Angry Birds Go! lands early in the Windows Phone Store but not playable yet

Angry Birds Go!

We had expected the latest installment in the Angry Birds series of Windows Phone games, Angry Birds Go!, to land in the Store on December 11, 2013.  However, many awoke this morning to find the title already listed in the Store as a non-Xbox Windows game.  

Sadly though, it appears the game isn't completely ready for play.

Angry Birds Go! departs from the traditional style of gaming we have grown accustom to with the gaming series.  Instead of hurling your collection of birds through the air to defeat the pigs, Angry Birds Go! is a racing game.

Angry Birds Go!

You compete in a series of downhill races with go-karts that are upgradeable and driven by your favorite Angry Birds characters.  We’d love to comment further but while we were able to install the game to our Windows Phone, upon launching we consistently received an “unable to connect to the internet” error.

This could be a case that the game was made available in the Store before the online servers at Rovio were switched on, a bug in the game itself or AT&T playing a cruel joke on me.

If you feel like seeing if Angry Birds Go! will cooperate on your Windows Phone, it is a free app for Windows Phone 8 devices.  There were some tips stating there was a 2GB RAM requirement and while the game is listed as “unavailable” for the Nokia Lumia 520, I was able to install it on HTC 8x (but still received the connection error).

You can find Angry Birds Go! here in the Windows Phone Store.  If you have any luck getting the game to run, let us know in the comments and we'll keep you posted should we here anything new on the game's playability.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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Reader comments

Angry Birds Go! lands early in the Windows Phone Store but not playable yet


It's a phone game nothing should require 1gb of graphics.  An Xbox 360 only has 512mb are you telling me this game (or any other phone game) is higher end and better graphics than 360 games?  The answer is an obvious no so I'll never understand why any phone game requires more than 512.

What are you talking about? You know the Xbox 360 doesn't have to run its core OS at the same time as a game. It actually has no multitasking to deal with whatsoever, for the most part (just tiny things like voise chatting). Microsoft's very restrictive on letting things get too far into RAM, leading to an Android-like experience (with stuttering and inconsistencies in performance), so games aren't able to run on lower-RAM devices as much.

I think the dev just too lazy to optimize the game for lowerRAM. Look on iOS! even on 512, all the games run smoothly.

I hope this just mistakenly submitted to the store. Just a testing beta and in the launch date, i wish it could run on 512.

The game is probably a lot larger then 110mb hence the initial download that is required when you first launch the game.

I cant get it on my 8X I get, "This app is not available for your device" (I'm in England if that makes a difference)

It has been pulled from the store. Just an late-beta version published mistakenly few days before final release.

Same here. And the app isn't actually ready, see there is no description. This sounds like an early submission because they're on a deadline. That means if any bugs or issues are found in the main submission, they can be fixed before the 11th. Looks like someone just forgot to check the 'don't publish automatically' option.

Exactly! Why is this game so bloated? Not even Halo required 2GB of RAM. I guess the graphics are. Going to be crazy amazing on this game.

Oh man another 1gb title...pls wrk and bring it fast...
And temple run 2....plss...im tired of begging shit man now im feeling i sholdv gon for android

If you neeeed those games, I recommend android. I doubt you'd be disappointed.
Me, I enjoy my Xbox one for games.. Not my phone (may change when I finally get a 1520) so I could careless for games

Hmm..But considering the fact that 70 percent of the WP8 devices sold so far have just 512 MB RAM(Kantar),just get a feeling 512 MB support may come later like in the case of Temple Run.

In the same way that Asphalt 8 is nothing like Asphalt 7? :) All sequels are like the originals. I ask because unless it is wildly different in gameplay there are dozens of similar games around. Angry Gran for one. And Rail Rush for two.

And as you said to me on Twitter, there're a lot of beta apps (and maybe games) already in tests for WP. :) I wonder what will be the nexts. :P

Try out Candy Fun and Candy Village. Like someone already said, Angry Gran and Rail Rush are kind of like Temple Run.

Got it to install on my 1520, but connection error comes up when it gets to the calculating download screen.

Can't install on my Lumia 620. I was so waiting for this. I hope it will be available sometime soon :(

I think this is a sign that they as well has left the Xbox certification. They probably want to be able to push out more content w/o the awful process.

That's true. Its a mess trying to get all achievements on all those titles w/o spending any amount of money

If it turns out to be a non-Xbox game, that means that Gameloft, Halfbrick, and now Rovio have all stopped releasing Xbox games. Let them all know in Twitter that that isn't acceptable to us: #SaveXboxWP

I don't blame the developers for not choosing to make Xbox branded games, I blame Microsoft for having terrible certification process.

+1 charging 10's of thousands to be Xbox branded isn't much incentive. They used to get charged again for each patch too. I think it's novel to get achievements, but at the end of the day not at all important. I'd much rather have them onboard WP than be worrying about jumping through bureaucratic hoops.

That's right. It's incredible how big a selling point Xbox Live is, yet MS isn't taking advantage of it.

Exactly. I'd rather have games now with no achievements or Xbox branding, then wait an extra 4 months or never getting it at all.

Downloaded and installed fine on L920, but same connection error all the time xD haha fail by Rovio to make it public to early :P

1gb of ram again? This and call of duty app have ridiculous requirements. CoD app only requires 512mb of ram on android.

It needs to be optimized. Which they haven't done yet and if they do I'm guessing it happens in a couple months.

Now Rovio drops Xbox-branded games too.

