Amazon offering AT&T's contract-free Lumia 520 for $39.99

Lumia 520

If you're in the market for an affordable contract-free Windows Phone device, look no further than the Lumia 520 for AT&T, which is being offered by Amazon for just $39.99 today as part of the retailer's Gold Box promotion.

The discounted Lumia 520 works on AT&T's network, and you can use either the prepaid SIM, which is included in the box, or use your regular AT&T contract SIM with the device. The deal is valid only for today, so if you're interested, head on over to Amazon from the link below to buy the Lumia 520 for AT&T.

Anyone interested in picking this up?

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Thanks Romeo for the heads up!


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Amazon offering AT&T's contract-free Lumia 520 for $39.99


It looks rather straightforward though doesn't it?
"Jon-na-la-godda" if you break it apart should give its pronunciation I'm assuming.
But you actually asked the question of realwarder haha. I see you directed it at Harish by name though :)
Im curious about it now also haha.

To the topic at hand, that is insanely low. I'll be surprised if the don't sell out.

Not true. If you have a post-paid contract with at&t, you can do it right away. All you have to do is switch the ESN on your account to that phone, then switch it back (so it shows you activated it on your account), and submit the unlock request. If the unlock request gets denied, just call them up. I literally just did this with a 520. Since it's a no-contract phone, you own it outright and can unlock it.

Just means that it's no longer illegal to have a third-party SIM unlocking company to send you your unlock code. The law does not require carriers to unlock your device for you.

Even then, it's only temporary for the time being.

You can use it on a prepaid carrier like Straight Talk or NET10 that uses the AT&T network without needing to unlock it.  I have used several AT&T phones on Straight Talk with no issues whatsoever.

If I were located in the USA then I'd pick up two of these. One for myself as a back-up or go-to-beach Phone. And another one for a rainy day. Maybe as an emergency birthday present.

Because at&t will have to unlock it for you. You have to be a current or a previous customer. Current customers can unlock 5 phones a year and previous customers can unlock 5 phones total.

Wish discounts like these would be outside the US too.. I'd pick two up without a second hesitation, but alas, we're getting screwed over

I recently bought L520 for a family member in Europe and have paid exactly 100EU (unlocked version, no contract). This offer from AT&T, however, is absolutely DIRTY cheap and I really don't know how they can come up with a price like that in US.

I hope this phone is unlocked and is okay to be use in the Philippines. Hope I live in US! Damn. hahaha..

Anyway, does anyone know, If i buy this phone, and I am from Philippines, does anyone if it's possible for me to unlock this phone?

It does, but it's slower. It works fine, don't get me wrong. But its low end hardware really makes itself more apparent on 8.1, especially after you've tried 8.1 on a newer phone.

Wouldn't recommend this phone to mine enemy. Got this for the moms and within six months I've switched out two phones as the Lumia 521 phone freezes and no longer responds, thankfully T-Mobile changes it out with no hassles.
The Lumia 521 must be the worst Lumia made.
I'm currently shopping for a Lumia 1320 for the moms Birthday later this year. Might get her the Cricket version here in the USA, but really want the RM995 that works on T-Mobile.

I have a 520 and it's wonderful, although I know it is a low-end device and that means it will have its limitations.
Still a wonderful piece of tech for that price.

Not sure if the 521 is actually different in specs or just an exclusive version of the 520, but I know a lot of people with the 520 and for a 'low-end' phone its near flawless. Runs amazingly smooth, great battery life and no issues whatsoever.

The 520 is a great bases to build up word of mouth. Similar to how Samsung build up their Galaxy Empire by selling tons of low-end phones and having consumers get more expensive Galaxy models when they were ready for an upgrade. My nephew was on that road as well but his Galaxy Y was such a terrible phone that I convinced him to get a 520 instead. I'm pretty sure his next phone will be something like the 730 or 830.

