Beats Music launches on Windows Phone, now available for download

Beats Music is now available for Windows Phone users. The music streaming service was first announced over ten days ago. We took notice because Beats Music announced that a Windows Phone app would be launching alongside its Android and iOS counterparts. However, that wasn’t exactly true as we later learned the Windows Phone version would be a few days behind.

Well, here we are, and Beats Music is now on Windows Phone. Let’s check it out.

Beats Music (beatsmusic.com) comes to us from Beats Electronics, purveyors of audio products and equipment like the Beats by Dre headphones. Remember MOG? It was an online music service that also had big mixes of a music-themed social network and blog. It was acquired by Beats Electronics in July 2012. That service is being retired, but its core is living on as Beats Music.

Here’s what you get with Beats Music for Windows Phone:

  • Access to over 20 million songs from all genres
  • Listen instantly by streaming or save to device for offline access
  • Just for you –Personalized music suggestions based off your interests
  • The Sentence – Mad Libs for music. Build a sentence for a playlist.
  • Highlights – Curated picks from the music minds at Beats Music
  • Find It – Find music by genres, activities and curators

Beats Music

First impressions of Beats Music? It’s actually pretty cool. We’re big fans of how curated approach to music discovery vs. the reliance of music algorithms in services like Xbox Music and Pandora. We’re big fans of Songza and dig how Beats Music takes the best from that app and others like Xbox Music and Spotify.

We’ll be doing a comparison of Beats Music and Xbox Music once we’ve spent some time comparing the two. In the meantime, try out Beats Music for yourself from the Windows Phone Store. The service is free for the first seven days as try it out. After that it's either $9.99/month or $119.88/year. Thanks, Mohamed, for the heads up!

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Beats Music launches on Windows Phone, now available for download


But of course. Apparently the US is the only country in the entire world.

I understand licensing issues et al, but how can all these other music services have simultaneous launches, more or less?

Different priorities. Most music services actually don't have simultaneous launches, the US got Spotify really late compared to others.

Which other music services are you talking about ? Xbox Music ( Zune) was exclusive to US and Canada before it moved to other parts of the world , Spotify was exclusive to Nordic countires before it moved to the rest of Europe and then the US, Deezer is still exclusive to Europe.. 

It would have been nice if there was a worldwide launch but it's just not realistic. Think about the fact that they have to plan for capacity ( servers etc ) , differences in music taste in different regions, legal issues, payment  etc. 

But the original Zune service wasn't available here in Canada for a full 2 years after the states, so even the most alike country to the states gets these services at a much delayed time

was it really 5? we got zune on our xboxs the same year xbox removed the 10 free song perk from the subscription. I had the zune80 that i drove to get fromt the states in 2009, did i screw up the math there? Dam time flys

So it was a couple days late.... Don't know why that freaked anyone out. iOS and android launch didn't go very smooth anyways.... Glad its here.

Is it easy to change rigons? I am from Bulgaria, and I am thinking of getting my first WP ever - 1520.. But if I am stuck with Bulgarian WP store it will be nightmare... At least I want ot have iHeartRadio... So, is it easy? :-))



EDIT: Hmm can't seem to find a way to go back in and add it.  Any luck finding that?  i didn't enter my number during the initial setup. :(

I did it from the actual site and only got 1 month free.  I think I missed something by not entering it at the startup. :p Oh Well I have XBOX Music anyways.

Is that ported from Android or iOS? Cause it sure as hell wasn't designed with any Windows Phone UI guidelines.

Yes but there are key elements that differentiate them. For instance, the Android version (since it's got a back button) doesn't need one at the top as the iOS version. You would've expect this app at least to support, I don't now, the app bar?

But you don't get offline play with Pandora or Mixradio and the option to play an artist whenever I feel like it. That's the difference. If I want to listen to Linkin Park Minutes to Midnight the full album ONLY I can do that with XBOX Music and Beats.  With Pandora and Mixradio you can make a stream based on that album and hopefully you get Linkin Park Minutes to Midnight Tracks.


