.

It's nice to finally see some love for WP7, but it's lame that WP8 users get left out.  And to be honest, I'd kinda rather have Amazing Alex; I've already got Ms. Splosion Man on my Xbox.

Well there is 4 worlds, which have 16,32,32, and 32 levels. = 112 I think if I added right. I think it is funny how the store descriptions rarely ever actually describe how many levels there are. Makes no sense.