AT&T's holiday deals - WP7 phones for a penny

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AT&T has announced its holiday deals on mobile devices, starting on Black Friday (Nov. 25) and running through Cyber Monday (Nov. 28).  On Saturday, November 26, customers can pick up any Windows Phone handset for just a penny.  Options include the Samsung Focus, Focus Flash, Focus S and the HTC HD7S

All deals require a two-year agreement, along with a voice plan and minmum $15/month data package.  You can check out AT&T's holiday offers page for more details.

Source: AT&T; Via: MobilityDigest


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AT&T's holiday deals - WP7 phones for a penny


Well looks like I'll be waiting another week for ny HTC titan lol. Worth the wait to get it 199.99 cheaper!

Sweet mother, how could you NOT????  Laughing just at the thought of getting the S or Titan for a penny!!!

Haha I know, though it's good that there's actually devices that are legitimately competing each other. My contract isn't up till the end of January anyways so would make sense to wait to see what Nokia has lined up for the new year. But how could I pass up a Titan for such a low price.

Are you sure that you're not eligible? I didn't see any info regarding eligibility limitations. Mine's up in Jan, too, and I'd much prefer the Nokia Lumia 800, but if it comes out at $189 or so, I'll have a hard time justifying that over $0.01.

Oh, honestly not sure. It would be nice if I could get an early upgrade. Yeah I too was interested in the Lumia 800 (or possibly Ace if it's real), but like you said, how do you pass up a 1 cent phone?

Is it online purchases only or can you go into an AT&T corporate store to take advantage of these sick deals?

And what about the Titan???  I would love to wait another week for this special deal instead of getting it this Sunday if this rumor is true.

I called it...That Focus S price drop!  I feel this device is overpriced by $150, but dropping the price down to $.01 - Wow!
Red flag, folks!

Every Windows Phone is dropping to that price...... and for Black Friday no less.
So... not sure what you're getting at. Lets be honest all these phones are overpriced. You could buy a damn laptop or desktop for the price of these phones (straight up, not the "selling your soul" for the contract price)

Well....In the article, every Windows Phone listed with the exception of the Flash and S, were released months ago (some 12 months ago) - That's what I'm getting at.
Focus S - overpriced, worth only about $49, but definitely a superb bargain at .01 especially after being on the market for less than 2 weeks!

Oh James :(  Name calling is so not necessary. 
It's great that this device is going for .01 after just being released - it really is a great deal!

I think its just through Saturday the 26th.  And you may be able to get the same deal in the ATT store.  I was going to try to verify that last night but got tied up on other stuff will try to check it out today and report back.

Do these deals generally affect off-contract pricing? I just got a Focus back in January and ATT says I'm not eligible for upgrade pricing yet.

I'm actually talking to rep to see if this includes the Titan. That would be worth the wait for sure.
The rep thought the deal was cool but didn't know about it herself. She has a Focus BTW and would love a cheap upgrade too. Sounds like folks there don't know what's going on. Let's hope this is legit. I'll wait the week for a shot at this.
She also mentioned a buy one get one free on Windows Phones.

can anyone confirm if this offer is available for upgrades and not just new customoer pricing?

Anyone got a direct link to that holiday page?  The link in the article doesn't seem to lead to the holiday deals. 

Looks like I'm getting the Focus S!
Was going to wait for Nokia. If they come out with a must have device I will get it since I have other lines that are eligible for upgrades :)

Deal breaker.  Both my Wife and I are out of our contract right now, and I was happy to wait out the year to decide what to do.  We have had some serious problems with AT&T and I was actually leaning to going to Verizon and buying a WP outright when one came out I liked.  But a PENNY???  FOR A TITAN OR A FOCUS S????  GEEZ, I AM ALL A GIGGLY!!!


Don't try to read more into the WP article. Read the official AT&T press release instead at http://www.windowscentral.com/ext?link=http%3A%2F%2Fclick.linksynergy.co...

Key points in the press release:

* Valid ONLY online att.com

* ALL Windows Phones (can be inferred that will include HTC Titan which releases on Nov 20)

* More specific details available on http://www.windowscentral.com/ext?link=http%3A%2F%2Fclick.linksynergy.co... TOMORROW FRIDAY Nov 18 (you're not going see anything today if you click on it)

* It does not mention if this applies to qualified upgrades or just new activations.

I asked the AT&T official tweet about the upgrade and am awaiting for a reply.

I think if you're eligible for an upgrade any windows phone on that specific day and online would work. I'll have to see if I can swing using another family member's upgrade on my phone.

I went to the link above and the sale its referring to appears to list the focus for 49.99 and the flash for 49.99 and the focus s is 199.99 which is what you can by it in store right now.  Thats not much of a sale.  So the question is still can we get the s for a penny and/or the titan when its out and can we get it in store or on line only  There were reports from at leats one person who was able to get the s for the penny in store.

Wow, and here I was, ready to pay $200 for a Titan.  I guess I'll just put that $200 right back into my wallet.

I called AT&T.  It's an online only promo.  It applies to both upgrades and new activations.  Yes, the Titan should be a part of the promo once it becomes available.

Sweet news, I can finally ditch my 3Gs and get a WP! Now I just need to decide between a Focus S or Titan...

So I just bought a Samsung Focus Flash at the retail store on November 6th... I'm thinking if they'll let me, I'll return it to the store and pick up an HTC Titan. But I'm curious if I return to the store, if I can then purchase my upgrade via the website... any thoughts?

I wonder if you could talk the sales rep in-store to give you the deal this Sunday?  I mean, either they could make a sale on a Titan or I can wait a week and order it online.

To reaffirm what has been said, I called and no dice for a reimbursement. It appears we will all have to go through the trouble of returning the phones and repurchasing them online. 
ATT cannot resell the phones we are returning as new, so they will be stuck with a bunch of refurbished phones. Is that worth the 35 dollars? Wouldn't be make better business sense to reimburse us the money rather than make 35 dollars but then have to resell all those refurbished phones?