I got wife a 520 and she has had zero issues with it. When she can stop dropping her phone I told her I will get her something more expensive lol. Looks like my wallet is safe for a while :)

Just your luck is all, I have 3 521's no issues. Master reset it, do not put any email in it and run it bare for a day. If it works it is an app, if not it is hardware. This prevents apps from updating etc. As for luck I am on my third Note 3....

i wish it would work on Simple Mobile without unlocking it first. I wanted to buy it for my sis but I'm not interested in the unlocking leg work.

Once again we have the p1ss taken out of us in the UK with over inflated prices, ridiculous shipping costs.
Would've snapped this up in an instant.

With the price point of the 635 in the states already being so low, I don't know if we will even get the 530 here.
They'd have to price it at$50 or less

It's a great deal but I'm not sure why people are going crazy over us having deals like this. The phone is an old device with a current replacement (L635 is $99 no contract here, and the 530 will be out sooner rather than later) so they are basically clearing old stock.

The phone has been on sale for $60 for a while now, with deals being found for lower here and there.

The thing is that those offers hardly go out of the US, as well as many other phones and MS services.
Look, 520 costs $150 here, no contract and unlocked.
Also we don't get to use neither Xbox Music/video nor Mix Radio.
Some of Windows Phone integration with Bing is also missing here.
It's such a shame since WP has more share here at south America than in the US.

I guess these are the benefits of the flagship culture here combined with the general perception of value based on subsidized prices.

Your answered your own question. Just like anything, if sales are low or you're a new customer, you get a better deal, to grab that market share. That's commerce.

IF ANYONE IS PLANNING TO BUY ONE, PM ME, I HAVE ONE OF THOSE FOR SALE. Sorry for the caps but I live in Europe and fell for this, thinking it would work here. Now I am stuck with it....

Yes, flashing the ROM is pretty easy. Took me a couple hours of research, downloaded the software, took about half an hour to do.

A bigger issue is removing the simlock - if you're not an AT&T customer, it's expensive. I did mine with unlockmenow.ca - it took less than 2 days but cost $35. It's not likely to be much cheaper anywhere else to unlock an AT&T 520.

And outside the US, it may lack the relevant 3G bands. My 520 does not have 3G reception in Germany (most of Europe will be the same). Fine as a backup phone, though. 

I should update this. All models of the 520 offer 2100 MHz reception. For whatever reason, my US-sourced 520 was not picking up 3G reception in Germany - this appears to have been a SIM issue. Now it is working.

I picked one up simply as an MP3 replacement for my aging iPod. Seriously, when you compare specs and capabilities to the iPod Nano or Touch, then look at their prices, its a no brainer.

That's what I'm doing with my old 520 right now. I mostly use it connected to my Bluetooth speaker and play mixes from MixRadio, to not drain the battery on my new 1020. It's handy to have Messenger on it as well as sometimes I get a message and the 520's closer :P

Just ordered 2 for my kids. They are using iPhones now, but ever since I switched to WP, they were wanting one. Can't beat the value on that deal.

ATT is the only decent GSM network in the US so it doesn't matter that it is locked. Put on Straight Talk, Airvoice or H2O. ST Sims are $7, the others are $1 on eBay.

Just picked up with a cheap 64g SD card - will use as a backup WiFi only mp3/podcast player around the house, gym, & work. Spent less than $65 total :)

As a GPS works really great too, just download the maps for here drive and off you go... Especially now that you can move the mayor to SD card.

I bought a Lumia 635 after having a Lumia 521. With WP8.1 on both, the 521 seems painfully slow in comparison. I'd not recommend buying a 520/521 any longer... Still a great value, but so is the 635.

Just picked up one. Gonna sell my current android then wait for the next flagship WP to come out . Hopefully a 1020 successor.

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Awesome, picked one up with a Cyan Back Cover :)

Been wanting to pick one of these up as a development device/extra backup so it was too good to pass up!

I just ordered one, but I'm on Verizon... I'll probably never activate the phone... It was so cheap, I couldn't help myself.

Well I bought one for $50 and had a friend sell one to me for $40. Really don't need another one. Also have lumia 925 I got for $90.

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Wedding or stock for 530?, awesome device mind you, texting from my 520, plus since Update 1 is out for this everyone will be happy. :) any word as to what OS is on this though? Not that upgrading takes long anyway.