I know that many people will complain that it came to WP 10 days late (just like people complained that GTA came a month late) but let's be honest; a year ago we would not have gotten these apps.  As an early adopter of WP (originally had the DVP), I am very happy that we are getting apps this quickly.  We still have a long way to go; especially with apps like banks, retailers, etc; but we are getting there!

I still love many of the original WP7 phones.  They were very nice for their time compared to the Android crap that was out

I wholeheartedly agree with you. It was like this for Android at one point as well. WebOS (which I LOVED) never even got this far. I'd take it as a good sign.

Just realized that I don't even own a WP at the moment yet I stalk this website almost everyday!! LOL

I have AT&T Next so in Sep I can go get a new phone so let's see what WP has for then :P I had a Lumia 920 which I liked but the screen broke so sold it to someone in Russia.

If the WP 8.1 rumors are true they should have a flagship 8.1 phone by then. Maybe a upgraded 1020 or something

If they do I would take it right away! hehehe I hope they don't mind that the HTC One I have to hand back is no longer running HTC Sense hahaha

Good for the growth of the ecosystem. However, too costly and available only for the US. When will they start considering the rest of the World ? Anyways this app isn't of any interest to me. For those whom it benefits enjoy guys !

So far I like it. With just a bit of info it definitely nailed my musical tastes. I'll be interested to see where its at after the 7 day trial.

Will take a look, but likely get an error as well. I am actually quite hapy with Xbox music with the new Preview app. With the recent Bing apps, Iam hoping this is a good sign for more Windows 8.1/WP integration.

So my question is:

WHAT IS UNIQUE and DIFFERENT? How is this app different from Spotify and PANDORA? 

Different in that if I want to Immediately listen to Linkin park - lost in the Echoes I can.  I don't have to setup Lost in the Echo Radio and hope that it gets played.  You can mix OR listen to full albums directly.

Will this improve the sound quality of 920? If not, then I stick with default music player. I have no problem with it.

Great news, but I'll stick my XBOX Music and all the free music apps. I'm looking at you Soundtracker and Mixtapes.

Are you guys here on wpcentral never heard of Nokia mix radio? Why compare to xbox music while nokia mix radio have torn this beats apart

Damnit, MS. The player is really awesome, and you could have had it if you stuck with the Zune layout like everyone wanted.

Good thing that they joined us but if I'm going to pay for a music service then it'll only be for Xbox Music since the guys at Spotify clearly don't give a damn about us.

Why people always have to criticize if an app sticks with the Windows Phone UI? I love Windows Phone and all, but... The UI doesn't have elegance and its getting pretty boring now.

this app's UI is elegant and I really love it! Apps like Twitter are boring to look at and don't have that beauty. :(

Don't reply to me that I should switch to iOS or Android because I hate them both with a passion , but , If Microsoft wants people to buy windows phone, they have to make it really stand out and not look super boring !

I agree that ms needs to do a ui refresh, but not a complete overhaul - and it would not be good to get away from the inherent simplicity in design and use in doing so.

when i need i song; the piratebay is there, i know i know its illegal but if only region locks didnt have to be such a pain...

No MixRadio, as not available in my region. Now, this one. Again. Sucks big time when you feel you're somehow being discriminated. Oh well...

Living in Google and Windows Phone I've tried Google All Access Music, and paid for a few months of service. I eventually unsubscribed because I had to face the facts, I'm not a heavy music listener.

I'm an occasional listener, know very few artists by name or genre, and really became bored listening to the few artist I did know.

I was happy to find Tune In Radio Pro on the Android side which allows me to listen to my favorite classical, jazz, and NPR whenever the need hits, with the extra benefit of being able to record the stations.

Windows Phone, Nokia Mix Radio has been awesome, especially learning new artist and playing with genres without cost.

Subscription services are just not for me, so I'll be passing up on Beats.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

OK, I'm pretty certain the answer is a big fat NO.... but,

Does this service have any FREE options AT ALL? Once this free trial concludes, doesn't that make this app dead in its tracks? It's pretty decent so far, but looking at its website and what not, if I am not mistaken, there is no free streaming option of just music by genre or anything.

