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AT&T product page omits wireless charging for the Nokia Lumia 1520

It’s been speculated that AT&T’s version of the Lumia 1520 would, for whatever reason, omit Qi wireless charging. Nokia recently told us that there won’t be two versions of the upcoming phablet but evidently there will be.

AT&T has their ‘Coming Soon’ product page up for the Nokia Lumia 1520, and while they have done an admirable job of promoting the new device, the specs specifically note that wireless charging is not included.

To confirm that it is not a typo, the image of the back of the 1520 shows the wireless charging contacts near the bottom, something that is omitted from the international version.  Under the section titled ‘Battery’, AT&T states:

“Meet a smartphone that can keep up with your busy life. The 3400 mAh battery combined with the wireless charging shell is perfect for everyday use. Wireless charging shell sold separately.”

Combined with the accompanying image it seems all but certain AT&T has once again opted to not have Qi wireless charging (they also pushed back on the option for the Lumia 1020). So was the decision made to keep the device thinner? Reduces costs? Or is it because AT&T is supporting the rival wireless charging standard from the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) instead of Qi?

We may never know (we have our suspicions) but it’s clear that customers are getting the raw end of the deal here. Having used the Lumia 1520 extensively, we can say weight nor thinness are hardly a consideration with the large but nimble device.

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Source: AT&T; Thanks, Matthew, for the tip


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AT&T product page omits wireless charging for the Nokia Lumia 1520


This might be the last straw for me with AT&T. I think I'm switching to T-Mobile or Verizon even though I hate the idea of leaving GSM.

I've purchased tons of Qi wireless charging docks/speakers from AT&T and now they're arbitrarily cutting the feature out of one of their phones?

Waiting for the updates pissed me off, but taking away features from phones is not acceptable.

I'm pretty sure it's not weight. Or cost.

Most likely is that AT&T is on the board with the PMA and see supporting Qi as a conflict of interest.

are all carriers on pma? or are there some on Qi? if some support Qi why not just go with that carrier instead? i say if atnt wont support your product without compromise then F*** em.

Interesting though that they let the 920 go with Qi. Anyway, now that I've thrown my toys out of the stroller, I'll get over it & either get a Qi cover or do a DIY job with an aftermarket pad :)

But the wireless shell ( for the 1020 anyway) is Qi. If this was the issue then why wouldn't the shells be PMA? I think it is for additional accessory sales. The markup on most accessories is huge. Salesmen are always instructed to push accessory sales hard for this reason.

I think you're more right than anyone. I think they reduce the price of the 1520 this way AND get more money from consumers who want wireless charging

So will the contacts on the rear of the device still be included? If so, this means technically you could purchase a charging case/pad. If not, ATT is paying Nokia extra to produce devices less the wireless charging which may imply they've been selling the Lumia line pretty well as I don't think ATT is willing to take too many losses and continue to stock devices that aren't moving. Last question: do you think Nokia simply disables through software and if so is it something that could be re-enabled via windows phone hacker or someone with the proper skill set???

Hi Guys
Think about it,  it will be easier for the customer to just replace a Wireless charging cover instead of being stuck with a phone and a Wireless charger that nobody else support. just my opinion.

Silly. You don't think anyone will go back and create an updated shell for an old phone that didn't sell well do you? It would be cheaper at that point to upgrade your phone to one that supports the new standard. This has totally turned me off of this phone. I was interested, but now I'm not even remotely interested. I love my 1020, but hate the shell I have to use if I want wireless charging freedom.
If the flip case they sell for it has the qi wireless charging baked it, then it may not be so bad. But that never seems to be the case!

I Agree with you in some way, but there is also a world out there, people in Europe, India, Latin America don't upgrade phones that often as in the States, There are Markets where you pay $1000 for a phone, it will be cheaper to get an extra cover than paying an extra $1000 for  a new phone, I've seen people using older phones in some countries because they can't afford to upgrade,  even every two years (I belive Contracts in Canada are for 3 Years) now there are markets were they get these phones several months after they were released in the US,  like the 1020 which is still releasing in some markets and will be released in some other countries soon, I don't agree they don't sell well, nothing personal, just my humble opinion.

