AT&T lights up 4G LTE in Birmingham and Memphis


If you are in the Birmingham or Memphis AT&T Markets, you may notice something new on your Windows Phone. You should be seeing the "LTE" display out besides your signal bars.

AT&T is slowly rolling out its 4G LTE network nationwide with Birmingham, Al and Memphis, TN being the latest markets to go live. AT&T has a large number of cities and markets slated to get 4G LTE by the end of 2012.

It is rather refreshing to see the LTE network hit my market. Download and upload speeds are noticeably quicker. In using my Speed Test, on 3G my download speeds were in the neighborhood of 1,778KB/s and on LTE they jumped to 7,760Kb/s.  A welcome change.

Now I just need to get out of this basement office so I can get the full, four bars.

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AT&T lights up 4G LTE in Birmingham and Memphis


I updated my plans last week with at&t and am saving $80 per month. Instead of individual data plans (of varying allowances), the five us now share 10GB, and everyone is allowed to do internet sharing. We also all get unlimited talking and texting. This is plenty for us. In fact, the heavy user that I am, I keep WiFi off in order to get the more reliable and much faster LTE connection than my home or work networks would give, not to mention the really slow coffee shop WiFi networks.

My ATT lte speeds are around 30000 down and 25000 up on average. Have seen as high as 41000 down though. Does me no good at all with limited data caps though.

I have had LTE in my area for sometime now. Not sure if anyone has noticed this on the lumia 900, but if you jump between LTE to 4G the phone gets stuck between the bands. Will show connect but do nothing. Sometimes you have to restart the phone to fix it.

I had noticed this with LTE and Wifi, I have LTE at work, but when I get home on my WiFi, I sometimes have to restart to get it working correctly.

I used to have this problem on my HTC Vivid. My phone would constantly switch between LTE and HSPA+. Part of it could be at&t turned on more towers, but I have LTE 99% of the time since I got my Lumia 900.

Spartanburg-Greenville SC. Please. Otherwise I am jumping ship to Verizon (assuming the white 920 is on their list). 920 is the priority, LTE is second..

They also finally lit up LTE here in Philly with a soft launch on 8/31 and a true launch on 9/14. It's so wierd that besides a few financial articles, no one really reported on it. We're only a top 10 market! I can get 15 down and 5 up here btw. I'm sure that'll slow a bit when all of the iphone 5's get on the network.

I was in Kansas City, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge this past week - all had LTE.
Seattle - one of the larger mobile markets in the country - doesn't have LTE. I have no idea how AT&T does the math on this stuff but there has to be a good reason for it. 

Yup, I noticed my "4G" changed to "LTE" last week Thursday up here in the foothills.   But I've been using TestMyNet - with 4-5 bars on LTE - and not seeing any really good numbers.  TCP ping times are decent at 45-55ms, but up/down bandwidth are just in the 2-3 Mb/sec range.  That's not any better than I was getting on 4G/HPSA+.
The only announcement I could find about the Sacramento rollout was that it would be completed by the end of 2012.   So, could these speeds just be some sort of initial / partial deployment / tweaking manifestation?
I did notice it sucks down my battery alot faster!  Sheesh.
And, I've also noticed that my location services are weaker - on LTE I'm now having problems more often w/ anything that uses GPS (Bing, Nokia, gTalk maps).   But that's here at the house where LTE is often 2 bars (sometimes 3).  Again, had no such problems on HPSA+.

I work around Rocklin/Rosevilel area where i have full bars.  I did the test and i'm getting 28-30mbps down and 20-24mbps up.

yep, they're probably capping to give the iUsers priority over everyone else and this includes sprint along with all other cell carriers who have invested millions into the iphone. It's their gravy train and the have to have selling points; network/data speed is one of them!

yeah, but we're in the minority. Unless sales increase dramtically, do you think ATT, Sprint, or Verizon give a Ratz Azz??? As stated above, they  have a lot invested in the iphone and it's still their, "Cash Cow"!

Sweet! Been waiting for it down here in Birmingham for forever, now I just need for the 920 to hurry up and come out so I can trade in my original Focus and actually take advantage of it hah.

I can't wait for LTE to come here.  Mainly because it will mean the Android users and future iPhone5 users will get off of HSDPA+ which means faster speeds for me!  The fast LTE speeds are about to come to a halt with iPhone5 rollout....just like when 3G took a dive after the iPhone.  Pre iPhone 3G speeds were usable.  Hell EDGE speeds these days normally hit the theoretical maximum.

Fuck. I only get 200kbs on Sprint in Tallahassee FL. Technically that falls below the legal definition of 3G. I would kill for your 3G speeds, much less the 4G speeds.

I live in MEM but my favorite part of visiting my sister in ATL was getting LTE speeds. Now I have no reason to visit my sister. As soon as I saw the headline to this article I checked my phone and sure enough I see the LTE, it feels good to be on the right side of progress.

Hey George. "AT&T has a large number of cities and markets slated to get 4G LTE by the end of 2012."
Any idea what cities these are? I live in Seattle and it seriously chaps my hide that we haven't seen it yet. I plan to switch to at&t to get the 920 and would like to know I'm not taking a step back in speed.

It is very odd, but I live in Seattle as well and just noticed I have an LTE connection this evening, I definitely didn't this morning...

Fishhouse, I just asked at the at&t store and they confirmed it was turned on this morning! Very exciting news.