China Telecom to be exclusive carrier for Xbox One in China for September launch

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China Telecom has announced it will be the exclusive carrier for Microsoft's Xbox One when the game console begins its sales in that country sometime in September.

Microsoft confirmed that it would begin selling the Xbox One in China back in April, but today's announcement finally offers concrete information on which retailer in that country will sell the console. It will be the first Western game console to be sold in China in several years, thanks to the government lifting a ban on those products earlier in 2014.

Microsoft has yet to officially announce a specific release date and pricing for the Xbox One in China, but previous rumors claim that it could be sold for around 4999 RMB, or just over $803. There's also been no information on which games will be available for the console, although some rumors claim that many China developed PC online role playing games are being ported to work on the Xbox One. What do you think about the sales prospects for the Xbox One in China?

Source: China Telecom via Reuters


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China Telecom to be exclusive carrier for Xbox One in China for September launch


I think it has decent prospects, being that it is entering a rapidly growing market without as much competition as it faces elsewhere globally. However am I the only one that finds it odd that MS is launching the Xbox One with a Cell Company as its "carrier"? I'd guess it has something to do with censorship in china, but its odd nonetheless.

In China we have't got age grade, instead, anything that is 'T' or 'M' in other countries are totally prohibited in China. So X-Box, PS, even PSP or 3DS are not allowed to be sold or bought...before. ONE became the first legal game machine in China.

China I guess is the only emerging market where Xbox can win. India is not a great emerging market for consoles. Delaying in china would harm Microsoft EVA. Better get it fast in August

Win? Chinese people like piracy. How comes any console win if all the people just go to gamersky.com and download games for free?

I hope the Chinese tech brains start develops awesome games. But hope no one dies from nonstop killer instinct.

Bans don't effect much, so easy to get - plus pirated games. TONS over at Dongmen in Shenzhen. Better of legalizing to collect tax on legit sales.

At least until the Chinese Government has it for ask those Microsoft security threats to their glorious revolution!