Correct, it has nothing to do with weight.
For those people who believe the 'weight myth ' then they should know the added weight is about the same as a security sticker they stick on products at Walgreens.
This has everything to do with AT&T backing the rival power camp - sad.

Exactly... you can look up Qi adapaters for Sammie Galaxy phones on eBay its literally a ribbon.

This. When Nokia first started doing this, I expected case manufacturers to jump on this like a fat lady on a ham. Add 50 cents of materials to their cases, charge an extra $10 for the functionality. Plus it makes the design/usability of cradles/docks 100x easier. It was a win for pretty much everyone. Why didn't it catch on?

It's a great way to increase accessory sales. Every time I go into the ATT store they are always trying to sell me an accessory for my 920.

And if the AT&T version is any thinner than the international with wireless charging I'll eat my 920.  This is just bullshit.

Yes, this greatly upsets me... They are ruining the idea of wireless charging.. Its supposed to be convenient, and quick.. If I have to use their stupid shale then I can't choose which case, or cover I want to use.. Wireless charging is not supposed to be thought about this much.. You are just supposed to drop it and go❕... Now, if the charging cover has the screen protector, and built in stand, I can deal with that...

Where are you seeing 16GB? If so that is a major deal breaker for me. 

I can live without Qi even though I'm upset but if it just has 16GB internal I might just buy a non-AT&T model.

Do you think the shell will interfere with having on the separate protective cover?  Also, what is the word on the 929?

Sam, can you or Daniel ask around and see if there will be a version of the cover/case (the one that looks like the iPad smart cover) with wireless charging for the AT&T 1520?

I am willing to bet that was a case a lot of us were going to buy anyway, but at any rate its still annoying. I am sure it because they are a part of the other wireless charging consortium. Just like they take the NFC payment option out of the Wallet app because they back Isis.

Agree. This a deal breaker for me as well. I was planning on purchasing this device. Oh well maybe another carrier.

I was thinking the same. I am tired of ATT in trying to play big hand over Nokia. I want a super loaded phone with all features from day one. I don't know whose direction are they following and why are not Microsoft or Nokia influencing them more, maybe cause of low sales compared to other platforms.

You must be going to leave WP as well since att stocks the largest variety of WP devices

I would highly doubt that. Your battery capacity does not change based on the speed at which it charges.

No offense but the facts don't care what you "highly doubt". I can only report what has happened based on what happened. I get tremendously better battery life on USB charger then when I use my charge plate.

Fair enough. "No offense," but you're an idiot for thinking your battery somehow magically has a larger capacity because it charged faster. That's like saying you can fit more gas in your car if you fill it at 8 gallons per minute instead of 5. Or your pool holds more water if you fill it with two hoses instead of one.

Did I say it had a larger capacity? Nope sure didn't did you as the moron that you are assume something that wasn't written? Yes you did. All I said is that since not using the plate my battery last longer. That's it, now there could be many reasons behind this. I don't know specifically why but it does.

I can only report what happens. When I use the plate I'm lucky to get half a day when, I use the cable I get home from work with 60-70% left. Could be my phone, could be the plate, I just don't care enough to find out. Phone works great the way it is so I'm not worried about it. Hence my original post not a deal breaker because I don't need wireless charging.

The plate charges slower ... that's about it. In my experience, cable or usb ... it makes no difference. I get same battery life. If it is dfferent, maybe something wrong with your battery or plate. Doesn't like charging at a slower rate probably? Don't know. But I have a 1020 with charging case, and both kids have 920's. None of use see a difference.

I have to partially agree with Jonathan, gas and water in a physical container is vastly different from battery capacity, for example if you have ever had a high end RC car charger, some have the option for quick charge and and slow charge and you will get different battery performance, your battery could have issues that will report an under charged battery as full or you can possibly overcharge a battery, my wife's 920 seems to burn the charge quicker after wireless charging too. not horribly faster but noticeable.

This feels like Blu-ray vs HD DVD all over again. When a standard is agreed upon, we'll all be happier. I look forward to the day when all our devices use the same wireless charging standard.

