Bing.com sings out for April 1

Bing.com sings out for April 1

Step one: Turn up your speakers (or put on headphones)

Step two: Point your desktop or tablet browser to Bing.com

Nokia and HERE have had their fun. Now it's Microsoft's turn to turn a visit to Bing.com (which a good number of people will end up doing today) into a noisy prank.


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Bing.com sings out for April 1


It's US-specific because it uses the same enhanced content framework that is currently only on the US page. I'm sure if they could have done it worldwide they would have, but the framework hasn't rolled out yet. Follow the link in the article to view it in US mode.

11 people outside the US use it :-D
I use Google, it's better in my region (Southern Africa)

WPC App for Android - Note 3

I use it always on my phone. But sadly, in India, we don't have bing rewards, most of bing online services, and lots more.. Bing doesn't look beyond the usa, sadly..

I use it, my gf uses it, my other friends use it, my whole family use it... even on android devices... all from India :P Go figure

If u use any version other than that of US it does suck...so me in India, have downloaded bing desktop through which u can access US version and trust me it rocks

Start using Google. It's A LOT better in Poland. Or maybe you're a hipster or something. I mean, why do you use something that is worse when you can get better results with Google?

I agree. I mean I am a Microsoft fan, but usability and effectiveness comes first for ANY product I use.

If Bing sucked here in the US I would surely use google.

Now I do recommend any user outside the US or maybe Europe, they should just change their region in settings to US. idk how much that helps but most features will be unlocked.

I use it and I'm in Latin America (Paraguay exactly). Changed Google for Bing on 2 machines at my office and my coworkers love it. :)

I use it and I'm on some random countries according to a (in)famous US teenager (back then he was teenager :p).

I'm Brian! And so's my wife! Hold on, that's not the game... seriously though, I use bing in the uk and its just as good as Google. And I don't seem to notice sponsored links etc.

I'm affraid you came to the website that has in it all the Bing users in the World.


I'm not one of them, though.

Use your WP device.. It works. Just open the desktop version of Bing on your phone, in IE, and tap the screen, or bird..

Hey Derik K.. It works on WP devices also❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕
Just go to the desktop version of Bing in IEM, and tab the bird❕

Just use the search key.. Search for Bing, then select it from the list.. It'll be at the top.... Keep you browser settings on desktop.

Derek calling it a misfortune to visit Bing is the reason I'm slightly skeptical of the "newsroom" concept. In theory, it sounds nice, but even if you just report news, you can still add bias to the information. Just my opinion though.

Poor choice of words on his part.. He didn't mean it that way... He meant misfortune of being pranked.. Let's not become over sensitive WP fans..

We won't look down on Microsoft fanboys for using Bing even though it's always been nothing more than a pathetic failed attempt to copy Google.  Really!  Ok no, that's a lie.  We will.

one thing you need to know about the comment section at wpcentral, any words will be twisted to hurt their feelings and YOU will be attacked...sorry derek its not you its the insane people who read wayyyyyy to far into words that remotely come across as negative towards windows.

Yeah i noticed that too !
Even more to that ! Read my comment below and check your mail ! (if you've signed up for some bing service)

I'll admit that I felt kinda bad when I read some of the headlines and thought they were pranks.

"what? That girl from Roseanne got married haha nice try Bing Ne... Oh wait"

Even bigger pranks !!! Just unbelievable !!
Everyone check your outlook mails in the newsletters section !!
You'd have the bing newsletter of the month..
But the funny thing is, the stuff it mentions is:
A) downright silly
B) insane
C) not possible right now with the tech we have
D) when you click on 'see here' etc links... Well i leave it to you :-P
E) doesn't exist on bing !! :-P you wont get any results ! (yes i got taken into the joke and i binged it 3-4 times :-P)
F) exciting to imagine for some people.. (i mean pet lovers)

Go check !!

Strange, no one has noticed those pranks yet ? NO PEOPLE I'm not kidding !
You'd see the future of wearables in that mail, and also, the future of voice recognition !
I'm not kidding i swear !

Well nothing happening on Indian bing.com page.
MS just achieved a new level in partiality.

Yes! Even pranks are US (and few select countries) only! :|

It did play on my pc. Though I've set my bing account region as usa, but i don't think that should've been the main reason, they detect the ip a hell lot of times. Maybe your internet is slow.
Do one thing, open it on laptop and see if you have a 'play' button in the lower right corner, if you have it, then it should work sooner or later..
Maybe it took time to buffer.

I played it again, i had to click on the play button at the lower right corner, you sure you dont have it ?
Go BING (not google, bing gives description) 'flying penguin hoax' and watch the video which comes at the top, it'll make your day ! :)

doesnt seem to work on any web browsers but internet explorer. Tried on Chrome and Safari. (and IE, which worked)


maybe...but my chromebook, ipad, and windows phone are not making noise...maybe im deaf -.-