Blown Away by Lumia challenges public at malls in Bulgaria with Deo as host

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The Nokia-like Smoked by Windows Phone campaign, Blown Away by Lumia, has gone to Bulgaria with public heading through popular shopping malls in Sofia being challenged to beat the Lumia 800. Already witnessed in other countries, including India which produced some interesting (yet humorous) results, the challenge is successful at pulling in the punters to show off Microsoft's platform powering Nokia products.

Popular Bulgarian artist Deo took to the helm and led the team through the challenges. These included uploading photos to Facebook, opening web pages and posting status updates to social networks - basic smartphone tasks. Should the participant beat the Lumia 800, they'd pocket 50 lev, but if they failed they'd have to publicly admit defeat.

Check out some more shots after the break.

Source: MobileBulgaria; thanks Eirenach for the tip!

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Blown Away by Lumia challenges public at malls in Bulgaria with Deo as host


Hahahahahahah...ohhhhh look, the cool WP gangster...go eat your mom's dick fagggggot!!! Lol

I can imagine it gets old watching high end phones get blown away by the new kid on the block, when you own them. :-)

Yeah, that's why I'm rocking both the Focus S and Titan 2. Go to the forums and read my posts about them. Thank you MSFT for the generous promotion!

Funny thing that from all the pictures of the competition you've chosen to feature the one with the asian guy who is most certainly not Bulgarian :)

This good, it shows the public around the world what windows phone software can do on a good device never mind on a powerful device like my Lumia 900

50 leva...that's about $32, or €25, or £20.
Cheapskates :P
On a more serious note, Nokia seems to be doing a good job in the Bulgarian market. I've seen some seriously huge bilboards, and quite a lot of TV / magazine ad presence.
My brother, who is the manager of a local carrier store, seems to be excited about the Lumia as well. Just as a comparison, when I bought my Omnia 7 from him a couple of years ago, he advised against it, stating that "Windows is slow". But it seems Nokia has had their way with them, promoting the phones and building excitement about the WP platform.
Also, I'm not entirely sure, but employees might be getting a bonus for selling you a Lumia, which I think is a bad practice if undisclosed. But I guess it's only fair, considering other phones have been sold the same way for years.