Yea but for me I saw more detail in the HD Dvd than there was in bluray. I believe bluray won though cause it supposedly had more features. (which for I don't care about. Just put the disc in play!) look at VHS and betamax. VHS clearly sucked more but was marketed better. I have a feeling my heart will be let down again. Also why does a phone carrier have say in which wireless tech is present?

I agree with you. Lesser quality items win in the market quite often. Look no further than Android...

FYI, it was the PORN industry that "made" the standards happen as we know.. They went VHS, so the world did. They went BluRay, so the work did.. Its all about the pu$$y. Thought you knew!!

Probably because little Timmy or Suzy will ask "Mommy, what's that light saber, the one sitting on that cool thingy on your nightstand for? Can I play with it?"
But can you imagine the REAL possibilities with water-tight devices.... Hmmmmm.... OK, I'm about to go into Inventor Mode... 8)
Fyi, no I am not a pervert.. I am a Pro-vert because I'm that damn good at it.. 8P

"Also why does a phone carrier have say in which wireless tech is present?"
Good question. I wonder why carriers have control of so much more than that too.

If you guys held the 1520 with wireless charging built in, and it wasn't heavy, would no wireless charging make it even lighter?

I don't see how. The wireless charging componentes are so minimal you might not perceive the difference. 

Yeah, what a joke. AT&T just wants to make it difficult until Apple adapts to their new standard and then Apple will act like they are better at it.

I want the 1520, but I'm still incredibly happy with my 920 (barring it receives 'Black' & the 8.1 "Blue" update so I can have 1080p res & more room to fit more tiles). 
I've been spoiled by having my first Windows Phone come with Qi onboard, so I wouldn't be opposed to buying a wireless charging shell with it. 
Does anyone have an idea if the 1520 will fit the CR-200 Car Charger?

Just because windows phone supports 1080p doesn't mean your phone is upgrading to 1080p. Your screen is inherently 1280x768, and no software updates change that.

Maybe I've been very confused, but I swear I've seen a lot of people expecting 1080p on their old phones. Software changes will not change the inherent hardware on your screen/phone, short of mods to give you six tiles like the ativ S on your 720p screen.

My 920 barely fits that car charger, so I doubt it.
Note that it is a piece of junk and breaks after a few weeks of use - see the comments after the review on this site (and Nokia support forums).

You can't literally change the resolution of your screen... No update can do this, and nowhere is it stated that this will happen. Sorry....

I don't think you will be getting more tiles (I have the L920 as well). Your screen resolution is the same even if the OS now supports higher resolutions.

+1. I also want the quad core processor, upgraded ram and SD card slot. Hopefully they include it for my 920 in the blue update.

It should, because if you check the Nokia's global site (, CR-200 is shown as compatible accessories for the Lumia 1520. But it seems Nokia may just not advertising Lumia1520's Wireless Charger feature or AT&T forced Nokia to remove Qi-Wireless Technology & not offering Wireless Charger any longer. I don't know, but this time it seems AT&T has really flexed its muscles GLOBALLY! Check this out:

I found the Lumia1520's Original Specs when it was first launched on the  You should see in the spec list this: " Wireless charging: Yes "

Greatly miss Qi charging on my 1020, having moved up from a 920. With the camera hump on the 1520, I can only hope the Qi shell flushes the rear. Wireless charging is a must! So simple and convenient.

First its the nokia L920 getting a super late update for amber now this At&t is getting lame ........ This is another stupid decision...... Now you have to buy a shell what the damn hell!!!! How is that gonna fit with the protective case?????

I agree with u, it doesn't make sense to me having to change covers around, one to charge and another to protect the phone. Stupid.

This is ridiculous. Looks like I will have to wait for international version because no way I'm paying over $700 for a stripped down version of the same phone. AT&T's version also lacks 32GB storage and most likely will come in crappy box and without headsets. Thanks for nothing AT&T. We need to do something about it.

How about we all write angry letters to AT&T?