Thank you for the reply. That is what I thought. I thought this service would pair up nicely with my HTC 8XT with Beats Audio on it (not that it matters). I think I would do Xbox Music instead though. I won't do either so long as I have to pay for them. I'm all for FREE streaming radio over PAID tracks!!! TuneIn, Pandora, Songza, etc....

So i love the UI very clean somewhat cluttered but looks visually stunning, please update to speed up UI and add ss whole playong music. For me Xbox music still is better because yup can buy tracks but needs more Zune features.

Wow finally a comment on the actual app. I like the ui too, and have also noticed its a bit slow or laggy at times. The music discovery features seem better than Xbox music though.

First Up. Gorgeous App. AQnd right off the bat I get to choose the artiste I like listening t, so I can create "My Station".
I pay $3.99 to Slaker Radio because they personalize my music so I will definately give Beats a try.
Edit. Just saw the Flipping LIVE Tile. Thats Gangsta. Listening to Future (Same Damn Time).

Ah I was gutted that because I lived in the UK I could not install. I changed my settings to US on my Lumia 925 and it let me download and installed. Once I did I created an account within the app and proceeded to the next stage which stated the "beats music was not available in my country yet" gutted!!

I tried logging in using facebook. My main email address is 31 characters long and Beats would only allow me to enter 30 characters so someone needs to expand the amount of characters the field accepts.

So I try to sign up at the website which I can't because it keeps telling me that my email address is already registered. Which it's not. I use 3 other email address of mine to no avail.

I try to "retrieve" my login information.. but of course this doesn't work because my email address is not really registered. smh.

Checking the support forums.. A LOT of folks are having the same signup problems that I am... 

I wonder how many potential paying customers they're losing due to these issues.

I have almost every music app.. Yeah for the hell of it.. And this one rates high for me.. Fits my taste fits my personality..

Ill give it a go. Curious how their selection is compared to Xbox music. So far everything I've tried, I end up sticking with my Xbox music pass.

Yeah not sure I like it. Ill stick with Xbox music.

Does it sound awesome with Beats Audio on the 8X? Like, did they take advantage of the equalizer more so than Xbox Music did?

This isn't a comment where i intended to say one phone is better than another. It was merely a question. Maybe I'll try it out to hear how it sounds. Although maybe I'll wait until the service is free but limited and with ads.

That's why I included "anyway". I have a 925 and an 8X; the beats audio is nice, but is really nothing special. You can mimic the effect by adjusting the equalizer on the Lumia series.

I downloaded the app and have been playing with it. I really love the UI! It creates playlists for you based on artists ECT.. Really far ahead of Xbox music. I may be canceling that if this is on windows 8 soon. Much smoother and easier to use. Very impressed



This is an update on my earlier post, I contacted Beats Music asking if the app will be coming to the United Kingdom and this was my reply.


Hi Keith,

Thank you for contacting the Beats Music Support Team! We are working to get have Beats Music in many other countries but we have not finalized these plans yet. We are trying to make sure everyone who wants to access Beats Music around the world will be able to in the future so keep a look out for upcoming news!!

Thank you for being understanding and expressing interest in Beats Music!

Jamie Murray

Beats Music Listener Support

The ui is nice and all but it is a bit sluggish with transitions and the ui. The selection is not that great tbh. Good effort but it is not for me.

Its great having premier apps for the platform. But I'm disappointed to see the disregard for WP UI principles.

One cool thing is how Beats is kind of like a social network as well as a music service. Iirc Xbox Music doesnt really have any sharing options.

I have to say, I'm impressed. I already have Xbox music, Nokia mix, and Pandora paid, so I may not get this as another service, but its tempting. The ui is really nice, sound quality is excellent, and both auto and curated playlists are very good. The fact that they brought this to WP has helped get my vote of confidence and I wish them great success.