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Calendar Calleague and Simple Calendar both updated with new improvements

Calendar Calleague

Calendars, calendars, calendars. If there was one category of apps that Windows Phone has nailed is the calendar. There's a huge selection of solutions available, each with unique and interesting UI elements and features. 2014 has kicked off with multiple updates already pushed out for calendar apps and today we're looking at another two; Calendar Calleague and Simple Calendar.

Calendar Calleague 1.2

​First up in today's calendar roundup is Calendar Calleague, a sweet new Windows Phone app, which has received a fair amount of attention from its publisher since hitting the store. If you're one who has numerous conferences during the week, you'll definitely want to try out this solution to those dialling problems.

As well as boasting an intuitive and easily accessible UI, there's a lot of functionality included. So, what's new in version 1.2?

  • New Search Screen
  • New Setting for start day of the week (Sunday or Monday)
  • New Setting to hide weekends on the Week View
  • Past appointments will appear faded on all views.

That's quite the update for 1.2. Grab Calendar Calleague from the Windows Phone Store for free (Windows Phone 8 only).

QR: Calendar Calleague


Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar

Last updated in December, Simple Calendar is a minimalist client with a focus on content as opposed to cluttering the UI. This latest release isn't a huge upgrade to the experience, but does include improvements and fixes. We've previously highlighted Simple Calendar for its simply stunning use of the Modern UI, especially regarding the Live Tiles.

Here's what's new in version

  • Week View Performance Improvements
  • Fixed bug in Month view where sometimes all day events would show up on the next day

You can download Simple Calendar from the Windows Phone Store for free (optional in-app purchases available). 

QR: Simple Cal

There you have it, folks. Let us know what your favourite calendar apps are for Windows Phone (Windows Phone 8 only).


Reader comments

Calendar Calleague and Simple Calendar both updated with new improvements


Offtopic but has anyonr gotthat problem too whereyour phone just starts pressing all buttons (back, home and search) randomly? It's really annoying eslecially when I'm trying to browse on the internet. 720, GDR3 but also had it before updated to it, infact, since gdr3 it's gotten worse

I got that problem sometimes. I repaired mine at a local Nokia shop. They changed "everything" and the phone was good a couple weeks. But now it's starting to "live on its own" again specifically when mounted in the cr-200. Its a Lumia 920.

I got that too on my 720. Was happy that my 1020 was healthy. I think it has something to do with the sensitivity. Turn off the gloves option. That solved my problem.

Not true. Like Simple Calendar, all third party calendar clients are only allowed to create new events but not allowed to edit this events per the OS limitation.

take a note microsoft, look at CAL and Calender Calleague app design and live tiles they are way better than your stock calender design zZZzZZzzzzZzz ....

What functionality does super calendar have that Simple Calendar doesn't? Serious question...I've never used super calendar.

Hi. Super calendar has great options for the live tile, connects to your SkyDrive calendars (although this needs work), allows real time addition of events and has colour. Simple calendar has a lovely graphical interface for day view, but for me it all about the live tile information. Give it a try. Free trial available.

Why can't Microsoft just improve the stock calendar? or at least remove the OS limitation that wouldn't allow these better options edit events in-app...anyway thumbs up to simple calendar and calendar calleague, but I just don't fancy the idea of having 2 calendar apps on my phone...

Cal is the best calendar app in the market, facebook sync, add/edit appointment's beautiful UI. Just my humble opinion

I just wish Cal had simple calendar's month view, where you can see and read every appointment without having to click on the day.

Seeing as the calendar APIs are so restrictive why not dev a calendar that uses excel as backing store on sky drive and ignore cal API altogether. That way would probably not infringe sky drive t&c.

Sticking with Simple Calender.  It looks better anyway and doens't sport an ad bar. Ads ruin an app with a quickness.