Breaking: New video of Nokia Sea Ray prototype running WP7

Look at what we have here, leaking clearly out of a development factory in either China or Hong Kong (forgive us, it's 2am), we get a nice clear look at the Nokia N9, cough, 'Sea Ray' for Windows Phone 7. We can finally see the buttons near the bottom, putting to rest the "virtual button "speculation from earlier.

Watch as halfway through the video the device even boots up with a new "7" logo screen and it pops in a build of Mango (check out the Mango lock screen, natch). The camera also boots up quickly and we get the first glimpse of what that will be like.

Updates: We also have word that this version of Mango is RTM aka release to manufacturer, meaning this may be pretty close to final for everything. Specifically it is build 7710 (Thanks, anon).

By the looks of it, no front facing camera. In fact, in the camera app we should see the camera toggle, like here.

Source: WPXAP; Thanks, Talan1314, for the info and Rafael Rivera, for the assist!


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Breaking: New video of Nokia Sea Ray prototype running WP7


Is there anyone who will take $600 from me right now...you just have to tell me I'll get this eventually...you could probably just rip me off in all reality...but seriously.....Some body take my money and promise me this.

It defently looks nice a clean. But i REALLY am not liking the new square windows logo. I think the round logo just looks smoother, and i know i know, "the square logo matches the tiles/ metro look", but it just doesn't look as nice.

That really blows I can't stand it when im trying to show it off my hd7 and and it doesn't have a camera... we can compete if we are missing something so small but than so big to other people that dont even know how turn on thier phone lol

The 'power off' at the end is just like the Zune HD ... you hold down the power button and then swipe down to power off.

why is it that 'fat' ???? I want a 'thin' phone!!!!if it has a great camera and records nice video and sound I'll buy it! samsung focus suuckss in video recording, the image quality isn't any nice and the recorded sound is horrible (very sibling)

It's defaulted to a lower res recording setting. You have to change it to 720p every time you take video. I'm sure that's probably your problem...your doing regular VGA.

it's in 720p .... try it in a concert... you'll see that it records everything super contrasted (everything looks like super white, faces u only see white and nothing else), even if u turn contrast to the minimum

Im kinda of disappointed about the phone. I was hoping that the phone would have had that meego swipe feature and it doesnt. Another reason is that it doesnt even have front face camera that sucks we've been waiting for that. And now the phone looks bulky with windows phone 7. I was excited now I dont know if i want one

Nokia had little say with Mango has it had been specced out before they got on board, you will see their influence in tango and appollo going forward.

Actually that's a good thing, because Nokia's strong point is not software! Symbian was a disaster.. They do make excellent hardware though, and that's why I think that the combination of Microsoft's brilliant OS with Nokia's rock-solid hardware is going to be Gooood!

awesomeeee, love how it is showing the back, home, search buttons (finally)want one right now!!! in hong kong asap please :)

o right, im pretty sure its china because the video shows the youku logo on the top right corner. :Dbut it would be better if its in hong kong

The Sea Ray, with it's concave glass, close to 4" screen...'somewhat' makes me think of the DVP sans keyboard and materials. Hopefully, the 'DVP 2' will be a little thinner and without all of the issues that came with the DVP.

NO Front Facing Camera??? Geez can at least 1 wp7 phone come with a front face camera at least???

If you look at the case at the beginning of the video you can see that there are holes for a front facing camera at the upper right hand corner. So I think that there is a front facing camera inside.

That ok I will wait for Samsung Galaxy S2 for Wp7 and i bet you it will have a front face camera and it is also better looking than the Nokia Sea Ray

Remember, these are going to come in a variety of colors too. One other thing that I really like about this, is the uni-body composite body, scratches don't show and solid build.

If this build is more recent, it's possible that the camera toggle moved off of the default camera screen. It's placement in Mango is a little cramped.I don't know what the shell is that the phone is initially shown in, but that's obviously not part of the phone, as the phone shown as physically complete when it's demoed. Based on the N9's service manual, the front facing camera hole is part of the window frame that covers most of the front of the phone. We can't actually see where the front facing camera is due to the poor video quality.

I don't like how Nokia changed some stuff on their own, in fact, I don't ever realise why Microsoft let them do that.

If there is no FFC why does the case (if that is what it is) have an opening for it in the top right corner?

If you pause the video at 1:26 you can clearly see the front facing camera at the top just to the right of the word Nokia.