They want to sell you on their ATT Locker storage. Yes, it looks likely that the 1020 will be my last ATT phone if they keep up with this bullshit.

Confirmed! Just saw this myself. I was on the fence about upgrading with AT&T as it is given their recent history with WP8 users. This seals it for me! Unlocked international version, here I come!

I didn't realize that, no built in charging I could overlook but that in addition to only 16gb I can't overlook. I was getting this phone, now I definitely will not.

The specs on the Nokia website list the AT&T version as having 16 GB of memory and a 64 GB SD capability.  So it will not have 32 GB much less a 64 GB option.  Disappointing to say the least. 

How do you figure that? It still take SD, which should allow a 64GB maximum. They've just lowered the minimum. That's all I can see to conclude from the articles I've read. Not so say that 16GB isn't utter BS. It was with the HTC 8X (another genuine faux "media centric" phone), and it is with this too. I actually wonder which idiot is going to say these ridiculous memory limitations are all consumers will ever need.
Either way I'll be buying my 1520 unlocked, paying the ETF at AT&T, and going right back to T-Mobile. Refarm and such has completely covered my area and LTE is just about done as well. Only left them for the 920 and now that I did, I can't upgrade with AT&T until 2015 unless I want to pay full price less $100, which means I'd still be paying $670 for a crippled 1520. Nope

I rely on the prices of a subsidize phone, and could never just get an international at full price. They are taking away features so now its a no for me. This was almost a winner.

Let's just hope the Norwegian version gets wireless built in :) I am not putting that diamond in a cover ;-)

I suggest you do, I doubt it'll be as durable as the 920 was, unless you like living life dangerously lol I mean I know I will drop my phone at least 2 or 3 times a week in my home :( but definitely not outside though that's more like maybe once every 4 months or so :-o

All reports say that it feels really well built, like the I see no problem with that other than more screen the crush if it falls, and hardly any case will save it if it falls the wrong way! 

I drop my 920 now and then to, hasn't got a scratch yet and never used a case. :) 

Yup :| but only in my house, I rarely drop it outside but it happens too just definitely not as often, rarely actually

Wow. What a crock o' dung. One of the (several) reasons I haven't used an available contract renewal to get a 1020 or 925 is because the 920 has Qi charging built in. I'm been thoroughly spoiled.

I wonder if the case they showed, with the folding flap screen protector thing that doubles as a stand, well if the charging cover will be like that then that would be awesome.

That's another problem. Having to add a special case for wireless charging makes it impossible to have any other case on it. So irritating.

True but honestly I'd never uglify such a beautiful LARGE device with an ugly rubber LARGE condom anyway

It's clear that At&t is just trying to get the maximum amount of money from their customers. Anything to screw everyone around.

I miss the old Nokia US store when they sold unbranded US products. The E71 I bought was 100 X better than the ATT version.

I'll be sticking with my 920. I won't get another phone unless there's wireless charging built in. Att shouldn't give a damn what type of tech is in it for charging. There just being pricks now.

But they do give a damn because they ate part of a competing group. If you were Republican, you wouldn't be promoting democratic views. Not the same dealio exactly but you get my drift

My point is they shouldn't be allowed to decide. They should have to opt for both until the general public decides.

I think this makes my decision for me. I'm happy with my 920, but would like an even larger screen. The 1520 seemed to be the answer, but without wireless charging, I'll pass. I'm not buying a separate shell (which will undoubtedly be way overpriced) for it.

Here's to hoping MS starts pushing out phone hardware son.

Also states an amoled screen Danny, which makes me happy personally although I believed you when you said the LCD screen version looked wonderful

Hopefully the international version will have it, seeing as on the Lumia 900 the RM-808 was AT&T and RM-823 was the international version (which South Africa got). This is sad news for US WP people. Wish us the best with the international 1520 please

If the AT&T version does not have wireless charging then I won't be buying it from AT&T. It's really that simple.

