AT&T Lumia 635 available at Fry's for just $79.99

Lumia 635

You can now grab the AT&T Lumia 635 for just $79.99 from Fry's Electronics. We've seen the budget friendly phone on sale in recent weeks, but this is one of the better deals around. For just $79.99, you get an excellent Windows Phone.

There's a limit of one per household and you must by the phone before tomorrow (8/28). Plus this is device is for AT&T and not T-Mobile.

Inside the Lumia 635 you'll find a Snapdragon 400 processor, 512 MB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage, microSD card support, a rear 5 MP camera and more. The 4.5-inch display looks good thanks to the ClearBlack technology, despite having a resolution of only 854 x 480.

Buy this ASAP for a complementary Windows Phone device. The Lumia 635 makes for a great audio player with its microSD card support.

Anyone grabbing this?

Source: Fry's Electronics

Thanks for the tip nokiabolt!


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AT&T Lumia 635 available at Fry's for just $79.99


Questionable. I believe phone unlocking is federally mandated through 2015.

All you gotta do is ask and ATT will courteously run you through a gauntlet on each of hell's seven layers before disqualifying your effort at the last second on a technicality.

Don't get it. Why can't they plugin flash on these phones, 710 has it (5mp camera, 512 ram, 8gb...and wp7) I never use flash on my 928, it takes good pictures at night, but I doubt this phone takes also

710 was $379 at launch and this phone has better screen, better processor, expandable memory, better looks and better battery life compared to the 710. I just picked one at the MS store for $129 last week for my little sister and she's never been happier. If you really want flash and ffc, you would have to pay for a premium phone in which case you might never use those features.

When is att going to get a high end windows phone like the Icon? My cousin wants to upgrade his 900. He's on 7.8 but doesn't want a 6inch 1520. He's contemplating simply buying an android. This is why windows phone doesn't succeed. Unlike android and iPhone windows phone in America is splat around through different carriers. And if you're on tmobile or sprint you get the low end. Hope you dont lose a customer. Carrier exclusives need to stop.

Also is the 1020 going to ever join Verizon? Or is att going to keep it forever?

Agree totally. They need to stop being cute and just have a low, mid and high range phone that is sold globally. Maybe a few variants (camera, screen size) but those niche devices should be global too. Fewer devices will allow them to focus marketing costs and build awareness more easily. Right now, theres no way that the avg consumer can possibly distinguish between the 920, 928, 930, 720, 735, 820, 835, 1050... it's ridiculous.

Nokia have always been like this; they've preferred just churning metric ****loads of different devices (with TERRIBLE numerical names that confuse the average consumer) out in vast quantities.  For instance by the time a 940 comes out people will still assume my 1520 is better because it has a larger number. 

You cannot deny that releasing fewer yet more targeted approaches would be a better option; plus it'd allow them to consolidate their efforts.  It's a lot harder to shoot down bugs and errors when you have a massive range of devices to support compared to a smaller range.

Tell him to hold out until the 830 is released later on this year. If he wants to get a taste of 8.1, he can buy the 635 & when the 830 comes out, upgrade. That is the route I took when I went from my dying HTC HD7 to Lumia 521 to the 925 from December until April of this year. Gradual progression helps to wet your appetite for the latest and greatest hardware available.

Tell your cousin to hold tight just a little longer. The Lumia 830 and HTC M8 will be available from AT&T sometime this fall. Oh and no, the Lumia 1020 is not ever going to be sold by or work on Verizon's network.

Same here. I have a 1520 and 635. When I had them both with me, I kept wanting to text with the 635 even though the SIM is in my 530.

Beware the fact that the 635 uses a micro SIM and the 1530 uses a nano SIM so unless you have a micro sim adaptor, you cannot easily switch SIM cards.

The nano sim works perfectly on the 635 and 521 without using an adaptor, you'll only need to align it well on the sim holder. I had been getting some difficulties with the adaptor on my 925 and 521 but I decided one day to try it without the adaptor on the 521 and it worked perfectly and I have tried it on the 635 and worked good on it too. You'll still need the adaptor for the 925 though.

I got mine last week from the MS Store. Use it for the gym and my friend uses hers for the "opera" and other events when she carries a small purse.
With a 64GB flash card its quite practical. Best "cheap smartphone" available period.

Was it only available in black? On their website, it only in black and I would love to have the orange

I don't know, I just ordered it through the web site to pick up in store. I assume you can always get an exchangeable backing at a later point.

No choice of color and can I just put my ATT SIM in this phone and use it as a secondary device as opposed to continuing to use this un-supported HTC 8X? I Will not get the HTC ONE M8 for windows unless HTC improves it support, accessories, etc for WP. I would love to use this as a place holder until Microsoft releases new units.

Bought the AT&T Lumia 635 bundle yesterday. Excellent phone. Updated it to WP 8.1 U last night. The bundle came with a 16GB class 10 micro sd card and Black and Bright Orange back covers.


This is the best budget smartphone that I have ever seen or owned. The inclusion of the 16GB class 10 card is great and the Bright Orange cover looks excellent, the smooth performance of WP 8.1 and large 4.5 inch Gorilla Glass 3 screen is super clear and bright. It makes the Lumia 520 look like junk.


It is an excellent phone for the price! Launch Glam Me on the 635 and you can take selfies with the rear camera. Be sure your finger doesn't hit the screen when you turn the phone around to take a selfie or it will take a picture right away and not the auto selfie with audio beeps.

I go all futuristic with my cheap phone and launch Cortana and say "Open Glam Me" and then tell listeners about face recogniztion selfies and then they hear the beeps. Picture is taken, Glam Me tries to pretty up my ugly mug and then I tell Cortana "Thanks" and she says "Any time Chief". Minds are blown for $99 or less. :)

Launching Cortana in listening mode with the onscreen buttons took a moment to get used to as it seemed slow and unreliable at firt.

Then I realized that you only have to hold the onscreen but for a fraction of second and you can lift your finger before the tone and vibration occur.

Then I found out that it is exactly the same with hardware buttons. I was always holding the search button until Cortana launched in listening mode but you only need a fraction of a second to register the "hold".

Hey thanks for this tip!!!! I thought the 635 was slower than my 822 for Cortana (I replaced the 822 with 635 for music in my truck) but I am glad I know now about the button trick!!! Thank you!

Great deal on a great little phone. Love my son's phone. It's simple and damn easy to use. Not many bells and whistles but runs like a mini champ. :D

And Newegg is selling the Lumia 1520.3 as a shell-shocker deal for $490 or you can buy a combo deal that includes a 1520.3 and a Lumia 510 (never new that exsists) plus bluetooth speaker for $647.

635 for $150+ at launch was a laughable price... but for $80 I am wondering if it is worth a quick pilgrimage to Fry's to pick this up as an upgrade for my wife's 520. Very tempting and bravo to MS/Nokia for getting the price down so quickly.

I don't feel like looking it up right now, but the 630 is pretty comparable, right?  You can get it from Cricket for $50 after rebate, off-contract.  And that runs off AT&T's network.

I've owned a 635 for about a month now.  IMO it's a great phone for the 99 bucks I paid for it.  For 80 bucks it's almost a steal.  It has all the features I (and many others) need and works really well.  I'm totally satisfied with the 635.