I would like to take this chance to congratulate the idiots in charge at Microsoft and Windows Phone who have finally managed to destroy the very last reason anyone would chose a Windows Phone over Android/iOS once Nokia's gone. Well done. Really, really well done.


Which makes things even worse. Not only Microsoft allowed a unique feature to be abandonned because of their stupid burocratic process, now the competition has achivements AND the games there are more often free. Next thing and you'll see Xbox-games on iOS and Android (Wordament has already opened that door...)

+1; I just hope the new CEO kicks those idiots out on their ass. It's the same story all over again as it was with GFWL, there if MS worked on it and improved it they could have rivaled Steam, but instead they fucked it up and missed on billions they could have made, if I was a shareholder I would be fuming over the countless fuckups that were Microsoft over the past decade.

I wonder if a new CEO can fix this mess or whether its an institutional failure.


Buggy, low fps and crashes sometimes is "works great on my l920" for you.?? Wow..!!! You sir just got inducted into the hall of shame of trolls.

Down with Xbox, damn Xbox. Why would Microsoft want to make this an easy process to encourage Xbox games not scare people off. I just don't get it!!

Help us let them have it on Twitter: #SaveXboxWP. If we don't complain, nothing will change.



The big thing about having the Xbox brand on a phone is for achievements, if they dont have it why even bother having it on the phone ?


It really has been sad for Xbox live games in the last few months, I have noticed about 8-10 games updated in the marketplace and losing xbox live. Never mind these AAA games coming out without it...

To each their own, but, I guess that is what makes this world interesting...


I know for 100%, even free, I wont touch this game so, no big loss for me...

I feel the same way, so do thousands of others. Anyone on here that says Xbox integration is stupid is naive. It was a huge selling point for a very passionate niche, the type of gamers who buy a lot if games. Help us tell Microsoft to #SaveXboxWP

The deciding factor for me making the switch to WP7 and then to WP8 was Xbox live integration. Im glad I did because I love the OS now, but I do miss the Xbox live games...

Have all the developers dropped xbox feature??? 
This doesn't look good for wp as more high profile games are launched without xbox feature ms please do something and save xbox for wp -.- 

I was really looking forward to this game but sadly, achievements are a deal breaker for me so thanks but no thanks

Same here. No Xbox, No buy/download. But don't forget to tell Microsoft the reason why by retweeting #SaveXboxWP on Twitter.

Hey Daniel and team. You guys get invited to MS campuses and meet dev teams there right. Why don't you put the message across to them that Xbox on WP has to be saved and improved at any cost? I'm sure you guys have contacts with the likes of Joe B and others at MS and Nokia. Please do convey our woes to them regarding the shortsightedness of the WP team and coax them or do whatever it takes to make our voice heard. Thank you.

Once again, Microsoft fails. Is it so hard to change the requirements and retarded approval process for Xbox Live status? Good thing that Elop will be in charge of phones once buy out is complete.

Another non-Xbox title [shakes head] I guess the verdict is in Microsoft has managed to fuck up Xbox for Windows Phone just as they fucked up Games for Windows Live and are now shutting it down in July 2014. If this continues its going to be just a matter of time before Xbox for WP gets shut down as well.

I just hope the new CEO gets their shit in order and fires everyone at MS who is constantly fucking over their own services.


Pissed Microsoft has made it so damn hard for developers to add Xbox achievements. A big part of why I decided to go to windows phone was the Xbox games/achievements. I can't understand why they wouldn't capitalize on the Xbox branding along with office which are the only things making them stay relevant. Once Nokia is done putting out hardware/phones. I guess I'll be going back to the Iphone. Especially since they are going to release office on that platform in the near future and possibly Xbox branded games. What a major disappointment!!!!

:D another awesome article form wpcentral. Here is non functional link. Tell is if it works for you:D This site is like Xbox live branding on wp. Dying...

The link did work but the game didn't. So yes that is article worthy material especially for a big title like this and moreover because it shouldn't be released just yet. Please go trol somewhere else..

Haha first time the download option worked, now it doesn't (not available for my phone, software isn't updated bla-bla)

What the hell is with these AAA windows phone games with out Xbox live ?


It's starting to feel like a failure if your getting these higher end games with no achievements. What is the point of having Xbox on your phone if Microsoft is not going to push or promote it any more with the devs ?


Not that I care about any of the Angry bird games..Infact I installed all of them when they were free about 2-3 weeks ago and I still have not played ANY of them...thinking about uninstalling them..

People are really passionate about the XBox integration thingy. I still don't understand all of the excitement about it.

There is a huge niche of Windows Phone owners who bought Windows Phones (and convinced others to do so) solely for mobile Xbox games. This last year has been frustrating as fewer and fewer XBox games came, and then suddenly big studios like Gameloft, MiniClip, and (possibly now) Rovio elected to release games without Xbox. In addition to just being more fun, we also think that Xbox branding is important for the growth of Windows Phone as a platform. Even if you don't personally care, would you at least consider helping us prod Microsoft into promoting Xbox on Windows Phone more? We've started a movement on Twitter called #SaveXboxWP. Please re-tweet us! Also, check out this thread: http://forums.wpcentral.com/gamers-lounge/249754-asphalt-8-not-xbox-title-lets-mobilize-reverse-trend-savexboxwp.html

This says it isn't available for my device.. L920/att.. Is it because it's not ready yet?

It's amazing to know that a game like asphalt 8 airborne can run smoothly on the Lumia 520 with high graphics at 928mb the size, and 100mb angry birds go can't now how f*ck*d up is that???