So i have the question of why the exclusive arrangement with ATT in the first place. Verizon never seems to get these phone and they, i might be wrong here but, don't do this stuff to Nokia products. If I were Microsoft and Nokia i would want my phones on as many networks as possible to help the user buy in. I will never go to ATT for their coverage sucks and they pull stuff off of the phone like Data sense and wireless charging.
I just don't understand the logic on Nokia's part with this and why MS is not pressuring for more US carriers. In other countries where Nokia is on more carriers they are a strong competitor unlike here in the states.

Verizon has not bought into WP at all as history would show (late to the party with just about every WP product, remember how long they had the Trophy and nothing else?!?!?).
Never get any exclusives unless it is 6 months after AT&T has already had there exclusive, which at that point means nothing to me. 920 for AT&T Nov of 2012 and then the "exclusive" 928 for Verizon May of 2013.
They also have made Nokia make more "businesslike" phones for them and only offering white and black (or gray for the 822). Don't get me wrong, it is a beautiful phone, but I would have much preferred having a colorful phone 6 months earlier when the tech was exciting.
Overall I have not been happy with Verizon in the very least. Lets see if they can bring back a little faith with the 929 or if I will be disappointed again (leaning towards the latter). Tired of exclusives, period.

The Lumia 1020 wireless charging shells suck....I won't expect much better from the 1520. This is the one thing I miss about my 920....

Also, the AT&T variant is strictly a 16gb device, as opposed to the 32gb option of the international version of the Lumia.
Because AT&T wants to push their cloud storage service, don't-'cha-know.

I'll definitly get the global version with 32GB, wireless charging and if rumors are true the AT&T version gets also a AMOLED screen. I'm no fan of AMOLED with it's over saturated colors. So for me there are three reasons to buy the global 1520.

This phone is already huge, last thing i want is to have to snap something else onto it.
It was stupid with the 1020 and now even dumber with the 1520.
Even worse, i got my wife a white 1020 and they never made a white cover period.  What the hell is the point of a white phone if you have to put a black cover on it?
BTW, many nokia users buy nokia because there is no need for a cover.
Is the 1520 available unlocked with ATT bands?

Danny, Sam,
Comparing Nokia's page v. MS/ATT's page:
368 ppi / 367 ppi (most likely rounding difference)
ClearBlack IPS LCD / PureMotion HD+ AMOLED
Yellow, Red, White, Black / Yellow, White, Black
Built-in wireless charging / Optional wireless charging
2.2 GHz Quad-core Qualcomm 800 Snapdragon / 2.3 GHz Quad-core Qualcomm 8974
32 GB storage / 16 GB storage
It seems like the rest of the specs are the same. All this being said, I will not be buying this from ATT. Waiting for the international version!

The 32gb vs 16gb. Pretty big deal to most. I'm just fine with at&t version however. The amoled screen saves it. And I have a 64sd card just clamoring to get inside this. Like I am with Kim kardashian

That sucks! I don't like having a case or a "Shell" on my phone. like raw naked beatiful phone. it's funny that the isheep want a gold phone and then have to cover it to protect it.
Don't want to cover my phone ATT!
For now I'll stick with my red 920

Unlocked international version it is then. It will take me longer to save for it, but screw AT&T and their rip off strategy...

This maybe a deal breaker for me, I have three charging plates for my 920, two are the vertical type on my desk home/office, and I love this feature without having to use a case.

Ugh..loved wireless charging built in on my 920. I hate dealing with the case on my 1020 so I end up not using it. Is there a protective case for the 1020 that allows me to keep the wireless case on as well?

THIS is a reason I would leave AT&T if Verizon comes out with a device that includes wireless charging.
Not late updates.  Not exclusivity.  THIS.  Deal breaker, assholes.
Built-in wireless adds almost no weight or thickness.  And in this case I'm sure that the thickness won't change between the international and AT&T variants.  Just a lame move.

Only thing keeping me with ATT is the unlimited data plan I stil have.
No wireless charging then in am not getting the phone.  I don't like phone cases so that's out. 
I will start looking into different carriers.

I'm out! I am so pissed. Initially i thought wireless was a gimmick and now I refuse to ever go back.god I hate at&t!
No wireless means I will move to a carrier with wireless charging.

Maybe that's why they're slowly moving away from Apple. Apple doesn't succumb to carrier demands.

That's a deal killer...the biggest selling point for me on the Lumia 920 is the wireless so convienent....beside the free charger plate, I bought two additional...for home and work office. Do not want to add on a cover plate...its ridiculous. Going gave to wait now...I did not even want to get 1020 becuz of that also. Was planning to get the car wireless charger too. :((

If the flip cover would have wireless charging I could deal with it because I wanted to get this cover anyway. But cutting storage in half? That's a clear deal breaker. Looks like AT&T is working really hard to ruin every excitement that was created for this device....Such a shame.... Instead of being excited to get the 1520 on the first day, I am now bummed and know that it will take a while to finally get what I want..

That's AT&T for you, they do this with every new...they take stuff out the box then sell back to you as an add-on that is 5 times over priced. So when you order from them it's not coming in a Nokia, but rather a cheap a$$ AT&T one which has about 2-3 accessories missing!

Another ATT Fail.  To remove the wireless charging is absurd and denying the advantages and conveniences of the technology..  It looks like I'll need to find a unlocked full feature version of the phone, and given the time it took ATT to deliver the GRD2 update to my 920 and BTW the 7.6 update to my Focus, why do I care to do business with ATT at all?

I think ATT is trying to keep the cost down... $299 on contract might be too hefty (especially if someone wants to switch to WP)
Also, ATT version is 16GB... Omitting QI-wireless charging could be for two reasons, cost reductio and conflict of interest...
with these cost reductions I expect contract price to be arnd 199 to 249 (or something in between like 219)... unlocked price could be around $649 (international version shown at Nokia world is $749)

They're probably doing this to reduce the weight... It's already heavy as it and people waking up from the Matrix... I mean switching from iPhones don't have enough strength yet...

Way to kill this phone right out of the gate at&t. I was going to pick this up day one until I saw it had 16 gigs and no wireless charging.

I wonder if swapping the shell with an international 1520 shell would work to include the wireless charging.

This isn't was said that the north American version would not have built in wireless.

I only use wireless charging at home at night on my 920. I dont care much one way or the other, its an ok feature but one I could live without and do while Im out and about. But I would much rather have it built in since I like my phones naked. I would never buy a cover just for wireless charging.
If I get the 1520 (will wait until I can personally give it the pocket test) this wont effect my choice much at all.

Check out photos of the back of the 1520. Metal contacts for the charging case. No integrated wireless charging. This isn't ATT only.

actually - it's funny that the photo on the rm-940 page does NOT have the chargeing points on the rear of the phone.

does anybody know why the 1520 will use a nanosim instead of a microsim? Are they the same? Or is that a typo?

Don't get mad, go to their twitter, facebook etc. and badmouth them and swear you would tell all your friends to never buy from at&t ever.

Damn. I don't want go back to non wireless charging its just so convenient and nifty. ATT you're making things hard for us.

On the Nokia product pages for both the AT&T version and the global version, it says Wireless charging: Yes. It doesn't mention anything about requiring a charging shell like it does for the 925. So not sure which site is correct. One would think Nokia would be more likely to post correct information about their own product, though. The 16 vs 32 GB of internal memory is the primary difference if you compare the specs. The LTE bands are also different and there are other small differences but nothing else significant.

I WAS going to buy this phone, looks like ill be looking for an international version that is not crippled or the next version of the 1020

This is how big companies kill innovation - AT&T's policy of PMA only simply kills Qi-Wireless standards as we know it! I really think the other standards are also in trouble because AT&T really made it very clear everything else is NO GO except PMA Standard - Due to AT&T desire to have an "Ecosystem" = (Creating an effortless user experience for consumers). Think about if only NY, CA and TX decide to only allow HTC to sell smartphones in their territories and claim "Ecosystem". Do you think Samsung would be in business for long? The other 47-states really don't matter because NY, CA and TX are the most populated in US. Maybe Samsung will survive without those 3-states but people who live the other 47-States have to pay higher prices. The question is, do you want only NY, CA and TX or AT&T for that matter make arbitrary decisions that would ultimately harm consumers and new innovations?